Trump Risking World Peace by Annoying China

Donald Trump must stick to ‘One China Policy’ since China’s vicious might is far greater today than that of America and any instigations over sensitive issues like Taiwan may endanger World Peace.


Donald Trump has angered China by taking a phone call from the Taiwanese president on 9th December 2016, despite the fact that USA and Taiwan had no diplomatic relations since 1979.

Taiwan’s status has been one of the most sensitive issues in US-China relations for decades, so this phone call may spark a diplomatic upset between the two superpowers.

It should be clear in the present scenario that China’s destructive might today is far greater than that of America so the Eagle may lose its wings if furious Dragon is instigated.

Any such conflict is likely to engulf the whole world.

Donald trump is driven by Mars and Rahu

In his birth chart Rahu aspects Jupiter in his ascendant and thus a very negative combination exists which occasionally blocks Trump’s intellect with his thoughtless actions. Since both Jupiter as well as Rahu fall in nakshatras(Star-constellations) of Mars he is impulsive and unpredictable.


Donald Trump is at present running the sub-sub-period of Rahu in the sub as well as the main periods of Jupiter. And Jupiter under malefic influences of Mars and Rahu is a threat to not only American peace but that of the whole world.

Unless some Divine power stops Donald Trump’s unwarranted moves America may no longer be the “……land of the free and home of the brave”

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar