Mercury Retrograde in Aries on 02nd April 2024

In Vedic astrology, Mercury, known as the prince of the planets of retrograde in Aries, will become retrograde in Aries at 03:18 am on 02 April 2024.

Mercury Transit in Aries

Mercury Transit in Aries

Importance of planet Mercury and Aries in Vedic Astrology:

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is related to intelligence which provides logical thinking to the person. In the horoscope, Lord Mercury has lordship over the sixth and third house. When Mercury retrogrades in Aries, it gives both good and bad results to the people. In astrology, Mercury is retrograde when it appears to be moving in reverse while revolving around the Sun.

However, Mercury goes retrograde about 3 or 4 times in a year. Let us tell you that Mercury is considered to be the planet responsible for communication skills, travels, technology and decision making ability etc. hence the person has to face problems in these areas. When Mercury retrogrades in Aries, its effects are extremely intense and this is because Aries is a fiery sign whose ruling planet is Mars.

Effect of Mercury Retrograde in Aries:

Due to the retrograde state of Mercury, your ability to talk gets affected and due to its retrograde, aggressiveness and impulsiveness can be seen in your nature. Also, the possibility of misunderstandings is high. In such a situation, the person may speak without thinking or may be seen acting impulsively without thinking about the consequences of the actions. Due to the influence of Mercury, these people get angry easily and as a result, problems and misunderstandings start arising in personal and professional life, hence it will be very important for these people to be patient and careful. Besides, you also have to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Mercury retrograde in Aries will motivate you to complete tasks that you were not able to complete in the past. This period will be favorable for re-analyzing the plans, projects and ideas made in the past. Also, during this time, old disputes or differences that are unresolved may resurface before you, but now you will get a chance to resolve these matters. Taking advantage of Mercury’s retrograde movement, you can strengthen a relationship that is weak at this time or you can give up something that is not fruitful for you.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Horoscope and Remedies according to Zodiac Sign:


During this time, you may experience difficulties in communication with colleagues or senior officials, or you may encounter misunderstandings. Additionally, these individuals may face delays in projects. Furthermore, you might revisit past actions or plans and reconsider them. To avoid any problems in your career, it is important to maintain patience, review your work thoroughly, and address any misunderstandings immediately. Looking at the positive aspect of retrograde Mercury, this period encourages you to contemplate on goals set in your career and work towards improvements.

From a financial perspective, due to Mercury retrograde in Aries sign, you need to pay attention to your financial situation as sudden expenses may arise, and there could be fluctuations in income. Therefore, it is better to carefully budget and refrain from impulsive purchases during this time. Additionally, it is advised to analyze financial plans, use your money wisely, and develop new strategies for stability.

Moving on to love life, the retrograde movement of Mercury can impact your relationships, whether personal or professional. During this time, you may experience misunderstandings with close ones, leading to tension between both parties. In such situations, maintaining patience and listening attentively to their perspectives can help avoid unnecessary conflicts. It is important to take some time to clear misunderstandings and express your feelings openly to your partner.

In terms of health, Mercury’s retrograde state can bring challenges to your health. You may experience issues like headaches, sinus problems, or eye-related issues. Additionally, due to the impact on communication skills, you might feel stressed and encounter difficulties in various areas of life. To avoid these problems, regular exercise, balanced diet, and managing stress are recommended.

Remedy: Wear an aventurine gemstone for clarity of thoughts or keep it with you.


Mercury being retrograde in Aries sign can bring challenges and delays in the career sector for these individuals. Consequently, they may face setbacks in their careers due to misunderstandings. As a result, it is advised for Taurus natives to maintain patience during this period as challenges may arise. However, the retrograde Mercury can provide an opportunity to reevaluate career goals and plans. Those under this sign can progress by staying organized and focused on their work even during Mercury’s retrograde state.

Looking at financial life, during Mercury’s retrograde motion, you need to be extremely cautious as sudden expenses or losses may occur. This concern arises because you may not have planned your finances properly. These individuals need to avoid impulsive spending and focus on enhancing financial stability in their lives. However, those involved in speculative activities may experience positive outcomes. During this period, seeking advice from a financial expert to manage uncertainties in financial life can be helpful.

