Modi’s ‘Unite and Lead’ Policy

Modi’s Unite and Lead Policy

Unite and Lead – Contrary to selfish British policy of ‘Divide and Rule’, the new age leader Modi is following a humanitarian and divine policy of ‘Unite and Lead’.

Unite and Lead

Narendra Modi is proving not only India’s good leader rather a fit giant to lead the troubled world. He is Chanakya reborn.

Narendra Modi knows as we all do that America and China are great threats to world unity and peace. America loves to interfere in other nations affairs. America wants to try new and advanced weapons to demonstrate its false superiority.

On the other hand China wants to expand its horizons at the cost of others freedom.

In such a world scenario Narendra Modi is working on uniting tiny forces around India so that India could lead them to pave a peaceful way to a new era of true universal brotherhood.

At a time when powers like America contradict their thoughts with their actions, Modi is set to act wisely in the right direction.

Modi’s current visits to Bhutan, Myanmar, Australia, and Fiji are his efforts to unite and create a positive power to counter the negative forces of this world.


At present he is running the sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of Moon. Both Jupiter and Moon are lords of the two trine houses viz. the 5th and 9th respectively. So he is all set to show a ray of hope to the neighbouring countries. In terms of numerology as described below he is a number 8 (Saturn) supported by number 5 (Mercury). Both Saturn and Mercury are friends and thus complement each other. The number 5 enables him to create new friends and number 8 makes him a self-governed person.

He was born on 17th September 1950

His birth date number is=1+7=8

His Name Number is=5+1+2+5+5+4+2+1+4+7+4+1=41=5

His Life Path Number is=1+7+9+1+9+5+0=32=5

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