knowledge Of What Is Possible Is The Beginning Of Happiness


The human race has been running after happiness from the very beginning of civilization. As time passes by the exploitations to find happiness gradually increases. According to Hindu mythology as well as from modern point of view, happiness of the entire family or a society depends on their habitat to a greater extent. If a family gets up in a sunny, healthy morning instead of damp & gloomy one, they feel that everything in their lives is perfect & positive. Because people always crave for natural nourishment as it provides them a healthy mind as well as strength to overcome all the obstacles in their lives.

Generally, people believe that North facing and East facing plots or flats are perfect whereas South facing should be totally avoided. For this reason, people sometimes pay extra money to buy a North or East facing plot. But, this is actually a misconception. Plots facing South or West need not be avoided as they are by no means bad. Another misconception among people is that since according to Hindu mythology North is the direction for Lord Kuber (God of wealth) & South is the direction for Yama (God of death), North facing plot would be influenced by Kuber & South facing plot would be influenced by Yama. Because of this misconception people prefer North facing plot instead of a South facing one.

But, those who posses plot or flat facing south & West directions need not panic. Vaastu reinforces the fact that all directions will have more or less same effects as long as the inner layout of the plot or flat is designed as per Vaastu principles. North or East directions are still preferred by Vaastu because designing the layout of the flat or plot-according Vaastu becomes easier if the plot is a North or East facing one. For instance, Vaastu says bedrooms should be in South or West directions. If the plot or flat is South facing or West facing, then bedroom can not be put in South or West i.e., near the entrance. Designing the house according to Vaastu becomes a difficult in such cases.

However, the most important thing that needs to be remembered is that the design of the inner layout is more important than the directions in which the plot or flat is facing. A properly designed house in a South or West facing plot would yield more positive results than an improperly designed house in a North or East facing plot. Again, a North facing plot with a service lane towards South or a South facing plot with a service lane towards.

North would result the same, the only important thing being the internal layout of the house.

In any case, in Vaastu ratings, only 10% goes to the direction that the plot is facing and the rest goes to layout, size, surroundings, inclination of directions, slopes etc.

The preference for directions depends on the size of the plot. In a bigger plot the preference is according to NEWS (North, East, West, and South) and in smaller plot the preference is ENWS. This is because, in bigger plots, we can leave open area for drive away and setbacks. So, it can accommodate the positive energy by the desired directions. But in small plots one can not leave such open areas, so East facing is preferred for direct accommodation of sunlight in the house. Another important thing to consider regarding the size of the plot is its length – breadth ratio which should be 1:2 or up to maximum of 1:2.

As far as the entrance of the house is concerned, there are good and bad directions in all the four sides i.e. North, South, East and West. In North direction, North – East from North is good for entrance and not North – West from North. In East direction, too, entrance should be in North – East from East. Other good directions for entrance are South – East from South and North – West from West. Openings in the form of windows & doors should be more towards North & East. The surface area of the opening should be given important as positive energy comes from North & East. There is no point having large openings towards South or West directions especially South – West corner Should be closed.

According to Vaastu the slope of the plot should be towards North & East. South & West areas should be high.

Usually, with the help of a properly designed layout, one can have a perfect habitat instead of giving preference just to the facing of the plot or the house. Vaastu makes it crystal clear that the things that can bring happiness in a house are internal as well as external. So, people can design their house properly by giving importance to its internal layout as well as its external surroundings for maintaining healthy & peaceful atmosphere in the house as well as earning prosperity, wealth & wisdom.