In terms of love life, Mercury’s retrograde motion indicates potential challenges in relationships due to misunderstandings or unresolved issues. Taurus individuals may face disagreements or conflicts in their relationships due to misunderstandings. It is crucial for them to listen carefully to others and communicate openly with their partners to strengthen relationships and avoid misunderstandings. Additionally, taking time for self-reflection can enhance understanding in relationships. However, discovering hidden or unknown information can improve harmony in relationships.

From a health perspective, stress or worry related to career or financial life may affect your health. Taurus natives may experience health issues such as headaches or digestive problems. As a result, it is advised for them to exercise regularly, improve their eating habits, and maintain a balanced lifestyle to avoid health problems.

Remedy: Recite the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram.


However, Mercury’s retrograde in the eleventh house will bring positive opportunities for progress in your life. Initially, you may experience challenges in the career field during this period, but later on, you will achieve positive results. Moreover, you may get new job opportunities, promotions, or even a chance to travel abroad for your career, and in doing so, you will progress and appear satisfied. Your hard work in the professional field will be acknowledged by seniors, and as a result, you may see advancements in your position. Those involved in business will see stability during this time. It is possible to gain new opportunities that you will be capable of leveraging. Adopting new strategies and perspectives in the business sector will prove fruitful, and as a result, your business will climb the ladder of success.

Regarding financial matters, people under the Gemini sign may see an increase in their income during the period of Mercury’s retrograde. During this time, you will be capable of investing more and also saving money, leading to financial stability. Those in business will benefit, and whatever investments you make will yield good returns, leading to an increase in your wealth.

In terms of love life, a positive progression in your relationship is indicated during Mercury’s retrograde period. There will be an increase in love and harmony within the family, and there is a strong possibility of auspicious events like marriage or housewarming happening in your home. Your relationship with your partner will strengthen, and your bond will be stronger. In this way, you will appear happy and content in your relationship.

From a health perspective, individuals born under the Gemini sign will enjoy good health. Your awareness of health and fitness, along with your energy, will work towards enhancing your vitality. As a result, you will face health issues head-on and overcome them.

Remedy: Donate green-colored items or grains to a religious institution for peace related to the Mercury planet.


For Cancer (Karka) natives, Mercury (Budh) governs their third and twelfth houses. Currently, Mercury is going retrograde in your tenth house, which represents name, fame, and recognition. In astrology, the third house signifies short trips and siblings, while the twelfth house symbolizes expenses and spiritual pursuits.

During Mercury retrograde in the tenth house, there can be a slowdown in career progress for Cancer natives. You may feel like your career advancement is stalled, and there could be dissatisfaction with your performance at work, leading to limited opportunities for growth. Sudden changes in job, such as transfers or relocations, may also occur, causing stress and unhappiness. Recognition or praise for your hard work may be lacking during this period, and you might feel burdened by your responsibilities.

In terms of financial life, Mercury retrograde in the tenth house can lead to increased expenses and a need to limit your sources of income. Cancer natives may find it challenging to save money and maintain financial stability during this time. It’s advisable to be cautious with expenditures and avoid long-distance travels, as they could lead to financial losses.

Regarding love life, Cancer individuals may face tensions with their partners and family members due to communication issues. It’s essential to maintain harmony in relationships and work on resolving misunderstandings to avoid conflicts. Spending quality time with loved ones can help strengthen bonds and alleviate stress during this period.

Health-wise, Cancer natives need to pay attention to their well-being. Issues like headaches, digestive problems, and anxiety may arise during Mercury retrograde. Seeking medical advice for any health concerns and adopting a balanced lifestyle with reduced stress levels is crucial for maintaining good health.

Remedy: Chanting the seed mantra of Mercury, ” Om Bum Budhaya Namah “


Mercury rules your second and eleventh houses, and it is going to be retrograde in your ninth house. The ninth house represents spirituality, long-distance travel, and higher education. In this context, Mercury’s retrograde motion will be favorable for your career, bringing good results. You may receive new job opportunities, leading to success without much hassle.

Foreign travel opportunities may also come your way, which could be beneficial for your career and future prospects. Taking such steps can be fruitful for both your career and future.

Financially, the presence of Mercury in the ninth house during retrograde can help you earn money. Consequently, you may be able to earn more and save as luck will be on your side.

