Mercury retrograde in Aries – May 15, 2023

Mercury retrograde in Aries – Mercury will be in Aries on May 15, 2023. The planet Mercury has been given a lot of importance in astrology because it is known to give special results in its set state, rising state, retrograde state and path state. Generally Mercury remains in the setting state due to being close to the Sun and sometimes it comes out of the setting state and comes to the rising state. If the planet Mercury becomes retrograde, problems arise in many important tasks. Let’s know what results Mercury will give for you by being direct in Aries.

Mercury retrograde in Aries

Astrological Significance of Mercury in Vedic Astrology

Mercury is considered as a prince planet like a teenager. Just like the company a small child is in, the same affects him; similarly Mercury is in the horoscope. They are considered to give auspicious or inauspicious results according to the house in which the planet is the lord of that house and the nature of the planets under its influence. By the way, Mercury is called the factor of intelligence and speech.

Mercury transit in Aries: Horoscope and remedies according to zodiac sign

Mercury is about to end its retrograde motion in Aries, which is the sign of fire element, owned by Mars and will come to the Margi stage on May 15, 2023 at 8:30 am. Let’s move ahead and know how it will affect your zodiac sign.


For the people of Aries zodiac, Mercury will give a special effect on your zodiac due to being transitory in Aries. This period cannot be called very favorable for you. There will be chances of increase in expenses during this period. You may have some problem in explaining your point to others. You will have to spend money on many necessary works, but at the same time you may have to face problems due to the skyrocketing expenses. There will be happiness and peace in family life as well.

Remedy: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahastranam Stotra daily.


For the people of Taurus, Mercury will remain in your twelfth house after being transitory in Aries. This period will reduce the ongoing health problems to some extent, but still it will be necessary to pay attention to your health. Your expenses are already running high, but now there will be a slight decrease in them. There can be mental concerns regarding a young member of the family.

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha daily and offer Durvankur to him.


Mercury being transitory in Aries will be in your eleventh house. This will pave the way for your income. Your income which was getting stuck, now it will again start moving at a smooth pace and you will be happy with the increase in income. Your wishes will also be fulfilled. If someone had not returned the money after taking it from you, he can return it now. There will be relief from tension in love relationships and your love will grow stronger.

Remedy: Offer water to the Tulsi plant daily.

Cancer zodiac sign

Mercury in Aries will be in the tenth house of Cancer natives. This time will bring harmony in your life. Be it career or your personal life, you will get to hear good news in both the fields. Will get full support of family members. Your relationship with parents will be strong. Your position in the job will be good and you will get auspicious results. Your efficiency will increase in the workplace.

Remedy: Feeding green fodder to mother cow will be beneficial for you.


For Leo people, Mercury will be in your ninth house after being transitory in Aries. Spiritual thoughts will increase in your mind. However, you will also become logical in between. This period cannot be called very favorable from the health point of view, so you have to take care of your health. Eating too much outside can harm you. There will be intensity in love relations and you will have a good relationship with your beloved.

Remedy: Recite Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha daily.

Virgo sun sign

For you, Mercury will be transiting in Aries and will be in your eighth house. The presence of Mercury in the eighth house will also bring compatibility for you. You will benefit from sudden actions. You also have ancestral property, Inheritance or any hidden money can be received. If you had invested in the stock market, then also you can get good monetary benefits during this period. Business people can get a chance to expand their business and you will also get good monetary benefits from this.

Remedy- Take the blessings of eunuchs on Wednesday.


For Libra people, Mercury will remain in your seventh house after being transitory in Aries. This time will increase love in married life. You will also get good profits through your life partner, but there can be arguments in between, because saying something to each other without thinking anything can destroy each other. In such a situation, you should speak thoughtfully and if there is any debate, then it should be removed before time.

Remedy: You should feed jaggery laddoos to mother cow on Tuesdays.


Mercury will be in your sixth house in Aries sign. In such a situation, you can get success in legal matters, but there will be chances of a huge increase in your expenses, on which you will have to exercise more control, otherwise your financial condition may deteriorate. You may have to face some tension in married life and there may be quarrels with your spouse, but auspicious information related to children can be received and this will be the time for the growth of children.

Remedy: Donate black sesame seeds in a temple on Wednesday.


Mercury being in your fifth house in Aries will develop your intelligence. Your thinking ability and reasoning ability will increase. You will be able to guess things correctly. During this time you may be more interested in betting, lottery and stock market, but proceed in this direction only after looking at the conditions and taking the advice of the experienced. If you want to change your job then during this time you can get success.

Remedy: Wear a good quality Emerald stone on the little finger on a Wednesday.


For the people of Capricorn, Mercury will be in the fourth house due to being transitory in Aries. During this time, you can get the benefit of movable and immovable property, but if there is already a dispute regarding the property, then it can increase during this period. You will have to make a little more effort to improve your personal life. You will have to take care that there should be no argument with your mother and no quarrel without any reason, but your position in the field of job will be favourable.

Remedy: Offer modak to Shri Ganpati ji.


For the people of Aquarius, Mercury will be in the third house in Aries. This will lead to improvement in your health. You will spend more time with your friends and have fun with them. Will also spend on them. There will be short distance travels which will give you pleasure. Your longing to do any work will give you the habit of taking risks by going ahead, so that you will be able to move forward in business, but avoid thinking only about your own benefit and think about others as well.

Remedy: Gift green bangles to little girls.


For Pisces people, Mercury will be transiting in Aries and will be in the second house. This will make the family atmosphere positive. Family problems will decrease. If there was an old dispute going on between you, then it will also start reducing and the family environment will become good. You will become more socially active and your activism on social media will also increase. Your circle of friends will increase. Financially it will be positive and will increase your income.

Remedy: Worship Shri Saraswati Mata Ji.