Mysteries of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva Energy Sources

The literal meaning of Shiva is auspicious, shubha, benevolent and kalyankari, who would always bestow benevolence and auspiciousness to anybody who worship him. Benevolent nature can be seen in his deeds, in His devotion and in His appearance. The studies of Vedas, Puranas have made it clear, that the creator, nurturer and destroyer of this universe are Tridevas i.e. Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh. Lord Shiva has manifested himself in many ways. Lord Shiva possesses immense strength, He has three eyes, when he opens his third eye, and total disaster is created.

Do you know from where Lord Shiva possesses these powers? What is the source of his unlimited energy? What is the source of his powers? Let us find out the answers to all these questions in this article.

lord shiva mystery

Lord Shiva never gets angry on his devotees. He is always kind & benevolent. Lord Shiva has been realized by his devotees. Lord Shiva is called Vaidya (Master of Medicine) due to his knowledge of great medicines, which help children & old people to cure diseases, and even animals. Lord Shiva is called ‘Ever Auspicious’ because he is the giver of wealth, Son and prosperity & happiness. He is called ‘Ashutosh’ because He gets appeased very easily on his devotees. Above all these, He is called ‘Sarvabhooteshu’ means ‘God of all Gods’ and ‘Almighty’. ‘Sarvabhooteshu’ signifies ‘Panchmahabhoot’ i.e. five elements – that is earth, water, air, fire and either. He has been called the God of these five elements because he has the powers to control these elements. It is a universal fact that every living organism and material on this earth is generated out of these elements. The creation and destruction of the living and nonliving depends on His desires as all these are under His domain.

Lord Shiva has been given several titles as mentioned in shastras which have been given to Him according to His works and traits.

Lord has manifested Himself as a destroyer, benefactor, wrathful, and half male and half female that is why He has been titled RUDRA. In Rigved, Yajurved, and Arthaved, Lord Shiva has been described as Ish, Ishwar, Ishan, Rudra, Kapardi, Nilkantha, Sarvagya, Sarva shaktiman. In 60/70 hymens of Rigveda alone you will find the describtion of Lord Shiva’s names, manifestation and His works. According to Vedas, to calm down the wrath of the Lord, He has been called – Shat Rudraka, Vajrayudh, and Vidyucha Shakti etc.

Lord has been called fire in Samveda. The mighest among the Trishakti – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh is Shiva only. Brahma& Vishnu worshipped Lord Shiva. He destroys universe occasionally in order to maintain the balance. He is the Lord of death; Yama& Shani perform their duties under the Lord’s guidance.

Sources of Lord Shiva Energy

From where Lord receives so much of energy, which enables Him to destroy the universe? Nothing is impossible for Lord Shiva. Let us find out the source of His energy:

Ardh Narishvar

Manifestation of Lord as Ardh Narishwar (half female and half male) signifies his powers. He is the only God who manifests himself as half male and half female. The root cause of this appearance is the creation of the universe. Without Power, Universe is not possible. Woman is the creator of this universe without her no man can be born. All males in the world signify Lord Shiva and females signify powers. Both are essential in the structure of the universe and merge in Lord Shiva.

Wearer of Ganga in his head

Generally, Lord Shiva is shown holding Ganga in His head in pictures and calendars. If Lord Ashutosh would not have controlled the waves of Ganga, Ganga could have destroyed the entire universe. Lord Shiva provides shelter to the Ganga in His locks and saved the universe. By this act He has done public welfare. The river which we see as Ganga on this earth is actually a one tributary of the river which flows by the permission of the Lord.

Jata Joot (Wearer of Matted Locks)

Lord Shiva has been attributed as the wearer of matted hair (mass of twisted or braided hair) and his matted hair has been attributed as an ancient banyan tree. Banyan tree is considered the abode of entire living beings. Vendanta, Sankhaya and yoga are the branches of this tree. Speed of wind is also merged in his locks.

