Empirical Methods for Common Problems

Empirical Methods for Common Problems

Stuttering Eradication – Empirical Methods : Take almonds (about an ounce), silver-leaf, cinnamon (about 10 grams), 20 grams clove, pistachios, 20 grams of saffron. Cut all of it into small pieces and mix it in 150 ml honey. Take. Make a dose of about 6-8 grams and take it with milk, at least once in a day. The dose should be half in case of a child. It helps removing the stuttering problems.

Empirical Methods

Weak Heart – Have one ounce of apple marmalade mixed with silver-leaf, daily for 15 days. It sooth the heart beats and strengthens the heart.

Worms in Stomach – Pin about 10 grams clove on 2 sweet apples then take out the clove after 10 minutes. Now have 3 cloves with tea on a daily basis. Avoid eating rice and other flatulent items to avoid gastric problems.

Nose-bleeding – Eat a ripe banana with sugared milk for 8 days. This cures the problem instantly.

For Better Health – Having 2 banana’s with 250 ml milk helps in weight gain and keeps you healthy. Avoid banana in case you suffer any gastric problem.

Stones in Intestine: If you have stones in intestine and you are unable to pass the urine normally, due to the blockage then take 20 grams of carrot and turnip seeds and mix them. Now scoop a radish, leaving the outer coverage and fill this seed mixture inside and roast it dry. Now take out the seeds from the roasted radish and takes its dosage (approximately 6-8 grams) with water, in the morning and then in evening.

Sporadic Menses – To avoid sporadic menses, a female should crush and boil carrot seeds in 250 grams of water. When half boiled, then mix some sugar and have it for 2-3 days to get rid of this problem.

For Beauty – This method has proven very well. Using this method helps in face cleaning and look beautiful. Take some juice of carrot, tomato, orange and beat-root daily, about 20 ml per day, for two months. You can have one juice on a day and alternate. This removes acne, spots and wrinkles from your face ad makes you look beautiful.

For Cholera – Mix an equal amount of some lemon juice into onion juice and have about 10 ml of this mix at every hour. This cures cholera quickly.

Stomach Ache – Take 2 ounce each of salt, celery, cumin seeds and sugar. Now grind it to powder and have a pinch or two with lukewarm water to cure stomach ache.

For High Fever – Take an equal portion of some Indian lilac fruit and white Peepal fruit and mortar it in bitter gourd juice for 24 hours and then dry the substance. Now, again mix the dry substance in bitter gourd juice and then sieve it through a cloth. Putting this powder in eyes like kohl while high fever subsides the fever and gives comfort.

Strength Building cure for Children: Take -10 drops of basil leaves juice and mix it in some water. Now make the child drink this mixture daily as it develops and strengthens the muscles and bones.

Cure for Heat Stroke: In such condition, one should have basil leaves juice mixed in some sugar. It safeguards from heat stroke and maintains the body temperature.

Tooth Ache: Grind some basil leaves with black-pepper seed then make small balls of the mixture. Now put it under the tooth that aches and keep it pressed under it. It’s very effective.

Cure for Impregnation – If a women has normal menses but not getting pregnant then she should chew basil seeds or drink brew of basil seeds while her menstrual period. This would certainly cure the problem.

• Grind some basil seeds and put it on the wound, it heals the wound quickly.

• Applying grinded basil leaves paste on piles cures Hemorrhoids.

• Rubbing basil leaves on or around herpes helps in its cure.

• Take 250 grams of tamarind seeds and soak it in some milk for 3 days. Now take off the peel from the seeds and grind it. Have 1 grams of it with milk in the evening. It certainly cures pre-mature ejaculation.

• 10 grams of coriander seeds, 10 grams khuskhus, 10 grams poppy heads and 30 grams of sugar-candy (misri), grind it together and then sieve. Now have a pinch of 3 grams of it along with milk. It cures the problem of night fall in men and treatment of this problem keeps the man healthy.

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