Pisces Horoscope Monthly, Pisces Horoscope April 2021

Most Accurate free Pisces Horoscope Monthly April 2021. Pisces monthly horoscope provides insight into your complete month. Truthstar Monthly Horoscope on Pisces written by Rob Tillett.

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Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2021

Pisces General prediction April 2021

Natives of Pisces are very intellectual, and they reach to the peak in the field of education. In the month of April, Mars and Rahu are in the third house, and this shows that there will be health problems to your siblings. When Mars will move to fourth house, then there will be improvement in their health, and will get well soon. In the starting of the month, Sun is present in first house with Venus, this indicates that your ego will be high in this duration. You have to take care of this behavior, because this may cause harm to you.

Do take care of yourself, while travelling, there is a possibility that you may get hurt yourself, or your luggage may be lost during travel. You will spend too much on yourself. You will like to purchase, new clothes and expensive items. You may go for outing and spend time with friends.

Pisces Profession April 2021

You have to take special care of your carrier, in this month. Jupiter (which governs tenth house) will be present in eleventh house, this will cause favorable conditions in your job. Presence of Mars and Rahu in third house, indicates that there may be some issues between you and your colleagues. You have to be careful about it. After 6th April, Jupiter will move to twelfth house, this shows that you will become very busy in your job.

Presence of Saturn in eleventh house will reduce your challenges and you will start getting results in proportion to your efforts. If you are a businessman, then, starting of the month is very good for you. In the second half of the month, you will get opportunities to grow your business. You will have contacts with some government officials, which may give benefit to you.

Pisces Finance April 2021

There is no need to get worried, from the finance point of view, in this month, because of the presence of Jupiter and Saturn in eleventh house. When Jupiter will move to twelfth house, there will be reduction in your income and expenses will be increased. Although these expenses will be for religious works and for some good causes, which may give satisfaction to you.

Venus and Mercury will move to second house, in the second half of the month, this will improve your financial condition. If you invest at this time, you will be benefited. In the second half of the month, Sun will move to second house, this shows that, you will have financial gain from the legal matters. If you are in a business, then, your business will have profit after 16th April. In all, this month is not having any problems, from the finance point of view.

Pisces Health April 2021

You will not have any major health issue in this month but you have to be careful for your shoulder, hands and neck, because there may be some problem. You may have pain in your right ear. If you care for all these matters, then, apart from this you will not have major problems in your health.

Start, daily morning walk, this will be helpful for controlling your weight. If possible, start cycling also, this will also be helpful for controlling your weight. As Jupiter is making transition to twelfth house, this indicates that, there is a possibility of increase in weight. Following a healthy life, healthy diet and daily exercising, will be beneficial for you and you can lead a healthy life. Whenever, there is increase in weight, it may cause several health issues, therefore, it will be better to control weight gain.

Pisces Love and marriage April 2021

You will be honest about your love relationship, and expect the same from your partner. Both of you will understand each other, and there will be transparency in your relation. Due to the presence of Rahu in third house, you will be unbridled, and will not care about social limitations. But, you are advised, to behave controlled life, otherwise, you may have to face problems.

For married couples, effect of Venus, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter, on seventh house is favorable, and there will be mutual understanding, love and dedication in your relation. In second half of the month, Mars will look towards seventh house, and this may cause, some arguments between you and your life partner. Your partner may use abusive language, but this may happen only if you give chance, you are therefore advised t.o avoid any such situation.

Pisces Family April 2021

There is none of the planets in second and fourth house, and therefore you will lead a normal family life. There is not possibility of any problems in your family life. Presence of Mars in fourth house after 14th April may cause differences in your family. Jupiter, which governs your sun sign will be in twelfth house and this shows that you may have to go on long journey and will be away from the family.

You may get benefit from purchase of property, and this will increase your family income. Rahu in third house shows that, there may be some physical problems to your siblings. Although these problems will be reduced after the transition of Mars. Venus (which governs third house) will be in your sun sign and after 10th April will move to second house, this shows that you will get full support from your brother and sister, and you may be benefited, financially from them.

Pisces Remedies April 2021

Keeping a yellow handkerchief in your pocket will be beneficial.

Reading of Bajrang Baan, daily is beneficial.

Planting of Banyan tree and banana tree on Thursday and worshiping them will be good for you.

Donating black sesame on Saturday will be beneficial.

Worshiping Lord Shiva and offering milk will be good for you.

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