Frequently Asked Questions


Q What is Vaastushastra?
Ans: The science which deals with the construction of houses, palaces, temples and town is called vaastu shastra. It reads the characteristic of houses and explains the effect of the same to the inmate of houses.

Q Who one should refer to Vaastu?
Ans : The sciences like astrology, palmistry and numerology, if practised and climinated its bad effects, it may some how nullified its negative aspects but destiny can not be changed by referring the science called Occult.

Q What is the ideal plot/house?
Ans: The ideal plot is the one whose length and breadth are same and ideally facing each side of plot to exact north direction, south direction, east direction and west direction, and the house constructed in this plot shall also be ideal, if utility rooms are constructed as per the norms of vaastu shastra.

Q Why directions are important in Vaastu Shastra?
Ans : The Sun, as our ancestor revealed long back is the only source of light and heat for human and other living being, from where we are able to live and feel the presence and direction of object. Therefore, the Sun, rising Sun is like a god, who gives us our essentials to live in, and the direction from where it is apparent to the entire world is taken as reference as the EAST direction. So the East direction is considered to the pious direction from where we get our main essentials. If we face the rising sun, the facing direction is called East, behind us shall be West, our left hand denotes North direction and right hand denotes South direction, therefore, the effect of the direction leads to its result to the building / house constructed therein.

Q .What is the best direction of the house?
Ans: The house/building faces east or north direction, the same is called auspicious subject to the other factors also laid down as per Vaastu Shastra.

Q.What should be the proportion of length and breadth of house?
Ans: Ideally, the proportion between length and breadth should be 1:1.

Q . Does the size of rooms affects the fortune of the person who is living in?
Ans: Yes, the size of length, breadth or both effects the fortune of inmates.

Q .What are the main factors to be considered regarding the doors of the house?
Ans: As per the Vaastu Shastra, the number of doors and windows of a house should be even in numbers.

Q. Can facing of main door be decided?
Ans: Yes, the zodiac sign of the owner of the house, on whose name the deed of house is made can be taken as reference, and according to zodiac sign of the owner main door can be fixed. But since the houses are used generation after generation and in every generation the owner of house is changed the main door if fitted as per the location of plot and road abutting according to Vaastu Shastra then only it may be considered auspicious.

Q .What should be the depth of the foundation of the house?
Ans: As per Vaastu Shastra the foundation should be of 9 feet, but presently as because of sky rise multi-story building are coming up, day by day, the depth of foundation shall depend on the load bearing capacity of soil and the number of story, going to be constructed and the material to be used for construction.