Happy Birthday Mr President Obama!

Happy Birthday Mr President Obama! – Birth Chart

Is America an independent nation today? The answer by an honest and conscientious American would be “No”. It still is in shackles of wars, hatred, and high headedness which go to any extreme to hide truth from its citizens. So Mr Obama needs to do a lot, let’s see in his available birth chart if has the necessary focus, will, sincerity and potential.

President Obama Birth Chart

The Positive and Negative Indications in his Chart

The ascendant lord Saturn is placed in its own house,which gives it strength, but it is retrograde which makes it unpredictable. Saturn being placed in the constellation (nakshatra) of the 8th lord Sun,so mutual periods of Sun and Saturn can be troublesome for him.

Debilitated and retrograde 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter is also placed in the ascendant. For his birth chart Saturn, Venus and Mercury are the benefics. Mercury is placed in its enemy’s signs which make it weak. Although Venus is in a friendly sign yet being in the 6th house will require from him lot of focus and determination to stay on the right path. This position of Venus can land him in self-created difficulties and loss of popularity.

At present he is running sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Saturn so he needs to guard his thoughts and actions. He may face delays in the results of his actions resulting in frustration.

Suggested Remedies

Mr President, you are advised to take plenty of rest in between your working hours and get rid of contradictory thoughts from your mind on any issue and maintain focus. You have a noble mind as revealed by the Moon, but it being under constellation of 8th lord tends to diminish your focus.So plenty of rest and a daily session of breathing exercises and Meditation will give you great success in your endeavours for the benefit of America.


Will he be able to fulfil his Promises?

It is interesting to note from his birth chart that his ascendant, Jupiter and Saturn fall in the constellation (nakshatra) Utrashadha. This nakshatra gives power of invincibility. The native is honest, respected by people and able to fulfil his promises towards others.

But there is a negative string attached here and that is the fact that the nakshatra Utrashadha is governed by the Sun which in his chart is the 8th lord. So he may not be able to fulfil many of the promises, but if he moves carefully then from January 2015 to September 2015 he may take some bold steps to turn issues major issues in the right direction.

If this iron man sticks to his promises and spears ahead to really transform America then he will no longer have to utter again“why we keep celebrating my birthday a month earlier”. Americans will then happily celebrate their true independence on 4th Aug every year.

Long live Obama! And May God gives him strength to fulfil his promises to rebuild his nation as a true and humble Superpower.