DIY Worships for Happy Living

DIY Worships for Happy Living

DIY Worships – Problems, sorrows, misery, disease, scarcity etc. enter almost every person’s life at one point or the other.There are various systems of propitiation of planets and deities which can be followed as and when need arises.

DIY Worships

The do it yourself worships as explained here are recommended as preventive measures. These if followed regularly can harmonize life and bring health happiness and prosperity in a household.

1. Recitation of Srimad Bhagvad Gita: There are eighteen chapters in Bhagvad Gita and it is recommended that you recite one chapter each day. Thus in eighteen days you will be able to complete the recitation. Some people recite two chapters during each of the nine Navratras. After completion perform Havan (Fire rite) and feed Brahmins.

Recitation of Bhagvad Gita helps in controlling desires, increases wisdom and removes PitrrDosha (Sin caused due to disrespect of ancestors)

2. Recitation of Ramayana: Recite either the Sanskrit verses of ‘Valmiki Ramayana’ if you know Sanskrit or recite the Hindi translation. Complete the recitation in either 9 days or 30 days. It pays to worship Hanuman ji and Lord Rama and Lord Shankar every day during recitation of Ramayana. On completion perform Havan and feed Brahmins and little girls.

DIY Worships : Recitation of Ramayana brings harmony in married life and fulfills desires related to prosperity and happiness.

3. Recitation of Sunderkand: Recitation of Sunderkand removes obstacles in life, obstacles and fears due to ghosts or negative forces of nature. One can recite complete recitation of Tulsidas’s Sunderkand in a day whereas that of ‘Valmiki Sunderkand’ can be performed in 1, 11 or 64 days. During recitations light a lamp of pure ghee and incense stick before idol of Hanuman ji.

4. Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa: Light a lamp and incense before idol of Hanuman and recite every day 1, 7 or 108 times the Chalisa.

Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa propitiates Mars planet and removes Mangalik Dosha in a birth chart. Apart from this regular recitation on Tuesdays and Saturdays gives courage and strength.

5. Re
Astrology of Becoming a Doctor, Birth Chart Indications and Morecitation of Durga Chalisa:
Light a lamp and incense before an image of Maa Durga and recite everyday once or nine times the Durga Chalisa.

Regular recitation helps unmarried girls in finding a good life partner. All afflictions of planet Venus in a birth chart are cured. Recitation of Durga Chalisa is beneficial for all females.

6. Recitation of Shiv Chalisa: Recitation of Shiv Chalisa particularly on Mondays gives recovery from illness and improves health. All troubles caused due to malefic effects of Moon and Rahu in a birth chart are cured by regular recitation of Shiv Chalisa.

7. Aaditya Hridaye Strota: Recitation of this Strota pleases the Sun deity and improves health, cures eye troubles and troubles caused due to ill placed Sun in a birth chart. Recite this strota once every morning.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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