Miraculous Predictions About Foreign Travel

Current age is the time and age of globalization, due to this concept all countries of the world have got connected with each other. Every country has some unique specialty that is attained by other countries. Developed countries get more significance concerned with this concept. Thus whatever big incidents occur in developed countries, these incidents affect the entire world. Developed countries are having lot of money due to this reason many persons from developing countries and other places travel to these developed nations to earn money or due to some other work. Many among these people live in these developed foreign countries to earn money. In the same way many rich people in developed countries travel to developing countries to expand their business and services. They do this by doing permanent or temporary work in developing countries.

Foreign Travel

Today it is not that much tough to travel abroad countries, as it used to be previously. Due to progress in means of conveyances today anybody can travel from one country to the other within a couple of hours. Previously having sufficient money used to be the basic condition to go foreign countries. Today it is not essential to have money to go and travel to foreign destinations. If you have sufficient qualifications then you can go to foreign countries to earn money, to do job and for other kind of work.

Today there is no big and valid reason to travel foreign countries. Yet people travel abroad for many and various reasons. You may travel to abroad countries for various reasons like job-business, studies and education, staying with life partner and parents as well as progeny, enjoying holidays and medical treatment. Due to this various mentioned reasons a person travels to foreign countries and destinations. Some persons earn money in foreign countries and settle down there permanently. Other people return from foreign destinations to their home country after earning money. Let us try to understand these possibilities from astrological point of view.

In ancient astrological texts you may find many astrological possibilities concerned with traveling to foreign destinations. We have to study such possibilities by grouping them into two parts. In the first part we have to study about the progress made by the concerned person. In the second part we have to judge other factors like unsettled and unsuccessful life of such a person. The first of kind of possibility mentioned here is very much rare seen in astrology texts. The second kind of possibilities related to traveling foreign countries is generally seen. Due to this reason these possibilities have the below given rules:-

1) During ancient times traveling to foreign countries was concerned with trip on the ships. Due to this reason watery moon signs like Cancer and Pisces and watery planets like Moon and Venus only represented the possibility to do foreign travels.

2) In some astrological texts doing travel to foreign countries was not regarded to be auspicious. Thus doing foreign travel has been connected to the relation of auspicious planets with the lords of inimical houses in the horoscope of a person.

3) Even failure and unsettlement has been connected with traveling foreign countries for sake of job and earning money. As a result when planets connected to foreign journey are placed in watery and airy signs then a person has the possibility of going to abroad destinations. In the same way the connection of planets like Saturn with the 9th house of fortune indicates travel to abroad countries and destinations.

4) Previously trips and journey to foreign destinations were done for religious purposes. Such journeys were known as pilgrimages. When the ninth house lord, Jupiter and 7th, 8th and 12th house have mutual connection with their lords then the possibility of traveling to foreign countries used to be predicted.

5) Previously due to absence of resources trip to foreign countries used to be a bit troublesome. Thus this condition used to be connected and studied with disease (6th house), marak (7th house) and death (8th house). As a result when planets like Sun and Moon are present or connected with these houses then possibility to travel foreign destinations used to arise.

Remedies for Success of Journey

The above mentioned rules do not mean that there were less chances of traveling to foreign destinations due to lack of modern means of conveyances and lack of globalization. We can say that the rules mentioned in ancient astrology texts were neutral and not partial. Thus today you can mention and connect these rules of traveling foreign destinations due to factors like globalization and progress in the means of transport.

Today most foreign journeys are done by means of airplane. Planets like Moon, Saturn and Rahu represent journey by airplane. Thus the presence of Mercury in the house of Moon and Venus and Rahu and Saturn should be considered as indicators of foreign trips and journey to abroad countries. A person does journey to any foreign country by himself thus it is essential to check the condition of his ascendant house and the planet that is its lord.

The ninth house in the horoscope represents journey to foreign destinations. Thus the ninth house from this house is the 5th house. You must check the connection between these houses to know more about the possibility of foreign journeys.

The fourth house indicates the residence or living place of a person. Thus you must study the condition of the fourth house and the planet that is the lord of this house. In this context you have to also study the relation between fourth house and the ninth house from it which is the ascendant house. You have to also study the relation between these houses with the twelfth house. You may also need to check other essential houses like the eighth house in this concern to trace the chance of foreign journey in the horoscope of a person.

Astrological Indicators for Foreign Travel

Besides this if the lords of ascendant house, eight house and twelfth house exchange their houses then this creates the chance of traveling to foreign destinations. In this way the relation between eighth house, twelfth house and the planets that are their lords creates a possibility to enjoy journey to foreign countries. Thus the condition of these houses and their lords should be studied and checked. The exchange of lords belonging to watery moon signs is also to be studied.

As already discussed before foreign journey or trip to abroad countries, is undertaken for various reasons and goals. With whatever goal foreign journey is being taken, you need to study the position of planets and houses that are related to it. This will help you to know the correct possibility of trip to an abroad destination. Besides this with whatever goal the journey to a foreign trip is being taken, its representative planets and varga horoscope’s condition has to be checked in the horoscope.

From all these mentioned factors we can know whether there is a possibility of foreign journey in a person’s horoscope or not. You can also see whether these possibilities are complete or incomplete. While judging these conditions in any horoscope just see the condition of second and eleventh houses also as these houses indicate fulfillment of desires in a person’s life. Just also check the condition of planets who are the lord of these houses in a horoscope.

You can know the time of a journey to foreign destinations with the help of planetary transits concerned to it. Just check the moon sign yearly horoscope and the transit of planets in it. The transit and sub transit of planets in a horoscope will tell you about when a person will take a journey to any foreign destination.