Mercury Rising in Pisces on 15th March 2024

Mercury Rising in Pisces 15 March 2024

The planet Mercury will rise in the Pisces zodiac sign on Friday, March 15, 2024, at 01:07 in the morning, which means that Mercury will be in the Pisces zodiac sign after midnight on March 14 and will rise in the Pisces zodiac sign at 01:07 in the morning on March 15, 2024. The planet Mercury, which is the significator of commerce and speech, mostly stays close to the Sun, so most of the time it remains combust. If we talk about their rising, they were in a combust state since February 8, 2024, and now on March 15, 2024, they will rise from a combust state to a rising state. When the planet Mercury is in a combust state, it reduces its influence, but in some specific situations, when it rises, it provides all its effects more easily. Let’s find out what impact the rising of Mercury in the Pisces zodiac sign is bringing for your zodiac sign.

mercury rising pisces

mercury rising in pisces

According to your horoscope and remedies based on your zodiac sign:


Mercury is the ruler of your sign for the third and sixth houses, and it will be in the twelfth house from your sign.

The presence of Mercury in the Pisces sign may increase your expenditures. You will need to pay attention to your health issues, as you might fall ill during this period, leading to significant health expenses. Health-related problems may cause distress, and mental stress could escalate. Work-related activities may keep you busy, and a family member might have to travel away from the city. Those working abroad may face challenges, and there could be opportunities to confront adversaries, so caution is advised. If you are facing issues in your job and are considering a change, it is advisable to hold off for some time; changing now may lead to more problems.

Remedy: Regularly serve and worship the holy cow (Gau Mata).


Mercury is the ruler of your sign for the second and fifth houses, and it will be in the eleventh house from your sign.

Mercury’s presence in the Pisces sign suggests an increase in your income, so you should be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity. You may consider starting a new business with your accumulated wealth, and success is likely in your endeavors. This is a good time to use your intellect to earn wealth. The period is favorable for your romantic relationships, and you may plan a pleasant outing with your loved one. Your social circle will expand, and you may form friendships with new people. It’s a good time for investment, and your investments may yield profits. Those engaged in import-export businesses may receive special benefits. There may be an increase in your social status and reputation. Engaging in the stock market, lotteries, etc., may also bring you gains. Support from friends can contribute to your financial and business success. There are possibilities for advancements in business, and you may consider investing in a startup.

Remedy: Distribute medicines to patients suffering from respiratory ailments.


Mercury is the lord of your sign, governing the first and fourth houses, and it will be in the tenth house from your sign.

The rising of Mercury in the Pisces sign indicates a favorable time in the professional arena. However, you need to pay extra attention to your work during this period, as adversaries may cause disturbances, and a slight mistake on your part could lead to complications in your job. Despite being highly focused on your work and remaining busy, you will begin to see positive results in your career. The family atmosphere will be supportive, and family members may assign you some tasks, which, when completed, will strengthen the bond of love and trust. Your mother’s health issues may be a cause for concern during this period. Avoid laziness and refrain from placing complete trust in someone without thorough knowledge, as it could lead to disappointment. Successful savings and the possibility of new sources of income may be achieved during this time. Unemployed individuals may also have opportunities for job acquisition. You may consider purchasing a new vehicle or property during this period.

Remedy: Observe a fast on Wednesdays.


Mercury is the lord of your sign, ruling the twelfth and third houses, and it will be in the ninth house from your sign.

With Mercury rising in the Pisces sign, you may achieve positive results due to your spiritual activities. Engage actively in religious and spiritual pursuits, and consider visiting sacred places. Your social influence will increase, bringing various benefits. Success in your plans will lead to financial gains. There will be an improvement in your professional influence, and you will receive love from your family. Support from your father is also indicated. Wealth acquisition opportunities are on the horizon, and you may suddenly come across a means to accumulate abundant wealth. Traveling to religious places is highly probable, and your interest in spirituality and philosophy may intensify. You may find success in matters related to charity and religious activities. Students may get the opportunity to study abroad, and those involved in business may contemplate expanding and implementing new ideas.

Remedy: Emphasize purity and righteousness in your life.


Mercury is the lord of your sign, governing the second and eleventh houses, and it will be in the eighth house from your sign.

With Mercury rising in the Pisces sign, there may be a decline in your health, indicating the need for special attention to your well-being. You might experience skin irritation, allergies, or eye problems during this period, so it’s crucial to focus on your health. Married individuals may succeed in building good relations with in-laws. While sweetness will prevail in your relationships, occasional disagreements may arise. In such situations, it’s advisable to be cautious and resolve issues before they escalate. Efforts to enhance your income should be directed in the right direction, or else financial loss may occur. It is recommended to avoid investing in the stock market during this period to prevent potential financial setbacks. Be cautious of adversaries in your professional sphere, and refrain from placing complete trust in anyone, as someone may take undue advantage of you.

Remedy: Support the education of an underprivileged girl.


Mercury is the lord of your sign, ruling the first and tenth houses, and it will be in the seventh house from your sign.

With Mercury rising in the Pisces sign, there may be an introduction of sweetness in your marital relationships. Intimacy with your life partner will increase, and you may receive valuable advice from them. Despite the positive aspects, due to Mercury being in its debilitated sign, some tension may arise. Paying attention to strengthening your love life can help you overcome these challenges. Success is likely in your career, and there may be opportunities for job promotion. Those involved in business may benefit from government sectors, but starting a new venture should be avoided at this time. Quick decision-making will help you smoothly handle every task. Taking care of your health, especially in changing weather conditions, will help you avoid illnesses like cough and cold. Planning trips with your loved ones and spending more time with your partner is advisable. Be cautious about your health, especially with the changing weather, to avoid respiratory issues. Professionals working in financial institutions can expect good results during this period.