Wearer of Half Moon

Lord Shiva wore Moon on his forehead. He wears Moon out of courtesy to make Moon free from curse. By wearing Moon on his forehead, Lord makes us realize the continuity of time. Moon signifies time. Time is an important factor in regulating of everything. This world is controlled by the time. In this way, Lord makes us understand the importance of time.

Wearer of Three Eyes

Lord Shiva is called ‘Triyambakam’ which means wearer of three eyes. The right eye of the Lord generates the fire of the Sun, while the left eye signifies coolness. This third eye stays in the centre of forehead of the Lord. Which is the source of destructive mass of fire? When Lord Shiva opens his third eye it brings destruction. Lord uses third eye to destroy the evils and demons. Half opened eye of the Lord shows the manifestation of Lord in the form of Yogishwar and third eye indicates destruction.

Vibhuti (Wearer of ashes)

The Lord puts ash on His body. He beautifies Himself with the ashes from the cemetery. When, the Lord manifests Himself in the form of Mahakal, the ash is seen all covered His body. By wearing this ash from the cemetery, Lord makes us realize that death is universal. This is the reality of life one day every living being on this earth has to die.


Lord Shiva has been called pinakpani. Pinak is a powerful instrument in the shape of bow; Lord Shiva can only hold this bow, or the one who manifested like the Lord. This bow has enormous power in its shank. To operate this power or to energize this power, one has to pull the string of the bow to connect it with other end string. By holding the bow in the palace of king Janak, Sita had introduced herself as the manifestation of power and Lord Rama as an incarnation of Lord Shiva who pulled the string of that powerful bow.

Wearer of snakes in neck

Lord Shiva always wears Snakes around his neck. This form of the lord signifies His manifestation as Yogeshwar. Snake neither signifies house construction nor it hoards and carries nothing. Snake wanders freely amidst the mountains, forest and in open breeze. Snake wraps around the lord thrice, which signifies His ability to see past, present& future. This power is called Kundalini Power also, because it resembles with the shape of imaginary kundli of Shakti.


Lord Shiva wears Trishul in His hand which signifies his threefold powers – will power, creative power& power of knowledge. Lord Shiva uses His Trishul to destroy the evils of all three kinds – bodily, divine and material. With the very Trishul He destroys threefold nature ie. Satt (Satvic), Raj (Rajsik) and Tam (Tamsik) and three kinds of bodies which manifest in the forms of Sthool, Suksham and Karan.


Lord Shiva possesses Damaroo in his hand which signifies words of Brahma. When He plays Damaroo, all the three worlds i.e. Sky, Earth and under world synchronizes and incorporates into one. The sound of the Damaroo is the central point of the creation of this world.

Skin of leopard

Ashutosh, lord Shiva neither wears soft Silken clothes, nor does he wear beautified clothes. He is the one who wears skin of leopard. Leopard is said to be the vehicle of the Goddess. Skin of the leopard is the source of energy for the Lord.

Rider of Nandi

Nandi signifies enormous powers. Vrash or Nandi signifies desires and passion also. Vrash rides on the worldly humans and lord Shiva rides on Nandi. Lord Shiva is called ‘Jitendriya’, one who has won the desires and passion. If humans learn to have control on their stomach (hunger) and taste buds they can be so powerful that they can win the whole world. Thus Lord Shiva is an enormous source of energies.

Lord Shiva gains power even from waste and abandoned items. Bhang Dhatoore which give intoxication to normal person are the source of energy for the Lord. Lord Shiva holds the poison in His throat that is the reason Gods could get nector. That is this reason for which Lord Shiva is called to be the bestower of nectar to the gods, when He manifest Himself in the form of Wrathful or as a destructor, Gods find it difficult to have control over His energies.

These are the enough examples which show lord’s enormous sources of power. He nurtures and destroys the World. He is the leader, pioneer and most worshipped amongst the God.