Mercury transit in Aquarius on 20 February 2024

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is considered the significator of intellect and speech. It is about to transit into the Aquarius sign on the morning of February 20, 2024, at 05:48 AM. The influence of this transit will affect all 12 zodiac signs in the zodiac wheel. This special article will provide you with detailed information about the impact of Mercury’s transit into the Aquarius sign. However, before delving into the effects on the zodiac signs, let’s understand the significance of the Mercury planet in astrology.

The importance of Mercury and the Aquarius sign in Astrology:

A strong presence of Mercury in the birth chart provides individuals with various types of happiness, good health, and sharp intellect in life. Due to the auspiciousness of Mercury, individuals acquire knowledge, leading to success and positive results in every field. With this knowledge, individuals also succeed in making important decisions related to business ventures.

On the contrary, if Mercury is afflicted in the birth chart by malefic planets like Rahu/Ketu or Mars, individuals may face various problems and obstacles in life. Additionally, if Mercury is in conjunction with Mars, individuals may lack intelligence, and consequently, they may tend to be impulsive and aggressive. Similarly, if Mercury is associated with malefic planets like Rahu/Ketu in the birth chart, individuals may face health problems related to skin, insomnia, and neurological issues. However, when Mercury is placed with benefic planets like Jupiter in the birth chart, individuals receive double positive results in areas such as business, trade, and speculation.

Now, let’s move forward and understand the impact of Mercury’s transit into the Aquarius sign on the 12 zodiac signs in the zodiac wheel. Additionally, we’ll provide you with remedies to mitigate the adverse effects of Mercury’s transit.

The impact of Mercury’s transit into Aquarius for each zodiac sign, along with some remedies to mitigate any adverse effects:


For those with Aries Sun sign, Mercury is the ruler of your third and sixth houses and is transiting your eleventh house.

During Mercury’s transit into Aquarius, Aries individuals will experience tremendous benefits in their career. You will appear content and satisfied. Job opportunities from abroad may present themselves, and you’ll be happy due to these golden chances. During this period, you will be capable of achieving contentment in your life, possibly through career advancements. Arians may showcase their skills at their current job, influencing others positively.

If you are involved in business, the collaboration with business partners may lead to substantial earnings. Trying out new strategies in your business during this transit could result in significant profits.

From a financial perspective, Aries individuals are likely to accumulate sufficient wealth through ancestral property and speculative gains during the transit of Mercury in Aquarius. Generally, you will be able to meet your needs with the wealth earned during this period.

In terms of love life, relationships with your partner will remain harmonious during Mercury’s transit. Arians may spend some peaceful moments with their partners, contributing to a sweet relationship. This is a time when you can assign high value to your relationship.

In terms of health, this transit will generally be favorable. Aries individuals may not face any major health issues. However, common ailments like cold, cough, and leg pain may trouble you. Despite this, you will be physically and mentally healthy, and positive energy will help you maintain your fitness.

Remedy: Chant the mantra “(Om Budhaya Namah)” 41 times daily.


For individuals born under the Taurus sign, Mercury is the ruler of your second and fifth houses and is transiting your tenth house.

Generally, the transit of Mercury in Aquarius will bring opportunities for progress and success for Taurus individuals. During this period, you may be interested in enhancing your sources of income, thereby strengthening your financial position. Your attention will also be focused on future prospects. This time is favorable for career, family, and financial gains. Additionally, you may engage in travel, and there are chances of foreign travel.

In terms of your career, Taurus individuals tend to adhere to rules and regulations. During this period, you will apply these principles to your professional life, potentially leading to significant success. On-site opportunities may come your way, catering to your aspirations. Promotions and incentives are likely, and your ideas will be readily accepted by business partners.

Financially, the transit of Mercury in Aquarius is likely to be beneficial. While you may save money during this
period, your mind may also be preoccupied with the desire to earn more. This mindset will work towards strengthening your financial position, and you may succeed in accumulating wealth.

