Maha Shivratri 2024

Shivratri 2024 – Maha Shivaratri 2024, Shivaratri is a renowned and widely celebrated Hindu festival that falls on the 14th calendar day of dark fortnight of each month. However Maha Shivaratri, considered as the ‘Great Night of Lord Shiva’, is celebrated in the Krishna Paksha of Phalguna month.

According to the Hindu calendar, Maha Shivratri 2024 festival will be revered by the deities of Lord Shiva on Wednesday, 21 February Maha Shivaratri 2024 .

Significance of Mahashivaratri

The festival marks tremendous connotation in Hinduism. This day, dedicated to the worship of Sri Rudram, is attributed to multiple stories. According to the Holy Scriptures of Hindu mythology, Shivratri is observed with a complete day fast by the devotees of God Shiva along with performing the ritual worship of giving a sacred bath to the Shiva Linga by using milk, ghee, Bilva leaves, honey, yogurt, and water in order to fulfil their wishes, live happily and liberate from the vicious cycle of death and rebirth.

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According to another legend, the day is associated with the story of a Hunter who was chased by a hungry lion. The hunter climbed-up the Bilva tree to avert being a prey of lion throughout the night. He kept plucking Bilva leaves to avoid falling from the tree and to stay awake. As the leaves kept dropping on the Shivaling (located at the bottom of the Bilva tree), it was believed that the Lord Shiva accepted the offerings and protected the hunter from the hungry lion.

Customs & Traditions – How to Celebrate Shivratri 2024

The grand night of Shivaratri is especially considered to be auspicious for the married women, who pray for the long life of their husbands. It is also believed that the unmarried girls pray to marry an ideal husband like God Shiv Shankar.

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To mark the beginning of this auspicious festival, the enthusiasts take an early bath and wear fresh clothes. The devotees visit the nearby Shiva temple to offer prayer and give ritual bath to the Lord Shiva’s Shiva Lingum. Following this ritual, they fast, chant bhajans and perform aarthi to praise the holy trinity and invoke His blessings. The devotees break their entire day fast by taking prasadam offered to the divinity on the following morning.

Virtues of Maha shivaratri Puja

According to the traditional Shiva Purana, performing Vedic Shivratri Puja brings prosperity, progeny, piousness, sweet speech, happiness, and victory to the disciple. Shivratri 2024 is, therefore, considered as the cosmic characterization of the entire Hindu universe. It implores the absolute power to be in cognizance with the beings created and shaped by Him.

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