Astrology of Life Before and After Death

Astrology of Life Before and After Death

Astrology of Life Most western people are in doubt about the life after death and rebirth but we of the east know better in these matters and believe in the truth of rebirth. Here are some beliefs about the worlds (Lokas) one comes from and goes to after death.

Astrology of Life

We live in an imperfect as well as temporary world, which means that all physical things have beginning as well as an end. Anything which is created will at some point in time come to an end. Not just living things, but even non-living such as buildings, furniture or any other object deteriorates with time. Nothing in this physical world remains for ever, it may last for millions of years or more, but still it will come to an end ultimately.

Astrology of Life – Destiny of Humans …

But let us here focus our attention only on human beings. As per the Hindu philosophy the over-self or soul existing in a much higher dimension sends a human as its instrument to gain certain experiences which are not possible in the world where the over-self exists. So at the end of one life the physical body is left behind as a car driver leaves the car on reaching a destination. The driver in this case is the over-self or soul which returns to the higher dimension and plans next life after reviewing what task is left and what is done.
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All is under Planets and Stars …

Physical phenomenon is governed by planets and stars. A person is born at an appropriate time in accordance with the position of planets so that required conditions are met. The horoscope of a person therefore not only contains information about probabilities of current life but also those of previous and next probable life.

Beliefs about Which Worlds (Lokas) we Come from and proceed to after Death.

Achariya Varahmihir has given some clues to probabilities of previous as well as next lives. Analyse a birth chart to decide out of Moon and Sun which is stronger. Then see in which dreshkan of a sign it falls. A sign is of 30o and it consists of three parts of 10o each called Dreshkan. Each dreshkan has a lord planet. Now see in which planet’s dreshkan the strongest out of Sun and Moon falls. Then as per the following table know from which Loka (Astral World) that person has come:

Lord of the Dreshkaan in which the strongest out of Sun and Moon fallsLoka(Astral Plane) from which one comes or returns to
Moon or VenusPitrrLok
Sun or MarsMrityuLok
Saturn or MercuryNarakLok

The state of a person in that loka is revealed by the state of the relevant planets in his or her chart.
Now regarding life after death one can also find to which loka a native will go after death. For this determine the strongest planet out of those placed in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses and refer to the above table. In case there are no planets in these houses in a chart then take the lord of the dreshkan of these houses, which is the strongest and look in the above table.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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