Know About Diseases Before Hand Through Dreams

Whatever desires come into the mind or brain of humans they are seen and get manifested through dreams. All Dreams represent the mental state and desires of a person.

Know about diseases before hand through dreams


Human beings have the experience of watching dreams since primitive times. The mysteries of dreams have been thrilling forever. The curiosity about dreams among human beings has been always natural.

The psychology of dreams

According to the experts of human psychology dreams manifest from the inactive mind. According to famous psychologist Frayed dreams represent the essential functions of our mind. Dreams are concerned with the inner sub consciousness of human beings. Many psychology experts believe that dreams are the symbol of coordination between this world and divine world. Emotions and feelings are not concerned with the barriers of this world and any place. The divine mental consciousness can see everything from the fourth level of this world. And besides this such type of mental sub consciousness can see the entire creation from the beginning to its end along with the sight of past, present and future.

The emotions of dreams are the entrance door into this world. While being in the world of dreams our subtle body gets activated. This is only the main viewer of all general activities that are being done daily. This concept and topic has been much discussed in some ancient texts. According Rig Veda (10/58/11) this mind can reach from one corner of the world to the other within one second. The famous psychology expert Damodar Saatvalekar has told that the speed of human mind is fierce. According to him if we control the mind with meditation and yoga practices to make it sharp, controlled and pure then we can see any incident in this world like having a divine vision. The speed of mind is more than that of electricity and light.

Know about diseases before hand

According to the Western expert James Allen whatever desires are there in the human brain, these desires are seen in the dreams. Thus we can say that dreams represent the inner thoughts and emotions of human beings. The western dreams expert J.H Miller has mentioned in his book “Dreams Psychology” that the subconscious mind of human beings have more spirituality. For this reason we can know about future events through dreams. On the basis of dreams you can know beforehand what kind of diseases will attack you. In this way you can get saved from such diseases.
The science of human body has proved that the human brain has one warning giving gland that can know about the changes that might occur in the human body beforehand. This is also related with D.N.A and genes. This gland warns us about forthcoming diseases through dreams.

Remedies For Appeasing Inauspicious Dreams

The dream interpretation experts of the West Dr. Jung and Dr. Brown etc have told that in the human body you can know about pimples, boils and complicated diseases like cancer and brain tumor beforehand by dreams. Even in ancient texts description has been given about the good and ill results of dreams. In a dream if any person sees himself applying oil, ghee, curd and ghee then he might have a terrible disease in the coming future. If any person sees himself applying red sandalwood and embracing a bathing women and seeing her laughing and singing or sees a person with terrible physical features then some complicated disease might attack you.

If any person sees removal of hair of the body and nails then this indicates that he will have some disease in future. Even seeing a dead body in the dream indicates ill omens. If you see falling of trees, flying yourself in the sky and seeing a temple on a hill then this indicates curing and relief from diseases.

Additional Information

Even seeing these things in dreams indicates diseases in future:-

1) Seeing some hermit with matted locks or even matted locks alone.
2) Growth of grass on any part of any body.
3) Applying milk and honey on your body.
4) Seeing any man and woman enjoying sexual pleasure.
5) Seeing any woman wearing black clothes.
6) Seeing nails and hair falling down.
7) Seeing water or lake in dreams.
8) Embracing any woman by wearing red clothes and red flower garlands.
9) Seeing a monkey, bear or snake in dreams.
10) Seeing any woman or young girl crying in dreams.

Interesting Dreams; interpretation and Remedies

Even seeing oneself going to urinate indicates the occurrence of stomach related diseases. According to psychology experts and doctors dreams indicate the occurrence of many kinds of diseases cough and cold, fever, gastric trouble, eye pain and diabetes through dreams 1-2 days beforehand. Dreams also indicate occurrence of diseases like jaundice and typhoid 3-4 days beforehand.

Whatever it may be but indication of diseases through dreams is still a matter of research and investigation.