Bollywood’s Handsome Hunk Arjun Kapoor

The actor so dedicated that he lost around 50 kg of his weight to get prepared for his role in his debut film ‘Ishaqzaade’,Arjun Kapoor was born on 26th June 1985 to Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor and his first wife Mona Kapoor. He started his journey in Bollywood as an assistant director..


Being a typical Virgo he is quite healthy but earlier due to debilitated and retrograde Jupiter falling in the constellation Shravan of Moon he was overweight (about 140 Kg) and lethargic.

His natal Moon falling in the constellation Hasta of Moon and in the sub of Mercury gives him excellent memory and sharp mind.

In the year 2001 during the sub-period of Jupiter in the main period of Rahu he dropped out of school. It was retrograde 4th lord Jupiter and Rahu falling in the constellation of 4th cusp which interrupted his studies at school level.

Then in 2011/12 during the sub-period of Sun in the main period of Rahu (Ra/Su) he lost about 50 Kg of weight in order to act in his debut film. His Sun falls in the constellation of Rahu which is conjunct the second lord Venus in the 8th house in the sign Aries of Mars. The 2nd lord Venus helped him to control his eating habits and Mars gave him stamina to undertake strenuous exercises and workouts.


In 2012 during the sub-sub-period of Saturn in the sub-period of Moon in the main period of Rahu (Ra/Mo/Sa) he performed very well in his debut film ‘Ishaqzaade’. His success was due to involvement of exalted 5th lord Saturn and the significator Venus in whose constellation Rahu falls.

In 2014 during the sub-sub-period of Venus in the sub-period of Mars in the main period of Rahu (Ra/Ma/Ve) he performed in two commercially successful films ‘Gunday’ and ‘2 States’.