Mercury Rise in Aries on May 10 2023

Mercury Rise in Aries – In Vedic astrology, Mercury is deemed as a planet that embodies feminine qualities and logical tendencies. When Mercury rises in Aries, it can bring forth favorable outcomes for individuals based on their zodiac signs. Conversely, this article also sheds light on the adverse effects that may arise. The impact of Mercury is highly positive when it resides in Gemini or Virgo, with the latter being the most exalted sign for Mercury. The presence of Mercury in Virgo can bring significant commercial benefits to individuals. Nonetheless, it is important to note that both positive and negative results may be expected for individuals belonging to all twelve zodiac signs.

Mercury Rise in Aries

Importance of Mercury in Astrology

Strong presence of Mercury in horoscope leads to satisfaction, good health, intelligent personality & success in personal/professional life. Positive influence of Mercury aids in astrology and scientific fields. However, presence of Mercury with Rahu, Ketu or Mars brings challenges and obstacles, reducing thinking ability and causing impulsiveness. Skin and nerve-related issues may arise. Presence of Mercury with Jupiter results in financial gains in business ventures.

Mercury Rise in Aries with its Astrological Effects:

Mercury is regarded as the ruler of reasoning, intelligence, education, and communication skills. A weak state of Mercury in one’s horoscope can lead to feelings of insecurity, difficulty in focusing, understanding, and memory loss. However, when Mercury rises directly, especially in Gemini or Virgo, its power increases, potentially resulting in success and strong performance in business.
Let’s find out what impact this will have on you:


Mercury is the lord of Aries’ third and sixth house, indicating a rise in the first sense. The rise of Mercury in this house is generally favorable, although delays may occur. Aries people will face challenges in their professional life but will be successful in achieving their goals. Financial problems in the form of loans may arise, and new opportunities may also come up. Business may suffer, but outsourcing or international ventures may bring in profits. Aries individuals may experience family and love-related issues, but a positive attitude and a cool mind can help improve the situation. Health issues like skin allergies, digestive problems, and headaches may arise. Delays and misunderstandings may occur in work and love relationships.

Remedy: Reciting the ancient book Narayaniyam daily can help you a lot.


For Taurus, Mercury is now in the twelfth house, indicating emotional challenges such as conflicts in family life, financial problems, and stress. Career recognition and financial planning may be difficult. There may also be ego-related issues in relationships. Health-wise, eye irritation and digestive problems may arise. To address these issues, yoga and meditation are recommended.
Remedy: Chanting Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya 21 times daily is suggested.


For Gemini, Mercury is the ruler of the first and fourth house and currently positioned in the eleventh house, which brings good fortune. Gemini natives will succeed in fulfilling their desires, feel more confident, and enjoy life. The rise of Mercury in Aries is beneficial for career and business, with new opportunities and financial benefits. Financially, they will earn and save more money. Love relationships will be happy and harmonious, while health is likely to be good.

Remedy: Chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” 21 times daily is the best remedy for you.


Mercury’s position in the 10th house is not favorable for Cancer natives. They may face communication problems and miss important opportunities. The rise of Mercury in Aries may bring work pressure and lower salaries. Business may also face challenges. Love relationships may have disputes. Health issues like stress and digestive problems are likely.
Remedy: Chant Om Somaya Namah 11 times daily for the best results.


Mercury is the lord of Leo’s horoscope, present in the ninth house, bringing support of luck but hard work is needed to succeed. Mercury’s rise in Aries may cause delays in fulfilling desires and challenges in getting recognition at work. Business may have tough competition and mixed financial gains with increased expenses. Communication is important in love relationships to avoid disputes. Health is normal with minor eye irritation. Delays in work and financial gains are possible but success will come with hard work.
Remedy- Recite Aditya Hridayam daily on a daily basis.


Virgo’s horoscope has Mercury as the lord of the first and tenth house, present in the eighth house. Obstacles may cause dissatisfaction and delays in achieving goals. Mercury’s rise in Aries isn’t encouraging for your career, and there may be problems with stress, concentration, and recognition. Tough competition in business can lead to financial losses and tarnished reputation. Expenses will be high, and earnings may fluctuate. Minor health problems like headaches and hypertension may arise. Disputes and money loss in domestic life are possible due to Mercury’s gaze on the second house.

Remedy: Worshipping Mercury on Wednesdays will be beneficial.


Mercury in the seventh house brings mixed results for Libra natives. They may experience long distance trips and loss of something valuable. Career-wise, there may be dissatisfaction and a desire for new opportunities. Business may bring both gain and loss. Financially, they need to be cautious of spending and losing money while traveling. There may be ups and downs in relationships due to ego. Health is normal, but expenses on partner’s health may cause stress.
Remedy: Chant Om Budhaya Namah 11 times daily as a remedial action


Scorpio natives may feel increased commitments and insecurity during Mercury’s placement in the sixth house. Career and business may be challenging, with tough competition and financial struggles. Love life may also see ups and downs, and health issues related to skin and low appetite may arise.
Remedy: Chant Om Rudraya Namah almost 27 times daily.


Mercury rules the 7th and 10th houses for Sagittarius and is currently in the 5th house. However, Mercury’s rise in Aries may not be favorable for Sagittarius as they may experience a lack of prosperity, support from luck, and may fail to prove their specialty. Business and career may face challenges and tough competition. There may be financial difficulties and love relationships may lack harmony. Health problems such as severe headaches and nerve-related issues may arise.

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Jupiter on Thursday is a suggested remedy.


Mercury rules Capricorn’s sixth and ninth house and is now in the fourth house. This indicates that Capricorn natives may face increased expenses related to home renovation or their mother’s health. Mercury’s transit in Aries is unfavorable for their career and business, leading to stress and financial losses. They may have trouble with their partner and face health issues due to stress.

Remedy: Worshiping Hanuman Ji on Saturday can bring relief. Read or Listen Hanuman Chalisa


Mercury in the third house brings good career opportunities and promotions for Aquarius natives. Business owners will also earn good profits and competition will be tough. However, uncertain expenses may cause financial pressure. Misunderstandings and fights may arise in love relationships, and there could be health issues related to nerves and eyes. Luck may not fully support family matters.

Remedy: Chant Om Hanumante Namah daily.


Pisces natives, Mercury rules your fourth and seventh houses, and is currently in your second house. In terms of career, this period may bring challenges and lack of recognition. Business may also face difficulties. Financially, luck may not be in your favor, and love relationships may lack harmony. Health may also fluctuate, and uncertain situations may arise.

Remedy: Chat Om Brihaspataye Namah 21 times daily.