In terms of love life, Leo natives will maintain sweet relations with their partners and family members. Open communication with your partner will strengthen your relationship and increase mutual understanding.
Regarding health, Leo natives will enjoy good health during this time. However, minor health issues may bother you, so it’s essential to take care of your diet and exercise regularly.

Remedy: Perform worship and offerings to Goddess Saraswati for blessings.


Mercury rules your first house and tenth house. Now, it is going to be retrograde in your eighth house, which represents longevity and sudden gains or losses. The first house is considered for character, self, and personality, while the tenth house signifies name and fame.

During Mercury retrograde in Aries you may face challenges in career advancement and may feel insecure. This could lead to dissatisfaction in your professional life, affecting your performance at work. There is a possibility of making mistakes due to work pressure, which could result in job loss.

Financially, you may encounter significant expenses during this time, causing financial stress. Family responsibilities may increase your financial burden, and dealing with these expenses could be challenging, leading to losses. Virgo natives may face financial difficulties due to unexpected expenses, so it’s essential to create a budget plan to reduce losses in your financial life.

In terms of relationships, conflicts or arguments with your partner may arise during this period. To maintain sweetness in relationships, efforts to improve communication and mutual understanding are necessary. Openly discussing matters with your partner and enhancing compatibility will help you deal with these issues and maintain satisfaction in your relationship.

Regarding health, Virgo natives may experience eye and head-related issues during Mercury retrograde. Seeking medical assistance or therapy can help you overcome health problems and achieve better well-being. Additionally, stress-related problems may bother you during this time, so working on reducing stress and focusing on improving health is important.

Remedy: Chant the Gayatri Mantra daily to please Lord Surya for clarity of thoughts and positivity.


During Mercury retrograde in Aries, Libra natives may experience changes in their career, which could involve job changes or relocations. Some individuals may face challenges or failures during this period, while others may find opportunities for working abroad, leading to happiness and satisfaction.

However, it’s advisable for these individuals to avoid relying too much on friends during this time, as it could lead to problems or disappointment. Businesspersons need to be cautious, especially when making decisions related to partnerships. Outsourcing professionals may find this period favorable for saving money easily.

In terms of finances, Mercury retrograde in your seventh house may bring mixed results. There will be a balance between income and expenses. Libra natives involved in foreign residency or outsourcing business may find it easy to save money during this time.

Regarding love life, the retrograde motion of Mercury in Aries could impact your relationship, leading to disagreements or misunderstandings with your partner. To maintain love and harmony in relationships, open communication and mutual understanding are crucial. Continuous efforts are required to keep the relationship strong.

In terms of health, Libra natives may experience headaches and nervous system-related issues during this period. Engaging in yoga and meditation can help you achieve mental peace and improve overall health by reducing stress.

Remedy: Perform puja and worship of Lord Shiva to seek blessings and guidance.


Mercury is now turning retrograde in your sixth house, which represents enemies, losses, and health issues, among other things. During Mercury retrograde in Aries sign, it may create obstacles or delays in the tasks you undertake in your career. Despite hard work, you may not receive the desired recognition, leading to feelings of disappointment.

Businesspersons may face tough competition in earning profits, and they might experience ups and downs in their financial journey. In such situations, it is advised to plan meticulously to minimize losses in business and to make efforts to overcome these challenges with determination.

Mercury’s retrograde motion can create financial stress for these individuals due to increased responsibilities, leading to higher expenses and possibly the need to take loans or debts to fulfill them. Businesspersons might struggle to earn profits, facing tough competition as well. Therefore, it is recommended to devise a financial plan to overcome these challenges and minimize losses.

In terms of love life, this period may see conflicts or disagreements with your partner, which could stem from family issues, financial crises, increasing responsibilities, etc. You may feel stressed due to these problems. However, it is advised to communicate with your partner to reduce these issues and maintain love in the relationship.

During Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, these natives may face health issues, especially related to nerves, tantric practices, and high blood pressure, among others. It is crucial for them to take care of their health during this time, especially regarding any discomfort in the neck or shoulders. Regular check-ups are also recommended to ensure your well-being during this period.

Remedies: Stay connected with nature, especially with plants and trees.


