Five Elements In Vastu

Five Elements In Vastu

Vastu are based on directions and five elements.This universe is made up of 5 different elements. The most intelligent creature of earth – human being if uses the right balances of all the elements in their house they can get the infinite strength of the nature and this helps them to have happy, prosperous and peaceful life.


All the rules related to Vastu are based on directions and five elements. Our universe is made up of all the 5 elements of nature. These elements are sky, earth, water, air and fire. The right balance of all these elements are only found on our planet earth and not on any other planet. This is the reason why we do not have life on any other planet.

Let’s find out the importance of these 5 elements in vaastu.

Five Elements In Vaastu

Sky represents infinity. Sky is infinite, boundless and pathless. The character of this universe lies in this infinity. In vaastu shastra’s the empty space in the center of the house is considered as the sky. The center of the building is supposed to have an open space and this central space is representation of Brahma. This portion facilitates regular ventilation. Since the center of the house is open it receives a decent amount of sun light as well. Therefore, vaastu has certain recommendation for building the house.

The eastern and northern part of the building should be lower than the southern and the western part of the building. This should be done to avoid the evening sun ray which is harmful for health. Natural energy keeps flowing out from the open skies. It is generally heard that a specific house is influenced by the ghosts or is inhibited by evil spirits. This is the reason why the house lacks the regular flow of elements air and sky. And this is also a scientific reasoning. This is also seen in case of mental disorders as well. Like we have sky as the chief object in the universe. Similarly we cannot ignore the importance of sky in the construction of building.

Five Elements In Vaastu

Importance of air is known to everyone. All living being depend on the air for life. Earth is surrounded by air. Air is composed of different kinds of gases. One of this is the oxygen which acts as a source of life. People in the house can be healthy only if they keep getting this fresh air regularly. Fresh air is the important source of health and long life.

It is important that there is a continuous supply of fresh air in the house. It is because of this that Vastu has description of different principals. Based on the facts related to this principle vaastu recommends that northern and southern part of the house should have windows, doors, balcony and open space for air supply and should have a lower base this will enable regular supply of fresh air and rays of morning sun.

One should ensure adequate supply of fresh air in the western and southern parts of the house as well. It is important that one receives adequate supply of fresh air in these parts of the house because this aids long life and health for all the living being staying inside this house. For adequate air supply there should be doors, windows, ventilators, verandah, balcony, desert coolers, room coolers, air conditioners etc has to be constructed and other equipments placed according to the rules and directions given in the Vastu. According to Vastu the appropriate direction for this element is north-west.

Five Elements In Vaastu

Fire has its own special importance in the list of five elements. Fire means the heat or energy and the main source of it is the Sun, in this universe. The sun rays coming to the earth bring this energy down to the earth. These sun rays give light and heat to all the living beings and help them survive on the earth. In our ancient epics, fire has been given a distinct status in auspicious tasks. Every auspicious task has the provision of performing hawan.

The humans used to eat raw food like vegetables, fruits, edible tree roots or flesh before the invention of fire. After the invention of fire human started to cook and eat the food.

In Vaastu, south-east is defined as the place of fire or the fire nook hence all the activities related to fire should be performed in that particular corner of the house; for example, the kitchen should be placed in this direction and the stove should be put in the fire nook of kitchen. Similarly the main electricity box should also be situated in the fire nook of the house.

Five Elements In Vastu

It is said that ‘water is life’. Scarcity of water stagnates the life. Our ancient religious and Vedic epics talks about offering water as sacramental. It is said that constructing a water-well is equivalent to performing rituals that gets you heaven and if this water-well is constructed in a deserted land then it is considered equal to performing “Ashwamedh Yagya”.

If the water well serves enough water to quench people’s thirst then the person who gets it constructed is freed from all his bad deeds.If that water well is constructed at an anhydrous place then the human gets the heavenly pleasures till eternity. Constructing water-well, step-well or a reservoir for the common man is very sacramental and the person who does something like this for common man improves his existence in all the realms of life.

Offering water is such a saintly act which eradicates all the sinful acts. It is very important for the lord of the house to arrange enough water for executing all the domestic work. Vastu defines the direction from where the fresh water should be sourced and the drainage of dirty water as well. If the fresh water in use is affected by the sunrays in the daytime and moon rays in the night then the water is considered very good for health. Earth is divided well in terms of land and water. Whenever its equation is changed then the human has to face natural calamities like flood or drought.

Earth (Land)
Five Elements In Vastu

Earth is a planet that revolves around the Sun. Scientists believe that the earth is a huge magnet and the presence of magnet inside the earth’s core gives it the magnetic properties. It has north and the south poles. Southern pole is in the northern circle and the northern pole is in the southern circle. This is the reason for a compass to indicate towards north direction. The magnetic waves of the earth moves from northern pole to the southern pole and it effects everything on the earth.

Iron is present in the human body as well and it is indirectly affected by the magnetic waves. Magnetic resonance medical services are based on the fundamentals of this principle. If we bring two north poles of a magnet it will repel and bringing the opposite directions together will lead to attraction. A similar attraction and repulsion happens in various sources which has either of the axis. The principle which gives strength in putting the weight on the southern direction is based under this source.

The continuous circle of day and night on earth is based on the yearly speed of the sun; the power of earth’s gravity, magnetic poles, northern and southern poles etc has its impact on all the living beings on this earth. Division of direction on this earth has been done on this pattern. For direction and the portions between them are considered as corners/sub directions.

Under the element of earth it is important that one sees carefully the portion of the land and its shape. For a house south-west corner is primarily considered as the element for earth. Therefore vaastu recommends that you keep this corner of the house heavy as compared to other directions and corners of the house.

Many intellectuals give their logic that earth, water, fire, air and sky are elements which are omnipresent naturally. One can make use of any of these elements from any of the directions. However the truth is that all the elements flow throughout the earth. But its consumption is made easier if one takes it from the direction as described in Vastu shastra’s.

For e.g.Getting the element sky one has to look high or sky wards and not down or towards the earth. So while constructing a building or house whatever element has to be supplied from a given direction should actually be supplied through that direction. And this is the only way that this will benefit the process of construction otherwise it will definitely bring in a certain degree of harm.

Therefore constructing any house or putting up town, city or country etc requires the vaastu description based on these directions and the 5 elements only.

For constructing the house one has to carefully examine the five elements mentioned above. This will keep the people living in the house healthy, successful, prosperous and mentally strong. Since principle of vaastu is based on these 5 elements it is important that one maintains a balance of all these 5 elements while constructing the house.

Having the right balance of all the 5 elements and its relationship is considered as vaastu. For improving and beautifying the periphery right elements are earth, fire and water. If you get these three elements established in house as per the rules the other two elements sky and air will fall in its right place automatically.

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