In relationships, there will be sweetness and harmony between you and your partner during this period. Love will grow stronger, and mutual understanding will be robust. Taurus individuals will be seen creating memorable moments with their partners.

The transit of Mercury in Aquarius will infuse positive energy into Taurus individuals, ensuring good health. There are no major health concerns anticipated during this period.

Remedy: Perform a yajna (fire ritual) for Mercury on Wednesdays.


Individuals born under the Gemini sign have Mercury governing their first and fourth houses in their birth chart, and currently, it is transiting their ninth house.

During the transit of Mercury in Aquarius, individuals of this sign will receive the support of luck at every step. There might be opportunities for long-distance travel, and such journeys are likely to bring immense success. The favorable alignment of luck will make you stronger, and you will be successful in achieving more. There is a possibility of improvements in the comforts and conveniences of your home and family. Additionally, a spiritual inclination may be observed in these individuals during this period.

In terms of career, you will appear satisfied with your work, and new on-site job opportunities may come your way, proving beneficial for you. This period could bring promotions and other perks in your career. As a result, you will be content with your job.

Financially, the efforts you put into your work are likely to yield substantial gains. You may receive incentives for your hard work, and you might also earn profits from foreign sources, leaving you content. Moreover, you can save a significant amount of money during this time.

Talking about your love life, you will be seen enjoying happiness with your partner, and your relationship will remain strong and sweet. Every step will be taken with the support of your partner, making you feel fortunate. Gemini individuals will find joy in their relationships during this time.

From a health perspective, the transit of Mercury in Aquarius will fill you with positive energy and enthusiasm, ensuring good health. This will be possible due to your strong life force.

Remedy: Conduct a yajna (fire ritual) for the planet Mercury on Saturdays.


For individuals born under the Cancer sign, Mercury governs their third and twelfth houses, and it is currently transiting their eighth house.

The transit of Mercury in Aquarius can bring unexpected gains from unconventional sources and ancestral property for Cancer individuals. There are possibilities of earning money through speculation, and such opportunities will provide satisfaction. During this period, you might also face changes in your residence, and its impact may be seen in your work. The transit of Mercury can bring various surprises for you.

In terms of career, the behavior of Cancer individuals will remain honest and dedicated to their work, which will bring happiness through excellent performance. Success will be achieved in your work due to outstanding contributions, and as a result, you may receive promotions and other incentives during this time.

On the contrary, Cancer individuals involved in business may earn substantial profits during the transit of Mercury in Aquarius. This could come as a pleasant surprise in your life. You will emerge as a strong competitor, but there might be occasional fluctuations in profits during this period.

Speaking of love life, during the transit of Mercury, you will experience unwavering support from your life partner at every step, strengthening your bond. Moreover, you might plan some outings with your partner during this period.

When it comes to health, the internal energy and enthusiasm during the transit of Mercury will keep the health of Cancer individuals in good shape. The health of Cancer individuals will be excellent during this period, although there might be complaints of pain in the legs. However, no major health issues are foreseen.

Remedy: Chant “Om Chandraya Namah” 11 times daily.


For individuals born under the Leo sign, Mercury rules their second and eleventh houses, and it is now transiting their seventh house.

During this transit, the presence of Mercury in Aquarius will bring opportunities to connect with new people and make new friends. If you are involved in business, you may earn money with the help of friends and business partners.

In terms of career, your hard work will lead to significant success in your work. You will receive support from colleagues and seniors during this period, and Leo individuals may successfully establish their identity in the eyes of seniors.

From a financial perspective, you may earn good profits during the transit of Mercury. Your ability to save will increase during this period, allowing you to save money adequately. Additionally, you will invest in schemes with good returns, benefiting you in the long run. As a result, you will attain satisfaction.

