Auspicious effect of Mula Nakshatra Natives

Auspicious effect of Mula Nakshatra Natives

Moola nakshatra comes under the inauspicious Ganda moola nakshatra. According to olden astrological verses Moola nakshatra is not a very Auspicious. Ketu is its ruling planet. Its 4 quarters are in the Sagittarius sign. There is a general belief that natives of Moola nakshatra prove to be unlucky for their family. A child born in Moola nakshatra may lead to the beginning of hard times in the family. I have discussed in my previous article about the inauspiciousness of Moola Nakshtra. It’s all the legs except 4th leg are inauspicious and gives bad results.
mula nakshatra

In this article I will write about the auspicious results of Moola born natives. Astrology here says that there is nothing to fear as the natives of Moola also have some good qualities in their nature that make them special. Here I will discuss about the influence of Moola nakshatra on the nature and temperament of its natives.

Natives of the Moola nakshatra are loyal and religious minded. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and blindly believe in the law of Nature. They are friendly and maintain good relationships with all.Their smiling face approach make them successes full in relationships. They are intelligent and keep up good health. They follow strict principles in life and their self-respect means more to them than money. They are inquisitive and spiritual. They are scholars in their chosen subjects and bear revolutionary ideas. The Moola natives have a philosophical outlook of life. They are guided by principles. Vedic astrology says that they prefer service than business, though they have the ability to be successful in both fields. They are best at their work. They struggle in life. They use their brains to be successful.

Moola born people are lucky?

In above Para, I discussed the general nature of these natives, in the matter of fact about the luck it is expedited that these natives are rather lucky in their later life. We have the examples of our great Saint Kabir Das and Tulsi Das. These people are attracted to spiritualism as Ketu is the significator of their birth nakshatra. They are wise and compassionate souls. They work for social and humanitarian causes. These people are not motivated by money and other material things. They are happy and lead a peaceful family life. They are friends with people of higher section of the society.

So I can conclude that Natives born in Moola nakshatra are highly religious and successful. Astrologers say that natives born under this nakshatra should do ‘Moola Shanti’ to curb the negative impacts of the nakshtra. But I have experienced in many horoscopes, if there is a strong lagan and lagan is in shubh kartari yoga than the inauspicious results automatically converted to the auspicious one without doing shanti of Moola nakshtra.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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