However, Mercury’s retrograde in your fifth house may bring average results in your career, making it challenging for you to work efficiently. Some natives may get opportunities for foreign travel during this period related to their projects, although the results in these projects may vary.

In terms of financial life, expenses for Sagittarius natives may increase, leading to a feeling of disappointment. Therefore, it is necessary to plan and save money during this time. However, the retrograde period of Mercury in Aries sign may be beneficial for people involved in speculation or trading, leading to better opportunities.

Regarding love life, Sagittarius natives may experience tension in their relationships, especially concerning family and children. During this time, your focus may shift towards thinking about the future. Additionally, some family issues may arise, causing concern. Overcoming the challenges in your relationships will require patience and communication skills.

Sagittarius natives may also be concerned about their children’s health. Some individuals may feel exhausted from spending on their partner’s health while neglecting their own. During Mercury’s retrograde period, it is essential to prioritize your health and focus on reducing stress, which is crucial for maintaining your well-being.

Remedy: Keeping green jade with you can be beneficial.


Mercury’s retrograde in Aries sign may provide average results in your career field. During this period, there is a possibility of not receiving progress and recognition, which may make you feel disappointed. You may also face ups and downs in relationships with elders, making it difficult to work in your professional sphere.

For those involved in business, this time may not be very favorable as you may achieve average results in your endeavors. Earning good profits and achieving your targets may be challenging for you during this period. Due to Mercury’s retrograde, the profits you gain may be limited, leading to concerns about increasing financial burdens. As a result, saving money and maintaining financial balance may become difficult for you.

Speaking of love life, Capricorn natives may encounter some issues in their relationships during this time. There is a possibility of tension arising between your family and relatives. Consequently, there may be disturbances in family peace, and there could also be tension in your relationship with your partner. To maintain relationships, you will need to communicate openly with your partner and practice patience.

In terms of health, these individuals need to be vigilant about their health as stress may be felt, requiring attention and yoga practices to maintain good health.

Remedy: Perform worship and rituals for Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, for achieving success in life.


Mercury’s retrograde in Aries sign will bring progress in your career and open up many new opportunities for you. There is a possibility of promotion and an increase in salary. Some individuals may also get opportunities to travel abroad, which can be beneficial for career advancement. There will be an increase in work-related travels, leading to progress and success in your professional life. However, for those involved in business, Mercury’s retrograde motion will be beneficial, allowing you to earn high profits, which will make you satisfied. You will be able to face challenges in business confidently, compete with competitors, and remain successful in earning profits. Overall, this period will bring progress and financial stability in your business.

Speaking of financial life, this period will be excellent for you as you will make progress financially. You will be able to earn more money and save as well, leading to financial strength.

For love life, Mercury’s retrograde motion is considered favorable. During this time, you will maintain harmony in your relationship with your partner. Your communication skills will be good with your partner, and open conversations will have a positive impact on your life. During Mercury retrograde, you may also plan trips with your partner. Auspicious and celebratory events in your family will enhance sweetness in your relationships.

In terms of health, your health will be good during this period. However, minor health issues like skin irritation may bother you. There will be no major health problems, so it is advised to focus on both your personal and professional life.

Remedy: Focus on your thoughts.


Mercury’s retrograde in Aries sign will bring favorable results in your career. Your dedication and hard work will lead you to success in your career, and you will receive recognition from others. There will be opportunities for promotion and excellence in your work. For those involved in business, this period will be fruitful. You can handle multiple businesses simultaneously and compete strongly with competitors, leading to profit and success in your business.

Looking at financial life, Mercury’s presence in the second house will bring financial gains for Pisces natives. You will have luck on your side at every step. During this period, Pisces individuals may have opportunities to earn money through outsourcing from abroad, leading to financial stability. Thus, you will not only save but also secure your future financially.

In terms of love life, relationships for Pisces natives will be loving and harmonious with both partners and family members. Improved mutual understanding and rapport will strengthen your relationship with them. Going out and spending quality time with your life partner will enhance mutual understanding.

Health-wise, Pisces individuals will be able to maintain good health during Mercury’s retrograde motion. Your strong immunity and high energy levels will be credited for this. However, minor health issues may arise, but overall, you will enjoy good health, boosting your confidence and vitality.

Remedy: Perform worship or prayers dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity and abundance.