How good is Obama Vs Modi Compatibility?

How good is Obama Vs Modi Compatibility?

Obama Vs Modi Compatibility – Basically it is as the relation between Saturn and Mars. Saturn considers Mars as its enemy whereas Mars is neutral towards Saturn.


As per Vedic astrology Guna Milaan: Modi’ Nakshatra (constellation) is Anuradha-2, whereas that of Barack Obama is Kritika-4, therefore both are matching 25 Gunas (qualities) out of total of 36 so it is an above average matching.

As per their Sun Signs: Modi’s Sun sign is Virgo and that of Obama it is Leo and these two do not match.

As per Numerology: Modi’s and Obama’s date of birth numbers are 8 and 4 respectively and as per numerological principles there is 75% compatibility between these two.

Analysis based upon Birth Charts

We have seen above that both the leaders have average compatibility through Guna Milaan and birth date numbers, but as per Sun signs they do not match.

We must scrutinize their Vedic astrology birth charts in order to draw some final conclusions.

Narendra Modi’s Birth Chart:The ascendant lord is placed in the ascendant along with debilitated 9th lord Moon.

In his chart Jupiter, Moon and Sun are benefic planets out of these Moon is debilitated, 10th lord Sun is placed in 11th house of gains which is good and Jupiter is aspecting his house of action, which will keep him on the right track.

Due to condition of the ascendant he has strong tendency to land in trouble due to his actions taken during periods and unfavorable transits of Saturn. At present he is running sub-period of Rahu in the main period of Moon and both Moon and Saturn are in the constellations of Saturn. Also in transit Saturn is at 12th place from his natal Moon. So he is bound to have tough time.


Barack Obama’s Birth Chart: The ascendant lord Saturn is placed in its own house, but it is retrograde which makes it unpredictable. Debilitated 12th lord Jupiter is also placed in the ascendant which is also retrograde. For his birth chart Saturn, Venus and Mercury are the benefics.

Mercury and Venus are placed in their enemy’s signs. Although in his chart Saturn is the ascendant lord but it is retrograde and falls in the nakshatra (constellation) of 8th lord Sun. So periods of Saturn can be troublesome for him and he may take wrong decisions. At present he is running sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Saturn.

obama-Birth-Chart (1)


Based upon the above analysis it can be concluded that Barack Obama will have tough time tackling Narendra Modi and may prove to be a looser. Although time this year is not conducive for any fruitful meeting of these leaders, yet Narendra Modi will succeed in putting a firm Indian stand on many issues and in a sense he will be the winner more so if the meeting is held after 22nd October 2014.Let us wish him good luck!

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