Remedy: Regularly chant the Beej Mantra of Mercury.


Mercury is the lord of your sign, ruling the twelfth and ninth houses, and it will be in the sixth house from your sign.

During this period, you may face challenges from your adversaries, and they might try to create problems for you. It is essential to be cautious and handle these situations with care. Your expenses could escalate, putting pressure on your financial situation. Be mindful of unnecessary spending to maintain your financial stability. It’s advisable to maintain some distance from friends who only seek personal gain and consistently take advantage of you. Success is achievable after overcoming struggles in your endeavors. There may be opportunities for foreign travel, and work-related journeys from one city to another may bring benefits. Those involved in the field of law may experience particular advantages. Be cautious about lending money during this period, as it may lead to financial losses.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to a cow (Gau Mata).


Mercury is the lord of your sign, ruling the eleventh and eighth houses, and it will be in the fifth house from your sign.

During this period, Mercury in Pisces will contribute to resolving any hidden issues in your love life. The sweetness in your relationships will increase, and you and your loved ones will feel a deeper connection. Married individuals may experience the joy of parenthood. Students preparing for competitive exams will need to work hard. Businesspersons may benefit from investing in their ventures. Your quick wit and adaptability will lead to success in various endeavors. There may be an improvement in your income, and unexpected gains are possible. Be cautious about speculative investments, and avoid any involvement in gambling or betting. Those trying to invest in the stock market should be careful to prevent losses. Pay attention to your children’s aspirations and encourage them to move forward. Avoid taking Santan (offspring) discussions negatively, and continue to motivate them for progress.

Remedy: Feed green gram dal to a cow on Wednesdays.


Mercury is the lord of your sign, ruling the tenth and seventh houses, and it will be in the fourth house from your sign.

Due to Mercury’s rise in Pisces, you may experience favorable outcomes. Mercury being in the fourth house can bring joy related to vehicles and property. There is a possibility of acquiring both movable and immovable assets. However, since Mercury is in its debilitated sign, there might be increased mental stress during this period, and some disturbances in the family may arise. Exercise caution and maintain harmony in the family. Express love and closeness to your family members. Take care of your mother’s health, as she might face health issues during this period. Be cautious in your workplace, as your colleagues may not be supportive, leading to some mental distress. If you are employed, the path to promotion may not be smooth. If you are considering a job change, it might be better to wait for a while. Pay attention to ancestral property matters, as you may benefit from it. Some comforts and conveniences may come your way. Businesspersons may experience special success during this time. There might be an increase in your influence in the business arena, and you may establish new contacts.

Remedy: Gift green-colored items to young girls.


Mercury is the lord of your sign, ruling the ninth and sixth houses, and it will be in the third house from your sign.

With Mercury rising in Pisces, your communication skills will improve. Your friendships will strengthen, and you will gain various benefits from your friends. They will assist you in your business and other endeavors, fulfilling the responsibilities of good friends. Relationships with siblings will also improve. Short-distance travels will bring success and fulfillment for you. Married individuals may get opportunities to spend quality time with their children and go on enjoyable trips, bringing lightness to their hearts and inner joy. Your courage and bravery will increase, and any laziness will be dispelled. Avoid getting into arguments with anyone over property transactions; it is wise to stay away from conflicts. Government employees may see positive outcomes, and those involved in education may receive recognition and respect.

Remedy: Wear green-colored clothes on Wednesdays.


Mercury is the lord of your sign, ruling the eighth and fifth houses, and it will be in the second house from your sign.

With Mercury rising in Pisces, there will be an improvement in your financial situation. You may acquire ancestral property, and sudden gains are also possible, leading to an enhancement of your economic condition. However, during this period, there may be some disputes or troubles within your family. It’s advisable to avoid getting involved and try to maintain a distance to prevent conflicts. Your experience in love relationships will deepen, and you may consider introducing your beloved to your family members. Those preparing for competitive exams may achieve good success, and a favorable government job may come your way. Your blocked funds may be recovered, and you should take precautions to avoid illnesses like body pain, cold, cough, etc. Your speech will become sweeter, and you will work towards resolving existing issues successfully. People in fields such as media, marketing, communication, banking, etc., may experience special success. Those associated with in-laws may also benefit. In addition, happiness may come from children. This is not the right time for any kind of investment.

Remedy: Chant the Mercury Beej Mantra on Wednesdays.


Mercury is the lord of your sign, ruling the seventh and fourth houses, and it will be in the first house from your sign.

With Mercury rising in Pisces, you will experience favourable results. Your popularity in the social sphere will increase, and your social circle will expand. This boost in confidence will help you make decisions with precision and success at the right time. Your inherent amiability will grow, and your speech will be highly influential. Business endeavours will witness good progress, and you will make decisions that surprise everyone. Those employed may receive positive encouragement in their work. Married individuals will enjoy a harmonious period, and support from their life partners will be significant. Unmarried individuals may receive marriage proposals. Family members will contribute to resolving pending matters, and they will actively assist you in your work. The support from your mother will be valuable. You may consider buying or selling property, and thoughts of entering into a long-term partnership may arise.

Remedy: Apply a saffron tilak (vermilion mark) on your forehead daily.