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Leo Love HoroscopeLeo Love Weekly Horoscope will give good insight in your love life whether you are single or attached. Sun ruled lions will be strong and demanding in love. What Leo Love this week holds for you in romance. Lions are always in search of the right opportunities, our love forecasts give you the right inputs to move ahead. Without any astrological jargons here is your easy to follow forecasts for this week.

Leo Love Weekly Horoscope 15 April – 21 April 2024

Leo Love Weekly Horoscope for Single

Play it by the book as the week begins, doing what’s expected under the watchful eye. In months to come you may experience a complete change of career, or if not a career, at least a significant alteration to the major directions of your life. A key element of the influence during this period has to do with outside forces over which you have no control.

The mood and the motions will spin around from there, leaving you uncertain of what others are feeling or what they want. Step back and let the strange stuff run its course, as most of the problems will be self-correcting anyway. In most situations other people make the first move, leaving you to react. More than one open confrontation is in the wind, not necessarily a hostile one. You’ll enjoy the company of friends, but the weekend will see you withdrawn or perhaps suffering a minor ailment. You’ll be back to your old self on Sunday, even though concealed emotional issues may be bubbling.

Leo Love Weekly Horoscope for Attached

You’ll have too many ups and downs this week to second guess your responses or keep the level of control that suits you. If you are ready to prove what you are made of and are certain your relationship won’t suffer, then prepare to meet the challenge! Drastic change may, at least in part, be triggered by the actions of those around you, new people you meet, or situations you never expected to encounter. Separation from home, family members, or those who have represented authority figures may occur during this time.

As the week turns around, there’ll be plenty of talk of your favourite kind or perhaps a round of entertainment to enjoy. Once you bring the curtain down on that, you can invite your love into a slow and wickedly indulgent weekend. Spend your time crooning sweet nothings, getting a little creative or just catching up with extra rest.

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Leo Love Weekly

Leo Love Weekly Horoscope for Single

A friendly start to the week is good for your ego, but then there could be a lack of confidence around a financial concern. You might not know how to deal with other people, or what position you need to take in your personal relations. Just watch proceedings with that perceptive eye of yours and all will come right in time. Get the household into shape as the week draws on, then give yourself room to enjoy the rock ‘n’ roll! Someone sweet and tasty could be drawn to you, so Saturday and Sunday are best for the single Lion on the prowl. Share the mighty Geminid meteor display with your new squeeze.

Leo Love Weekly Horoscope for Attached

Let things find their place under the Libran Moon and don’t push to get what you want. Your love will feel the passion and the two of you should enjoy a roll in the hay. If responsibility or organisation is driving your life, maybe it’s time for a review about where you’re going and how you’re getting there. Enjoy domestic bliss and chores with your love first up then splash out on a romantic dinner or an entertainment. The Scorpio Moon on Thursday and Friday asks for a new start at home, so perfume the boudoir and be ready. Romance is definitely in the air on the weekend, so snuggle up at home together, take a peek at the Geminid meteor display, and enjoy the ambience!