New Light on Lunar Eclipse and its Results

New Light on Lunar Eclipse

This article aims at discarding the dreadful superstitious beliefs about Lunar Eclipse. It will help you to take this celestial event in a rational way.

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Through this short article I wish to free your mind of any ill formed and dreadful views about a lunar eclipse. During the times when Kings and Queens ruled people the priests and astrologers were quite powerful. During those times superstitious beliefs were used as tools to exercise control over the masses.

Taking advantage of common man’s lack of awareness due to very restricted access to truth priests and astrologers would implant superstitious fears about celestial events such as eclipses and then provide services to ward of imagined negative effects.

Today we know that Rahu and Ketu are just names given to two points in space. These are the points where the path of the Moon around the earth intersects the path of the Earth around the Sun. these are two mathematically calculated points believed to exert astrological influences like the other seven physically existing planets of astrology.


But to implant fear of an eclipse it was said that the demon Rahu swallows the Moon and if alms (daan) were not given during that time then the Moon would completely vanish and so on.

Even these days’ people earn a lot because of still persisting wrong and dreadful superstitious beliefs.

It is a fact that anything which is not understood causes fear, so let us try to understand what causes a lunar eclipse.

How a Lunar Eclipse Occurs?

A lunar eclipse occurs on a full Moon night when the Sun, our Earth and the Moon all three come in a line. But this does not happen on every full Moon and happens only when the Sun comes close to one of the nodes viz. Rahu or Ketu and the Moon comes close to the other node. Whether the eclipse is total or full or it is partial depends upon the degree of closeness of the Sun and the Moon with the nodes.


The shadow of the earth where the light of the Sun is totally blocked is shown dark in the above sketch and is called Umbra. On both sides of Umbra are areas where the Sun’s light is partially blocked and these are Penumbra. Moon on its orbit is shown moving from the position M1 (No Eclipse) to M2 (Total Penumbral Eclipse) and M3 (Total Eclipse)

Partial Lunar Eclipse Occurs on 26th April 2013

The Lunar eclipse occurring on the mid night of 25th/26th April 2013 will be a partial lunar eclipse, which occurs when only a part of the Moon enters the umbra portion. The eclipse timing will be as under.



From astrological point of view during this eclipse the Moon will be in the zodiac sign of Libra and constellation (Nakshatra) Swati

Rational Views about Effects of Lunar Eclipse …

Since the eclipse takes place in the Swati Nakshatra therefore for effects of the eclipse we should consider the time period for which the Moon will be in Swati Nakshatra viz. from 4:35 PM of 25th April 2013 till 2:31 PM of 26th April 2013.

Favourable Results:

Look at your birth chart, if there is a benefice planet in the Libra sign then this eclipse will be favourable to you and give positive results pertaining to the matters of the house concerned.

If in your birth chart the natal Moon is in Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius or Capricorn sign then this eclipse will be favourable to you and give positive results pertaining to the house in which Moon in your chart is placed.

Who Needs to Take Care?

You need to take care if any of the following conditions are met as per your birth chart:

If in your chart there are malefic planets in the Aries or Libra signs.

If your birth chart is of Aries or Libra Ascendant sign.

If in your birth chart the 10th house cusp falls in Libra sign.

If your natal Moon is in the Shatbhisha or Swati Nakshatra (Constellation).

If in your birth chart the Sun is placed in the Libra sign.

If any one or more of the above conditions are met then you need not have any fear in the mind and only follow the following suggestions:

Between 4:35 PM of 25th April 2013 to 2:31 PM of 26th April 2013 avoid taking any important decisions. If it is not avoidable then weigh all pros and cons of a situation and only after detailed analysis of the matter take any decision.

Take a refreshing bath and sit calmly in a peaceful place and recite at least 108 times the mantra, “Om NamahaShivaye”

Avoid arguments or discussions with anyone and in particular your life partner, business partner or your boss.

On the morning of 26th April 2013 after sunrise give alms of un-boiled milk or white clothes to a needy person.

In case the Sun in your chart is placed in the Libra sign then avoid arguments with your boss and father in particular.

During the above period avoid investing money in any project or lending it to others if possible.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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