Effects of Vaastu – defects on Woman’s Health


Four or five decades before, Women used to have a healthy life. But in today’s world there is much deterioration in their health, no matter of what age group they belong to. They take almost all kinds of care like they do yoga, exercise, meditation, take balanced diet and take regular medication even though nothing seem to help them. Vaastu has great relation with diseases.

Studies of recently constructed houses reveal that modern houses have many Vastu defects. Since the last many decades, architects have been emphasizing more on aesthetic value of the house, rather than making it vastu friendly. That is the reason Vastu principles are being ignored knowingly or unknowingly at the time of making the house. Vastu plays on important role in affecting one’s health whether male or female. A kind of disharmony is created between positive and negative energies if there is Vastu defects in the house which not only has effects on the health of the residents but to their life as well. Let us find out the reasons, responsible for disharmony between these energies in the house.

1. The house which is broken in the front, plaster of the walls is peeled off, or there are cracks in front wall, door is broken or other such defects in the house, make the residents of that house suffer due to the bad health, mental tension and always in depression.

2. If Nairatya Kona of the house, specially. Nairatya in south is lower than other directions, or there are any underground water tank, well, bore well, Septic tank etc. The woman residents of such kind of house always suffer for more than one disease and have phobia of death.

3. Ishan & North directions are higher than other directions, and other directions and konas are lower than East, Agneya, South, West , Vayavya and Nairatya, the woman residents of this house suffer due to incurable disease and have the possibility of untimely death.

4. The resident of that house faces tremendous financial losses and always be in debt, Where, Nairitaya and West directions are lower than North, Ishan and East; and higher than Aganaya, South and Vayavya. Even the house wife and daughter suffer due to long lasting diseases.

5. The owner of the resident faces widowhood or house wife shall suffer of such disease which takes long time to be cured where Nairitya, West and Vayavya are lower than North, Ishan and East; while Aganeya and South are higher. Diseases, enmity, strife , hardships etc stay forever in this type of house.

6. If Aganaya is lower or there is septic tank, water tank, well, bore well, and drains are made or fixed up in the centre of Aganeya , East , Aganeya or South, in that case the entire family suffer due to one or other diseases whereas housewife shall suffer from long lasting disease.

7. If the house faces Ishan kona & constructed till north side premises, but North Ishan direction decreases in its length, in that case housewife dies after suffering from terminal disease and there will always be hard ships due to financial crisis in entire life.

8. If the house opens at South Nairitaya, the ladies of that house shall suffer of terminal diseases. If well, bore well, underground, water tank etc in Nairitya kona are lower in that case they can commit suicide or die after a long disease.

9. An increased South Nairatya Kona is also not auspicious as the housewife of such house may have tragic end of her life after suffering of long disease.

10. If the house opens at North Vayavya, the ladies of such house are always diseased and members of the family shall be the victim of many types of addictions in their life.

11. If house has its entrance door in its East side and house is constructed up to North side premises. Moreover if there is empty place in South, Nairatya is prominent the ladies of that house face accidents.

12. If the entrance door opens at South side and house is constructed till the ishan kona, South side is opened where a slanted verandah is constructed; in that case, housewife of such house shall always suffer due to an in curable disease and children of that house shall be misguided and follow a wrong path.

13. An open place in South direction of the house, or if South direction is opened; South part of rooms and veranda are lower in that case, ladies of that house are always diseased. There is always a possibility of untimely death. The family faces acute financial crisis also.

14. If the outlet of waste water from the house goes out through South direction or Nairitaya kona, this is not auspicious for the health of the ladies of that house.

All these Vastu defects mentioned above are the cause of various sufferings in the ladies of the house. Life can be made easy, disease free and peaceful after removing these Vastu defects in the house. Remember- Vastu Shasta is a science. To get rid off these defects means – to bring about the favorable changes in the construction of the house which are prescribed by vastu Shastra.