Mercury Transit in Venus on July 8th 2023

Mercury Transit in Venus – What You Will Experience?

Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo, and its presence in these signs yields highly favourable outcomes for individuals. Specifically, Mercury’s association with Virgo brings advantageous results in business and trade. However, the transit of Mercury in Cancer can bring both positive and negative consequences for all zodiac signs. Let us delve into how this transit will affect the lives of each sign and explore ways to mitigate any adverse effects.

Mercury Transit in Venus

Importance of Mercury in Astrology

Mercury blesses natives with numerous benefits in life, including satisfaction, good health, and a sharp mind. A strong Mercury in the horoscope enhances thinking and understanding abilities, leading to success and wise decision-making in business. It also aids success in astrology. When Mercury combines with auspicious planets like Jupiter, the benefits multiply, impacting business, specialization, and trading positively. However, the influence of malefic planets like Rahu-Ketu or Mars on Mercury can pose challenges in various areas of life. The conjunction of Mars and Mercury weakens intellectual abilities and may result in aggressive behaviour. Mercury’s conjunction with Rahu and Ketu can cause skin infections, sleep disorders, and nervous system ailments. Additionally, a weakened Mercury in the horoscope leads to issues such as poor memory, lack of concentration, learning difficulties, and increased insecurity. On the other hand, the presence of Mercury in Gemini and Virgo brings benefits like high intelligence, business profits, and success in various trades.

Let’s find out what can be considered for the purpose of Mercury’s transit in Venus with Predictions and remedies


Mercury’s transit in Cancer brings financial challenges and insecurity for Aries natives. Comforts may decrease, and house relocation is possible, causing stress. Career-wise, prosperity may be limited, and appreciation for hard work may be lacking. Business may face obstacles and tough competition, leading to fluctuations. Expenses may increase, and property disputes can strain family relationships. Health-wise, allergies, colds, and expenses for mother’s health may arise. Leg and thigh pain, as well as nerve-related issues, are possible.

Remedy: Chanting “Om Namo Narayanay” 41 times daily is a recommended.


Mercury’s transit in the third house brings success and financial growth for Taurus natives. Career-wise, opportunities may be limited, but chances of temporary overseas assignments are favourable. Businesspeople will thrive, especially if their business has international connections. Love relationships will strengthen during this period. Health-wise, minor issues like cold and eye irritation may occur. The transit also indicates the possibility of work-related travel and job promotions.

Remedy: Chanting “Om Budhaya Namah” 21 times daily is a recommended.

Mercury Transit in Venus – Gemini

Mercury’s transit in the second house brings challenges and a decrease in happiness. Disputes and misunderstandings may arise within the family, affecting the home environment. Career-wise, there may be ups and downs, with potential for overseas transfers. Business owners, especially in partnerships, may face challenges. Financially, expenses on health, particularly eyes, may increase. Family relations may suffer, and caution is advised against infidelity. Health issues like leg pain and sleep disturbances may arise. The transit indicates ongoing family problems, requiring effort to find solutions.

Remedy: Reciting Vishnu Sahasranama daily is a recommended.


Mercury’s transit in the first house brings mixed results. You may experience financial losses and should be cautious with expenses and travel. In career, new opportunities may arise, but some may face job losses or relocations. Business may suffer from increased competition. Love relationships will benefit from this transit, but adjustments are needed. Health-wise, minor issues like congestion and throat infections may occur. The transit influences family and career changes.

Remedy: Chanting “Om Chandraya Namah” 11 times daily is advised.


Mercury’s transit in the twelfth house poses challenges for Leo natives. There may be delays and obstacles in progress. Working abroad can bring financial success, but balancing expenses is crucial. Family disputes may arise. Career-wise, there can be work pressure and challenges from colleagues, causing delays in promotions. Business strategies need adjustment for better profits. Financially, earning money is possible, but expenses may increase, and saving becomes difficult. Love relationships may face coordination issues. Health concerns include face, eye, and dental problems. Disputes in the family and the need for loans may arise.

Remedy: Chanting Vishnu Sahasranama daily is advised.


Mercury’s transit in the eleventh house brings positive outcomes for Virgo natives. Career performance will be excellent, fulfilling desires and bringing satisfaction. New opportunities and potential job offers abroad are likely. Support from colleagues and appreciation from seniors are expected. Business and trading ventures will be profitable. Financially, good earnings and savings are indicated. Love relationships will flourish, with strong rapport. Health will remain normal with high energy levels. Increased earnings and love sentiments are foreseen.

Remedy: Worshiping Mercury on Wednesdays is recommended.


Mercury’s transit in the tenth house brings changes and opportunities for Libra natives. Job changes and chances to work abroad are possible, increasing awareness and satisfaction. New job opportunities and promotions are likely. Business ventures, especially in import-export, will be fruitful. Financially, good earnings are balanced with increased expenses. Love relationships thrive with a strong bond. Health remains energetic. Careful work and property investments are advised.

Remedy: Chanting “Om Shri Lakshmi Bhyo Namah” 11 times daily is recommended as a remedy.


Mercury’s transit in the ninth house brings mixed results for Scorpio natives. Financially, there may be obstacles and fluctuations. Career-wise, you may face challenges and lack appreciation. Business encounters tough competition, requiring careful planning. Family and love life may suffer from ego clashes and disputes. Health issues like cough, cold, and allergies may arise. Avoid unnecessary travel and be prepared for possible relocations.

Remedy: Chanting “Om Bhaumaya Namah” 11 times daily is recommended.


Mercury’s transit in the eighth house brings challenges for Sagittarius natives. Love life may face dissatisfaction and controversies. Career progress may be hindered, leading to stress. Business encounters tough competition and financial losses are possible. Unwanted trips may arise. Health issues may arise, requiring expenses for your partner’s well-being. Obstacles in earning and saving money are likely.

Remedy: Performing yajna-havan for Lord Shiva on Thursday is a good idea.


Mercury’s transit in the seventh house brings spiritual inclination for Capricorn natives. Some problems may arise in married life, but long-distance trips will be beneficial. Partnerships in business will flourish. Good career progress is expected with job offers abroad and incentives. Business will yield positive results and tough competition can be faced. Financially, there will be diverse earning opportunities and gains from uncertain sources. Love life will be harmonious with mutual understanding. Health will improve with a sense of determination. Uncertain monetary gains and new friendships are likely.

Remedy: Performing yajna-havan for Hanuman ji on Saturday is recommended.

Mercury Transit in Venus – Aquarius

Mercury’s transit in the sixth house of Aquarius brings financial gains through specialization or inheritance, but controversies regarding children’s future may arise. Minor health issues can be expected. Professional progress may be limited, and wishes may not easily be fulfilled. Business may face unfavourable conditions with tough competition and potential losses. Increased responsibilities lead to extra expenses, possibly requiring loans. Love relationship enthusiasm may decrease with coordination issues. Health-wise, there may be leg and thigh pain due to stress. Expenses are likely to rise, and managing commitments may become challenging.

Remedy: Chanting “Om Vayuputraya Namah” daily is a better idea.


Mercury’s transit in the fifth house of Pisces brings excitement for intellectual development. It favors domestic life and brings positive changes. Career-wise, new job opportunities and promotions from abroad are likely. Business ventures and speculative endeavors can be profitable. Financially, earning and saving money will be successful, with potential gains through trading. Love relationships can progress and marriages may be favourable. Health will be positively impacted, with increased internal energy. Success in work and earning money is indicated. A significant event may occur at home.

Remedy: As a remedy, consider donating to elderly Brahmins on Thursday.