Regarding love life, Leo individuals will enjoy happy relationships with their partners during the transit of Mercury in Aquarius. Both of you can establish high values in your relationship. Leo individuals will be capable of creating a special place in their partner’s heart through their thoughts.

This transit of Mercury will provide you with good health, resulting in robust life force and enthusiasm.

Remedy: Chant the Vishnu Sahasranama daily.


For those born under the Virgo sign, Mercury rules your first and tenth houses and is currently transiting your sixth house.

During Mercury’s transit in Aquarius, Virgo individuals need to be cautious about their health and make continuous efforts to maintain good health. There might be mild pain in the legs due to stress during this period. Those employed might exhibit a keen interest in their work at this time, but thoughts of changing jobs might also cross their minds.

In the career field, this transit may make Virgo individuals dissatisfied with their current job. Consequently, the idea of a job change could be strong in their minds during this period.

Financially, responsibilities may become burdensome for Virgo individuals, and they might consider taking a loan to fulfill them. Due to these circumstances, saving money might be challenging, and overall satisfaction levels could be lower.

In terms of love life, Virgo individuals will need to maintain harmony with their partners during the transit of Mercury in Aquarius. This period calls for efforts to keep sweetness in relationships, and Virgo individuals may receive advice to remain patient.

From a health perspective, the transit of Mercury in Aquarius indicates average health for Virgo individuals. Due to a weakened immune system, there might be a lack of enthusiasm.

Remedy: Perform a Yajna (fire ceremony) for Mercury on Wednesdays.


For those born under the Libra sign, Mercury rules your ninth and twelfth houses and is currently transiting your fifth house.

During Mercury’s transit in Aquarius, Libra individuals may experience a spiritual inclination, leading them to embark on a pilgrimage or journey to sacred places. Career-wise, this period might involve travel, potentially related to on-site job opportunities, which could prove beneficial.

In the career domain, the transit of Mercury can bring promotions and incentives, acknowledging your hard work and dedication. Superiors may praise you for your excellent performance.

Financially, Libra individuals may find satisfaction in their earnings during this period. Opportunities for additional income through speculative ventures or trading may arise, providing financial gains. Overall, there will be a sense of contentment with your financial situation.

In terms of love life, Libra individuals are advised to maintain sweetness in their relationships. Patience is key, and efforts should be made to keep harmony with their partners.

From a health perspective, the transit of Mercury indicates average health for Libra individuals. There may be a lack of enthusiasm due to a weakened immune system.

Remedy: Chant the mantra “Om Bhargavaya Namah” 11 times daily.


For those born under Scorpio, Mercury rules your eighth and eleventh houses and is currently transiting your fourth house.

During Mercury’s transit in Aquarius, Scorpio individuals may experience mixed results. While domestic life is likely to be filled with happiness and contentment, there might be some family disputes and differences to deal with.

Career-wise, there could be increased pressure at work, and your busy schedule may lead to challenges in managing time effectively. Recognition for hard work might be lacking, and you could feel a bit disappointed.
Businesspersons may find it difficult to earn profits during this period, and there might be tough competition with rivals. Financially, Scorpio individuals may face challenges, leading to potential loans and increased financial burdens.

In the realm of relationships, Scorpios need to be cautious during this transit. Communication gaps and a lack of enthusiasm may affect the sweetness in relationships. Patience and understanding are advised.

From a health perspective, Mercury’s transit indicates average health for Scorpio individuals. However, there might be concerns about spending too much money on the health of family members.

Remedy: Chant the mantra “Om Mangalaya Namah” 11 times daily.


For those born under Sagittarius, Mercury rules your seventh and tenth houses and is currently transiting your third house.

During Mercury’s transit in Aquarius, Sagittarius individuals involved in business are likely to make progress. Foreign travel may bring fruitful opportunities for those Sagittarians who have their own businesses. The period may involve overseas trips related to business.

In terms of career, Sagittarians may reap good benefits and success in their endeavors. Hard work is likely to yield positive results, and the period might bring both favorable and unfavorable outcomes. Good cooperation with colleagues and the possibility of on-site job opportunities are indicated.

