Identifying The Inauspicious planets & Lal Kitab Remedies


Lal Kitab explains characteristics and some unique traits of each planet which helps in predictive astrology. These identities of planets are described on the basis of analyzing their behavior, nature, works, position and relations with other planets, and the circumstances. Lal Kitab also points out the effects of auspicious and inauspicious Planets on life without casting the birth chart. Those natives who don’t know their actual birth details like DOB, POB/TOB, for them this method is very useful to know the prediction and solve problems related to any area of life by suggested remedies of the system.

This system is useful at the time when a Planet in a kundli is exalted and strong but it is unable to cast auspicious results. For example Jupiter is posited in Ninth House, but the native is disrespectful to his father, gurus, and saints and is an atheist he does not even hesitate to cut the Peepal tree. In this situation, When person does all nasty things The auspicious effects of Jupiter Planet gets nullified and inauspicious effects of Jupiter could be experienced in the form of – hair fall at center place of plait of the head, addiction of wearing rosaries in neck, hindrances in the education, theft of the gold, selling or lost and bad name etc. All these situations indicate the beginning of inauspiciousness of Jupiter. If one faces any one of such situations, applying of Tilak of turmeric or saffron paste on forehead or on the naval for consecutive 41 days will be beneficial and one starts getting the positive results. This remedy will enhance Jupitarian traits in the person. Besides these, honesty the work, respect of teachers and father is also a remedy in itself.

The weak Sun in kundli causes stiffness or looseness in the body, pain in movement, formation of excessive saliva in the mouth and unexpected problems created by government department. The best remedy to enhance the weak Sun is – consume some sweets and drink some water before you go for work.

The weak Moon in the kundli causes – loss or death of horse or milk giving animals in the house. The bad effect of mother’s health, heart diseases etc are also caused by weak Moon. The best remedy to enhance your weak moon, take blessings of your mother or mother like woman by touching her feet or serving her.

The weak Venus in the Kundli causes pain or deformity in the thumb without any reason or Injury in it. Beside this, skin disease, itching etc are also signs of weak Venus. To enhance Venus, one should wear neat clothes and groom himself / herself to look good. Venus affected person should avoid dirty & torn and clothes.

Weak Mars signifies death of newly born baby in the family, injury in the eyes, irregularity in blood and pain in the joints. Difference of opinions and spoiled relations with the brothers are also caused by inauspicious Mars. As you realize these symptoms are dominating on you, start using white eye liner in the eyes to cast of the malefic effects of Mars.

The effect of weak Mercury is reflected in his deeds. If Mercury is inauspicious in kundli one’s hearing organs, teeth and speech are affected. Teeth start having medical problems before the age, disability to sense any good or bad smell in the environment, stammering, spoiled relation with the friends and diseases of nervous system etc are indications of weak and inauspicious Mercury. As a remedy piercing the nose is auspicious.

Weak Saturn indicates fall or cracks in one part of the house or the building collapse during the construction, death of black Buffalo, hair fall especially hair in the eyebrows, and closing of home/ residence/ factory / workplace etc. To cast of the malefic effects of Saturn use of datoon made of keekar or Babool tree is an effective remedy.

The week Rahu indicates unexpected problems like sudden accidents, injuries, phobias and mental diseases etc. Keep plait on the head, and maintain good relations with in- laws are auspicious to cast of negative effects caused by Rahu.

Inauspicious Ketu causes fall of nails in the foot or nails go deep into the skin, urinal diseases, back bone and joint pain, problems from the children especially with the son etc. All these are domain of Ketu. Beside this, constant injuries in the feet or failure in accomplishing the work in spite of the hard efforts also signify inauspicious Ketu. The best remedy is piercing of ears. This should be kept at least for 96 hours. This is a tested and proven remedy which has been experienced personally.

The remedies suggested by Lal Kitab are very effective and solve the related problems quickly. In Vedic astrology remedies are suggested after analyzing the planetary configuration in the birth chart which are are also effective and accurate. To understand the remedies of Lal Kitab and to know how to use them, one must have proper knowledge of the planets and their karkatawas.

Astrology in Lal Kitab says that planets change their karkatwas in different rashis which is against the Vedic astrology. Quick remedies of Lal Kitab are very helpful and should be performed in the situation when inauspiciousness of the planets is clearly seen and indicated. And yes, when one has the doubt in the correctness and authenticity of the birth chart.