Impact of the planet

Impact of the planet

Impact of the planet- According to your birth horoscope the planets in the houses 1 to 9 will have a rightwards impact on your entrance into the newly constructed house.

Impact of the planet

And the planets in the 10 to 12 house will have a leftwards impact on you.The position of the residence and 7th house of the horoscope symbolizes the happiness and sadness from the house that you have chosen to stay in.

For Example If Saturn is 4 and is in the house of sun in such case on entering the house if we look at the rightward impact it has sun in the second house (grains, jaggery or incense stick) etc. and the 4th room on the left hand side will have box, iron and wood. If such people have any uncle then the uncle will certainly die in the room belonging to the Saturn. Similarly for the impact of number 2 sun related activities. Number 5 will stand for emptiness to somebody who is sick will spend his entire night asking for water.

Impact of the planet – In terms of annual horoscope Saturn is now under the influence of rahu and ketu or is together in the same house in such cases it will help in getting many houses built for you. But if rahu is there only with ketu and is not under the influence it will lead to destruction of houses and property.

If a house has whose construction has been started and completed in the pushyanakshatra is very good. And on completion of the construction donating and feeding the poor is considered auspicious.

Impact of the planet – A Few Special Tips

After creating the boundary of the house you used fill a vessel with objects of the moon and get this buried in the center of the land for 40 days and observe it’s auspicious impact on the all your family members. On doing so from the day of the burial of the vessel to the day Saturn enters your personnel horoscope it will definitely show a good or bad impact.

If it turns out to be inauspicious and people either get sick, or there is litigation or it has brought ill-fame and problems in such case take the buried vessel out and leave it in the flowing water. This will destroy the in auspiciousness and also remember this land will not be good for well-being if get a house constructed on this one. It will lead to loss of family members. In a span of 3 – 12 yrs. from the day you lay down the foundation of the house it will definitely shows its impact.

Impact of the planet – How the house should be?

Following precautions should be taken for constructing houses in the auspicious lagna and nakesaguna.

Auspicious Time – Khat Chakra

Corners- Consider the entire land as one piece and try to see the corner of the land. If it 4 clear corners or is quadrilateral or is square this land is supreme for building the house.

Eight Corners-Inauspicious and disease bearing.

Eighteen corners-Destruction of gold silver and other ornaments.

Three or Thirteen corners- Problems for the brothers and reason for death or punishment

Five corners –Troubles for the children and destruction.

Protruding from the center like the stomach of a fish –Problems for the entire family that means you will have three grandfathers, two fathers and you will be the only one and you will have no children.

If the house resembles a corpse with amputated arm –In such houses the woman would become a widow.

Other than these all other houses are good.

Impact of the planet – The Walls

After the corners, the area of the wall and the foundation. If every part of the interiors of the room has to be considered separately an din such case the area of the owners hand has to be considered. If there hands are 11, 19 or 17 inches that will be considered as the parameter of measurement.

Impact of the planet – Measurement


If the length is 15 and the breadth is 7 in that case 15+7X3-1/8 = 65/8 = remainder 1


If the remainder is 1, 3, 5, and 7 it is supreme but on the other hand if it is 0, 2, 4, and 6 it is considered inauspicious.

• Remainder 1 – Jupiter, Sun with first bhab. This house will give you royal and auspicious treatment.

• Remainder 2 –Jupiter, Venus with the sixth bhab will lead to poverty. Look for remedies to ketu 6 or Jupiter+venus (6).

• Remainder 3 –Mars and Jupiter place (Bhab No 3) – The drawing room will have a bold appearance, it will be good for trade, shop and other business purposes but will not be auspicious for the female and children. It is good for couples who have no children. If you are staying in this kind of house plant shrubs which bears yellow flowers. People who have children should stay away from such houses. This is considered supreme. A lady who has no partner should stay away from children. There will be no problems.

• Remainder 4 – Chandra bhab 4 despite putting in your best effort it will not be possible to get two meals of the day. Need to get the remedy of Chandra + Saturn.

• Remainder 5 – Sun bhab 5 You will have a peaceful life, specially your wife and kids.

• Remainder 6 – Sun Saturn bhab 6 – You will be devoid of the love of your parents, you will not enjoy the company of your kids and friends. You will unnecessarily move to different places. Need to get the remedy of Sun + Saturn.

• Remainder 7 –Very auspicious.

• Remainder 8 – Mars + Saturn bhab 8 – House of death Need to get the remedy of (Mars + Venus).

Main Door

On the East – Perfect, Entrance for people with good values, happiness and pleasures of all kind.

On the West – It’s the best direction after east for the main door.

On the North –Very good, leads to happy journeys, rituals and an intense desire to have improvement in future lives.

On the South – extremely unlucky, reason for death of the females in the family and leads to one being single.

Remedy – Donate a goat once in a year or as per your capability. Donate things related to mercury in the evening. This will destroy the evil forces like diseases and keep the bad news away.

Special notes

If there is an opening in the house through which the air can travel directly in to the house will have a negative impact on the children or the last house of the lane beyond which there is no further road. This will ruin the lives of your children and the spouse. Slow rahu-ketu will have bad impact on the house. Problems like merely being blind or one being single. Problem of Joint pains.

While sleeping make sure that your head rests in the eastern direction.

The brain has worked during the day time (Surya Paksh) during the night the soul has worked (Chandra Paksh) Therefore it is not auspicious to have your feet in eastern or southern direction while sleeping. Northern direction is good for performing any good task with your brain or feet or hand.

Things inside the house will be auspicious only when the seating room of the house is towards the eastern wall of the house, kitchen is in the southern or south eastern side, the room for worshiping your idols is in the northern side and the vault for keeping the valuables should be placed in the east. Money and wealth in the south or south west. And the drawing room on the west.

The exit of the house should be so arranged so that you have water on your right. And your back should have the kitchen.

• If you have a pepaltree near your house then you should take care of that plant or water the plant otherwise the place till where it shade reaches leads to destruction. If you have a well nearby throw some milk in the well is considered auspicious. On the other hand if make this well dirty it leads to destruction. Watering the kikar plant for 40 days on Saturday before the break of dawn is a remedy to the problem.

• Considering the movement of planets every corner of the house is affected by some planets or other at all times. This includes things which affect the planets. If you keep certain things at a definite place which impacts the opposing planets in that case risk of facing the problem also increases. For E.G. Keeping an iron box, safe, or cupboard in the north eastern corner brings down the impact of moon.

Impact of the planet – Precautions

1. If you have a fireplace at the entrance of the house which is supposed to be used only on occasion such fireplace should be filled with mud and destroyed after such use. And if it is not destroyed and left as it is in that case because of the impact of the Mars and if 8 children are born in the family it will ruin the entire family lineage.

2. If you place an idol in the house for worshiping it like in the temple in that case you would not have any children this is especially if a child is born with influence of Jupiter with bhab 7. Keeping poster and photos of idols is not inauspicious.

3. If at the end of the house you have a dark room which has no windows or vents expect for the door. If such type of room has its door opening on the main entrance and you have to open this door for lighting the room. Doing this will lead to death of all the children and it also obstructs the path growth and prosperity. If you have to change the roof of such rooms you should first create a roof on top of such roof and then demolish the old one.

4. If you certain holes in the house for keeping cash and other valuables and this have been lying empty in that case the landlord of such house will only talk big. To overcome this problem you should fill these holes using almonds, dates, and other sweets.

5. If you have no opening for soil/earth in the house you should keep objects related to Venus in such houses. This will lead to the well-being and increment of respect and wealth for the lady of the house.

6. Direction south is inauspicious for both males and females.

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