Businesspersons may find this transit favorable, with potential for increased profits through hard work and showcasing their capabilities. The competitive business environment may present opportunities for Sagittarians to establish themselves as strong contenders.

Financially, this period may bring good gains for Sagittarius individuals. Incentives and other financial perks in employment may contribute to an increase in income. Sagittarians are likely to be capable of saving money during this time.

In the realm of relationships, Sagittarians will experience enthusiasm and high spirits, leading to a harmonious and strong bond with their life partners. Communication and sharing feelings with the partner will strengthen the relationship.

Health-wise, the transit of Mercury in Aquarius indicates good health for Sagittarius individuals. However, there might be concerns about spending too much money on the health of family members.

Remedy: Perform Yajna-Havan for Lord Shiva on Thursdays.


For those born under Capricorn, Mercury rules your sixth and ninth houses, and it will be transiting your second house.

Career-wise, the transit may not be entirely favorable, with potential conflicts or disputes with colleagues. This could lead to difficulties in the workplace, and Capricorns might contemplate changing jobs to build a better future.

Financially, there might be challenges in accumulating wealth during this period, and there could be concerns about increased expenses. Confidence in earning more money may be lower, affecting the financial situation adversely.

In the realm of relationships, Capricorns may face unnecessary disputes with their partners during Mercury’s transit in Aquarius. Lack of mutual understanding and communication issues might create strains in relationships, and efforts to maintain harmony are advised.

Health-wise, Capricorns may face eye-related issues such as burning sensations during this period. Vulnerability to infections may be higher, as the immune system could be weakened. Taking preventive measures to avoid infections is recommended.

Remedy: Perform Yajna-Havan for Lord Hanuman on Saturdays.


For Aquarians, Mercury rules the fifth and eighth houses in their birth chart and will now be transiting their first house.

Mercury’s transit in Aquarius can bring immense wealth through ancestral property and speculative activities. However, parents might face challenges regarding the development and progress of their children. Insecurities may arise, hindering the path to the child’s growth, so caution is advised.

Concerning the career, this transit may not be highly favorable, and Aquarians might face an increased workload leading to mistakes at work, causing potential obstacles in their progress. It is crucial for Aquarians to stay vigilant during this period to avoid errors.

For those involved in business, this transit might bring average results. Those engaged in share trading could experience gains, but occasional losses are also possible during this period.

Financially, there could be an increase in expenditures, especially on the health of children. This situation might create stress, and Aquarians need to manage their finances wisely during this time.

In the realm of relationships, Mercury’s transit in Aquarius might bring a mix of results. While there may be disputes or conflicts between partners, there can also be moments of understanding. Communication is key to maintaining a harmonious relationship.

Health-wise, Aquarians might experience pain in the legs or other related issues. Stress-related problems could arise, emphasizing the need for stress management techniques.

Remedy: Chant “Om Vayuputra Namah:” daily.


For Pisceans, Mercury governs the fourth and seventh houses in their birth chart and is now transiting their twelfth house.

Mercury’s transit in Aquarius may bring challenges to Pisceans in terms of progress. During this period, stress may affect your peace and well-being. However, be cautious, as stress could weaken your immune system.

Regarding the career, there might be dissatisfaction at the workplace, and the lack of support from seniors and colleagues could create pressure.

Financially, there is a risk of increased expenses, particularly on health-related matters. Business owners may face significant losses during this period.

In terms of relationships, Pisceans may find it challenging to maintain sweetness and harmony with their partners. Issues between partners may arise, and resolving emotional problems might be difficult, affecting the love in the relationship.

Health-wise, Pisceans may experience difficulties in keeping themselves fit during this period. Problems such as pain in the shoulders and knees might cause discomfort, leading to stress.

Remedy: Donate to elderly Brahmins on Thursday.