Astrological Indications of Import Export Business

Astrological Indications of Import Export Business – There are many types of businesses and each one has different signifiers in terms of Signs, houses and planets. This article will help you identify probable indications of foreign trade if any in your birth chart.

Astrological Indications of Import Export Business

Foreign Trade and its Signifiers

Any type of business with clients in countries other than that of the native is termed as Foreign Trade. It can either be Import of goods or services from other countries or Export of these to those countries.

A business person may be involved in only one of these viz. either import or export and not both so signifiers of each have to be specified.

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Astrological Indications of Import Export Business in more details below

Imports come under the jurisdiction of the 11th house and all exports are under the 12th house.

As regards the other houses the 9th is the main house for dealings with any distant foreign country but if countries are very close to that of the native then the 3rd house may also have involvement in it.

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Among the planets the first one is Venus and then comes the Moon and Mercury should be taken as general signifier for trade or business.

Just remember that for success in any wholesale business Jupiter must be in good shape and strength in the birth chart.

Signifiers of Different Goods: In addition to the above other planets may come in depending upon the type of goods involved. Just as an example suppose electrical or surgical goods are involved then Mars needs to be added to the above list of signifiers.

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For Textile take Moon and Mercury, for steel items take Mars and Saturn, for items of rubber we need to consider Venus, Moon and Mars.

For import or export of Mobile sets or accessories consider Mercury, Venus and the 3rd house of communications.

If in birth chart the above defined significators have relevance to the 7th and 10th houses then Import Export business is indicated. But for greater success and profits from such trade there has to be maximum relevance to 2nd, 6th, 7th and 11th houses.

Navamsha and Dashamsha Charts

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In addition to the birth chart also consider the Navamsha (D/9) and Dashamsha (D/10) charts.

All the key signifiers should have good position in these two charts.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar