Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius – December 13, 2023

The retrograde motion of Mercury in the Sagittarius zodiac signs on December 13, 2023, according to Vedic astrology. Mercury, considered the planet governing intellect, is set to go retrograde in Sagittarius at 12:01 PM on December 13. Mercury will remain retrograde in Sagittarius until December 28 and then resume its retrograde motion in the Scorpio sign. The article suggests that the impact of Mercury retrograde will affect everyone differently, bringing both positive and challenging changes. The author promises to provide insights into the various transformations caused by this planetary movement and offer effective remedies to counter any negative effects.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

There are many myths associated with the word retrograde. It is generally considered unfavorable, but in reality, during the retrograde period, planets become powerful and give both positive and negative results based on the dasha (planetary period) in your birth chart. It depends on how prepared we are to face the consequences of the powerful retrograde planet. Retrograde planets urge us to contemplate our actions.

According to Vedic astrology, Mercury represents intellect, reasoning abilities, good communication skills, and is considered a youthful planet. It is also highly sensitive, akin to the Moon. Mercury controls aspects like intelligence, memory, learning ability, and communication skills in human life. It also governs areas like commerce, banking, education, writing, books, humor, communication, and media. Mercury rules over the signs of Gemini and Virgo in the zodiac. When Mercury goes retrograde, our thinking and understanding abilities weaken, and communication becomes harsh. Gadgets such as mobiles, laptops, cameras, speakers may malfunction. Mistakes may occur in paperwork, and work-related travels may not go as planned.

In retrograde motion in Sagittarius, Mercury can create issues for politicians, spiritual leaders, teachers, and mentors due to their comments. The statements made by them may not be well-received, and they might face opposition. Additionally, conflicts due to different religious beliefs among people are also possible.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: Zodiac Sign-Based Horoscope and Remedies


Mercury rules the third and sixth houses and will be retrograde in their ninth house. The ninth house represents religion, father, politics, long-distance travel, religious places, and luck. As a result, individuals may face communication challenges during this period. Especially for those involved in philosophical advising, teaching, or politics, careful consideration in choosing words may be necessary, or else conflicts or disputes may arise.

During the retrograde period of Mercury in Sagittarius, there might be fluctuations in relationships with younger siblings or cousins. Misunderstandings may lead to ups and downs in these relationships. Additionally, there could be potential conflicts or misunderstandings with father or teachers due to misplaced words. Health needs special attention during this time, as existing health issues may resurface. If planning for a holiday or long-distance travel, there may be obstacles, and document-related issues like visa or passport problems could lead to the cancellation or postponement of travel plans. Being vigilant is crucial during this period.

Remedy: Water the Tulsi plant daily and consume one Tulsi leaf.


Mercury rules the second and fifth houses and will be retrograde in their eighth house. The eighth house represents sudden events, secrecy, and occult sciences. Generally, the presence of Mercury in the eighth house is not considered favorable, and the retrograde state of Mercury can have even more negative effects. There is a higher likelihood of facing health issues such as allergies, infections, insect bites, or UTIs during this time.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius may also lead to misunderstandings with the in-laws. Those involved in the research field may encounter several challenges. Be cautious about your words during this period, as your speech might cause troubles. There is a concern about ups and downs in relationships with family members. Financially, the retrograde Mercury may not be favorable, as sudden expenses or financial losses could occur, making budgeting difficult. Parents of Taurus individuals should also be vigilant about their children’s health. Changes in children’s behavior may be observed, especially for those in relationships, where misunderstandings may lead to problems.

Remedy: Recite the Mahishasura Mardini Stotra daily.


Mercury rules the first (Ascendant) and fourth houses, and Mercury is retrograde in their seventh house. The seventh house represents life partner and business partnerships. As Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant, is retrograde in the seventh house, it can lead to various challenges in life. During this period, health-related issues may arise, and domestic life could become busy. There is a possibility of conflicts or misunderstandings in marital life due to interference from your mother or a maternal figure. Those who have recently entered into a marriage might face several challenges, and there could be a risk of the relationship breaking or reconsideration of the bond. Therefore, it is advised to make decisions with great wisdom.

Business partners may also face misunderstandings due to the retrograde Mercury. Additionally, there is a likelihood of health issues for your mother. Your household electronic gadgets, such as Wi-Fi modems or smart TVs, might face problems. If you were planning to buy gadgets or appliances for your home, it’s recommended to postpone the purchase as it may not be favorable during this time.

Remedy: Keep an indoor plant in your bedroom and take care of it.


For individuals with Cancer as their zodiac sign, Mercury rules the twelfth and third houses, and Mercury is going retrograde in their sixth house. The sixth house is associated with health, enemies, competition, and maternal uncle. Therefore, the retrograde state of Mercury in Sagittarius may not be favorable for Cancer natives. During this period, you may have to face several challenges. Your verbal communication could lead to arguments or conflicts, affecting your self-confidence and courage. Those working in fields like writing, media, social media, or directing may face ups and downs in their work. There is a possibility of difficulties or misunderstandings with your younger siblings or paternal uncle.

The retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius may lead to a decline in your health. Additionally, you may have to deal with legal disputes or court matters. There is a likelihood of financial loss, or your expenses might increase. Those planning foreign travel during this time are advised to postpone their plans as the period may not be conducive for travel. Be cautious about paperwork during this time, as a lack of knowledge could lead to legal troubles abroad or financial losses.

Remedy: According to your faith, donate green pumpkin or green gram dal for langar at a temple, gurudwara, or any other religious place.


For individuals with Leo as their zodiac sign, Mercury rules the eleventh and second houses, and Mercury is going retrograde in their fifth house. The fifth house is associated with education, love relationships, gambling, and children, also known as the house of past merits. Therefore, Leo natives may face fluctuations in financial matters during this period as Mercury, the planet that controls your finances, is retrograde. It is advised to exercise caution in financial matters and reconsider any financial decisions made in the previous year. Avoid making significant financial investments during this time.

As mentioned earlier, the fifth house is the house of gambling, and having retrograde Mercury in this house may not be favorable for Leo natives. Therefore, it is not advisable to invest money in gambling or the stock market during this time. Due to the retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius, you may face a bad reputation in society due to your speech, so be mindful of your words and keep control over your speech. Additionally, Leo students may encounter difficulties in their studies, such as losing notes or facing damage to study-related items. Leo couples may also face challenges in their relationships due to misunderstandings, so it is essential to maintain open communication to avoid any conflicts.

Remedy: Keep a green handkerchief or green cardamom in your purse and replace it regularly.


For individuals with Virgo as their zodiac sign, Mercury rules the first and tenth houses, and Mercury is going retrograde in their fourth house. The first house is associated with the self, and the tenth house is related to career, while the fourth house represents matters like mother, family life, home, and property. Due to Mercury being retrograde in the fourth house, Virgo natives may face various health issues and experience pressure in both personal and professional life. There might be challenges in balancing household responsibilities and professional work during this period.

Those involved in their own business may encounter difficulties or losses, and managing both business and personal life could be challenging. The retrograde Mercury in the fourth house may bring disruptions in domestic life, affecting relationships with the mother, and causing health issues for her. Home appliances may frequently malfunction or incur damage. It is advised to pay careful attention to the health of both yourself and your mother during this time and avoid any negligence.

Remedy: Wear a 5-6 carat emerald (Panna) in a gold or Panchdhatu ring on Wednesdays. This remedy is believed to bring several benefits to the wearer.


For individuals with Libra as their zodiac sign, Mercury rules the ninth and twelfth houses. Mercury is retrograde in their third house, which represents siblings, interests, short-distance travel, and communication skills. As a result, Libra natives may find themselves in arguments or disputes due to their way of speaking, and their self-confidence and courage may weaken. Sudden expenses or losses could occur due to their way of communication and false commitments. Additionally, there is a possibility of conflicts with their father or teacher due to misunderstandings.

During the retrograde of Mercury in Sagittarius, Libra individuals might need to visit hospitals or undertake various travels. There’s a chance that a long-distance journey planned by them could be suddenly canceled or postponed. It is advised to avoid any conflicts with siblings during this period, as it could escalate into a major dispute. If working in the field of writing, focusing on their work might become challenging. There is also a possibility of technical devices such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, and cameras malfunctioning, so extra caution is needed.

Remedy: On Wednesdays, plant a tulsi (holy basil) in your home and worship it daily.


For individuals with Scorpio as their zodiac sign, Mercury rules the eighth and eleventh houses. Mercury is retrograde in their second house, which represents family, savings, and communication. From an economic perspective, the retrograde of Mercury in the second house does not appear to be favorable. There is a caution against making any significant investments or taking risks during this period, as it could lead to significant losses. Moreover, if you are anticipating a promotion or salary increase in the workplace, the results may not align with your expectations, and you may need to put in extra effort for financial growth.
During the retrograde of Mercury in Sagittarius, it is essential to be mindful of your communication. Choose your words carefully, especially with close relatives, as there is a possibility of arguments and disputes. There is a concern that you may face health issues related to the mouth during this period.

Misunderstandings could also strain relationships with in-laws, so it is advised to remain cautious. Avoid any joint investments with your partner during this time. Scorpio individuals engaged in research-related fields may face challenges in submitting research papers.

Remedy: Chant the seed mantra of Mercury, “ऐं” (Aim), 108 times daily.


For individuals with Sagittarius as their zodiac sign, Mercury rules the seventh and tenth houses. During the retrograde of Mercury, it will be in the first house, which is the ascendant or lagna. Consequently, there is a possibility of a decline in your reputation during this period. Individuals associated with fields like politics, motivational speaking, speculation, finance, or media may face challenges in making progress in their work during this time. It is advised to be mindful of what is beneficial and what is not during this period, as it may not be very favorable for you. There is also a health concern related to skin allergies and dermatological issues during this retrograde period.

Additionally, having the lord of the seventh and tenth houses retrograde in the first house is not considered favorable for both marital and professional life. It is recommended to dedicate yourself entirely to both your marital and professional life. Fulfill responsibilities equally in both areas, as it is in your best interest. If you have any complaints or issues with your partner, address them openly, as ignoring problems can worsen the situation. Take care of your partner’s health as well. For those engaged in a business partnership, it is essential to find solutions to problems rather than avoiding them, as ignoring issues can lead to more significant complications.

Remedy: Perform daily puja for Lord Ganesha, and on Wednesdays, offer durva (grass) to Ganesha.

Capricorn Sign:

For individuals with Capricorn as their zodiac sign, Mercury rules the sixth and ninth houses. During Mercury’s retrograde, it will be in the twelfth house, which signifies foreign lands, expenditures, hospitals, and foreign companies. Those Capricorn individuals involved in travel-related professions such as pilots, cabin crew, or others associated with travel may have to put in extra effort in their professional sphere, facing numerous challenges. This is especially true for those who work abroad or live alone in distant places. Health-wise, the retrograde of Mercury in Sagittarius may not be very favorable, and there is a risk of facing health issues, particularly related to old illnesses, leading to multiple hospital visits.

In terms of financial matters, there might be an increase in expenses during this period, and financial losses are also possible. Legal disputes from the past may resurface, and you may have to deal with legal matters or court cases once again. Additionally, conflicts with your father or mentor are likely, and misunderstandings could escalate into disputes.

Remedy: On Wednesdays, feed green fodder or green vegetables to a cow.


For individuals with Aquarius as their zodiac sign, Mercury rules the fifth and eighth houses. During Mercury’s retrograde, it will be in the eleventh house, which signifies financial gains, desires, elder siblings, professional networks, and the uncle’s house. Due to Mercury’s retrograde in the eleventh house, you might face several challenges in your social circle and professional network due to misunderstandings. Additionally, there could be confusion in financial matters during this period, so it is advised to postpone any investment plans for now.

If you are considering joint investments with your partner during Mercury’s retrograde in Sagittarius, it might be beneficial for you, but the benefits may not meet your expectations. Parents of Aquarius individuals may need to pay extra attention to their children’s health during this time. In terms of education, Aquarius individuals may face difficulties in their studies due to a lack of notes or related study materials. Those involved in a relationship should focus more on their love life during this period, as lack of communication and not giving enough importance to the relationship may lead to misunderstandings. Additionally, there might be a lack of communication, and a strain on relationships is possible.

Remedy: Respect and honor transgender individuals (kinnars) and, if possible, gift them green-colored clothes and bangles.


For individuals with Pisces as their zodiac sign, Mercury rules the fourth and seventh houses. During Mercury’s retrograde, it will be in the tenth house, which represents your profession and workplace. As a result, there may be a lack of happiness in your domestic and marital life, especially due to tension between your mother and life partner. It is also possible that the health of your mother and partner may deteriorate, and some old health-related issues may resurface. Additionally, household items may repeatedly malfunction or face damage.

Moving on to your professional life, during Mercury’s retrograde in Sagittarius, you need to be cautious about your work. There are indications that you may face repeated obstacles in your work. If you are in a business partnership with your life partner, there is a possibility of misunderstandings. Issues in office work may arise, and you might encounter obstacles. To avoid these problems, it is advised to plan ahead and stay vigilant so that you can handle all your tasks correctly. Pisces individuals working from home may find it challenging to manage both household and office work during this period. There could be increased pressure on you to complete tasks promptly. Those in a business partnership need to be a little more cautious. If there are any troubles in the partnership, it is advisable not to ignore them but rather address and find solutions, as these issues could escalate in the future.

Remedy: Install a Mercury Yantra at your home and workplace, and regularly worship it.