Let Numerology Answer Your Question

Let Numerology Answer Your Question

The science of Numerology has a wide scope for applications in day to day matters. Here is a method to know numerology answer to any of your questions.

Numerology Answer

In any method of answering a question it is the questioner’s sub-conscious mind which plays pivotal role. The sub-conscious knows all and if tapped can give correct answers to any question related to that person.

Numerology Answer – This numerology based method is called Inverted Pyramid Method.

It is important that you state your question in straightforward and unambiguous way. For example you wish to know whether you will succeed in the examination. You can pose your question in many ways such as “Can you tell me if I will succeed in exam or not? But this is wrong way of asking because it is questing the ability of the answering faculty to give answer. So the answer will always be in the affirmative. The correct way is to ask, “Will I succeed in the examination?”

The Method of Numerology Answer

For this or any kind of divination you must sit comfortably in a calm place. Relax and compose yourself. Take a piece of white paper and clearly write down your question as per the guidance given above.

Close your eyes and focus your attention mentally on the question and then proceed as follows:

(1) Just for example suppose your question is: “Should I lend money to Sanjay Sharma?” In this case sit calmly and mentally view that person standing before you and then repeat this question three times slowly while mentally looking at that person.


(2) Write down numbers corresponding to each letter of the words of the question from the table of numbers given below.

Should I lend money to Sanjay Sharma?
3+5+7+6+3+4, 1, 3+5+5+4, 4+7+5+5+1, 4+7, 3+1+5+1+1+1, 3+5+1+2+4+1

Now add together the numbers of each word and reduce it to a single digit number as follows:


So the single digit numbers corresponding to the above questions are:


(3) Write down the above final numbers as the top row of the Inverted Pyramid. Starting from your left to right add together two (1st and 2nd then 2nd and 3rd then 3rd and 4th and so on) numbers and reduce to single digit and this will form the second row. Carry on this procedure till you get a single number at the bottom of the inverted pyramid like in this case we get ‘1’.

For example the 2nd line of numbers is obtained as follows:

3=7=10=1+0=1 Thus the 2nd line from top becomes: 2,9,3,6,5,1

Numerology Answer

Interpretation …

Now corresponding to this last single number interpret the answer to your question by referring to the following table:

Final Single NumberResult In GeneralSpecific Result
1Success in General. Positive response to your question.Success in career, father, government (authorities), and gold related queries. Take care of eyes, relations with father
2A little doubtful result.Uncertainty except in mother, mental, silver, liquids, and milk related queries. Take care of eyes, relations with mother and mental peace
3Success in General. Positive response to your question.Success in money, religion, ethics, Guru, teachers, decisions related queries
4The result may go both ways.Uncertainty
5Success in General. Positive response to your question.Success in education, trade, partnership, young people, maternal uncles, intelligence related queries
6Success in General. Positive response to your question.Success in women, comforts, sex, wife, prosperity, vehicles, computers related queries
7The positive results depend more on your luck or divine favour as compared to your efforts.Success in research, electronics, spiritual, occult related queries
8You may expect delays or difficulties in realising your goals. More likely to go against you.Uncertainty, delays, suffering in general but success in steel, iron, machinery, engineering and oils related queries.
9You may expect favourable results particularly in worldly matters.Success in litigation, law, defence, police, courage, property, horse racing and war related queries. Take care against accidents, head injuries and attacks by enemies.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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