Karan Johar’s multi-faceted Personality

The phrase, “One head, many hats” fits well the multi-faceted personality of Karan Johar. He has been a success as an actor, director, screen writer, costume designer, producer and also as a television host..


Karan Johar the son of the famous producer Yash Johar was born on 25th May 1972 in Mumbai. His multifaceted personality is reflected in his Birth Chart.

A Sharp Mind with Thoughtful Disposition

In his birth chart there is a sign exchange between Mars in the ascendant and the ascendant lord Mercury in the 11th house. This exchange between Mars the significator of energy, power, enthusiasm, confidence etc. and Mercury the significator of intelligence, skills, ingenuity, business etc. gives him a sharp mind, good intelligence and a multifaceted personality full of bubbling energy and an ever cheerful and youthful disposition.

An Undying Passion for Work and Creativity

Conjunction of Mars and Venus gives him great passion to achieve perfection in all his pursuits. Venus being lord of the 5th house gives him excellence in film, television and glamour related profession and Mars adds great zest in all his work. This is why his work stands out and impresses people.

Moon in Libra

Placement of his natal Moon in Libra gives him a pleasant and considerate nature. He has a cool mind and great sex appeal.

Role of Rahu

In his Birth Chart Rahu being placed in the sign Capricorn of Saturn is favorable for him. It is mainly because of favorable Rahu that he gained fame, fortune, prestige.

Is Karan Johar a Gay?

Well we consider one’s sexual orientation as a personal matter, but some people say that he is a gay. When asked by Simi Garewal on her show about his relationship status, he opened up to Simi about his sexual orientation and said, “It doesn’t bother me when people talk about my bisexual orientation. Obviously as I am single people will question me.”

“Why should I say I am not gay or I am not bisexual or transsexual?” On that show he also danced to chart busters, ‘MunniBadnaamHui’ and ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’.

Astrologically there is no strong indication about this. Some of his misguiding personality traits are due to influence of Rahu on his ascendant, Moon and Venus but this is not enough to label him as a Gay!

His main Achievements during Different Planetary Periods …

In 1999 during the sub-period of Venus in the main period of Jupiter he received the Filmfare Award for Best Director and Best Screenplay for his film “KuchKuchHotaHai”.

In 2002 during the sub-period of the Moon in the main period of Jupiter he was honored with the Filmfare Award for his best dialogues for the film “KabhiKhushiKabhieGham”.

In 2007 during the sub and main periods of Saturn Karan Johar was chosen as one of the 250 Global Young Leaders by Geneva-based World Economic Forum.

In 2011 during the sub-period Mercury in the main period of Saturn he was awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Director for the film, “My Name Is Khan”

In 2012 he produced ‘Agneepath’ (directed by debutant Karan Malhotra)with HrithikRoshan and ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu.’ both these films turned to be commercial successes.