Find Your Hobby through Astrology: It Can Bring Your Money

Find Your Hobby through Astrology: It Can Bring Your Money

Hobby through Astrology – The basics of astrology rest in the 12 signs, 12 houses, and 9 planets. Each sign indicates few areas and each house also. The 9 planets indicate the kind of energy you holds. N astrology chart is your cosmic programming chart. It shows how much of energy you have in dealing with various sectors of your life. Nothing else. If someone has told you that you are Manglik, please be cool.

Hobby through Astrology

There are billions of people in the world who has this Manglik title. What he ultimately means that you have an energy source which tempts you to move towards the destructive side of life and you should use your free will to turn that energy into the constructive mode. You can’t do anything by worrying. As a practicing astrologer, and being a theologian I have always seen astrology as a high-end psychology. Astrology is also getting updated, so we should have a new approach towards this super science.

Hobby through Astrology – How to find the hobby

Here in this article, I will teach you how to find the hobby which is the best suiting to your mindset and you can analyze whether you have any interest towards this area.

As I explained an astrology chart has 12 signs and 12 houses.

This is a sample astrology chart. The block which has colored in orange is the 1st house and the block which is colored in maroon is the 3rd house.

In order to study the status of your hobbies, we have to surgically analyze these houses.

Firstly check which sign rules your 1st house. When you take your birth chart, that too north Indian birth chart, you will see numbers in every box. These numbers are nothing but codes for each zodiac signs. These are the numbers are respective signs.

The 1st house is also known as Lagna, Rising sign or Ascendant. Three of these are all the same and you should not get confused. It means the sign rising from the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Each sign has a ruling planet.

Hobby through Astrology – This house is studied to analyze your personality, perspective, ambitions, health, vitality and mental disposition.

1 Aries: Mars
2 Taurus: Venus
3 Gemini: Mercury
4 Cancer: Moon
5 Leo: Sun
6 Virgo: Mercury
7 Libra: Venus
8 Scorpio: Mars
9 Sagittarius: Jupiter
10 Capricorn: Saturn
11 Aquarius: Saturn
12 Pisces: Jupiter

Now you check which number is in the 3rd house and note that sign.

Number Lagna/1st house/Rising Sign 3rd House Ruling Planet
1 Aries Gemini Mercury
2 Taurus Cancer Moon
3 Gemini Leo Sun
4 Cancer Virgo Mercury
5 Leo Libra Venus
6 Virgo Scorpio Mars
7 Libra Sagittarius Jupiter
8 Scorpio Capricorn Saturn
9 Sagittarius Aquarius Saturn
10 Capricorn Pisces Jupiter
11 Aquarius Aries Mars
12 Pisces Taurus Venus

Hobby through Astrology – Check your sign


Your 3rd house is Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the Mercury. Mercury rules communication, technology, media, and networking. You will see that you like to do something related to communication, like writing, editing or sales. You may even try astrology because Mercury is an indicator for astrologers. A well placed Mercury is needed for being a good astrologer. You should try to identify whether you like the concept of networking, or any media related hobbies as well.


Your 3rd house of hobbies is ruled by Cancer. Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer. Cancer is a water sign, so you should think whether you like any kind of water sports, fishing, gardening, farming, arts and some nourishment based jobs like being a palliative care member.


Your 3rd house is ruled by Leo. The Sun is the ruler of Leo. You should check whether you like to be a local politician, gemology, alternative health, and healing, yoga, trekking, or you like to be an animal trainer.


For Cancerians, your 3rd house of hobby is ruled by Virgo. It is ruled by the Mercury. Mercury rules communication, technology, media, and networking. Please find out whether you like to write novels, small articles or accounting books or poetry. You can even become an astrologer


Libra is your 3rd house and it is ruled by Venus. You can try your talents in all areas which require beauty and quality. You should check whether you like to be a fashion designer, beautician, deal maker or an interior decorator.


Scorpio becomes your 3rd house and it is ruled by the planet of war Mars. Check whether you like ancient arts, ancient sciences, or you like to be a fusion artist


Sagittarius becomes your 3rd house and it is ruled by Jupiter. Find your skills in archery, classical music, sports, trekking, reading ancient texts, or memory games like Sudoku


Capricorn is your 3rd house and it is ruled by Saturn. Find whether you any skill in the technical field. You can even start a small scale business with your technical skills.


Your 3rd house is ruled by Aquarius and it is ruled by Saturn. You must see whether you like scientific communication, pet fish business, and technical stustrong and water sstrongrts.


Your 3rd house is ruled by Pisces. It is ruled by Jupiter. Check whether you like ancient arts, reastrongng ancient strongxts, and classical dance


Aries is your 3rd house and it is ruled by Mars. Mars means competition and war. Think whether you like sports or any competitive programs, or you like to start a pet shop


Your 3rd house is Taurus and it is ruled by Venus. You may like interior decoration or any beauty related hobbies. Like being a beautician, acting, being into show biz or any art form which has a lot of glamor and glitz

In fact, there is no such ancient astrological texts are available to know the hobbies connected with astrology. These are the information available by the year’s long research by my teachers which is tested. Nowadays people are looking for multiple income sources. The majority has a part time job which is based on their passion.

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Article written by Jaya Shree

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