Anapha Yoga of Vedic Astrology

In Vedic Astrology there are various good as well as bad Yogas. Anapha Yoga is one of the good or auspicious astrological Yogas..


How Anapha Yoga is formed …

If in a birth chart there are one or more planets in the 12th house from the house in which Moon is placed then Anapha Yoga is formed.

Probable Results of Anapha Yoga …

As a result of the presence of Anapha Yoga in a birth chart the native has an impressive appearance, polite manners, good reputation and ability to get respect from others. The native is pleasure seeking, but in later years may seek renunciation and austerity.

Strength and Direction of Anapha Yoga …

The strength of this yoga will depend upon the strength of the concerned planets which in turn depend upon the nature of house, sign, conjunctions and aspects on the concerned planets and houses.

The direction in which this Yoga will guide or mould the life of the native will depend upon the intrinsic as well as the functional nature of the planets, signs and houses involved in this yoga.

When will the Results of this Yoga Manifest? …

The distinct results of this yoga will manifest during the sub as well as the main periods of the involved planets. Most fruitful will be the times during main period of one of the involved planets and the sub-period of the other involved planet.

A Real Life Example …

The following birth chart belongs to a native. In this birth chart Anapha Yoga is formed due to the presence of Jupiter and Saturn in the 4th house which is a house at 12th position from the 5th house where Moon is placed.


Here Jupiter is debilitated so the Yoga is somewhat weak in strength. On the other hand Saturn is a favourable and auspicious planet for the native and it is very well placed in its own house. In the case of this native result pertaining to significations of Saturn manifested in his life during relevant periods. Later in life the native developed detachment from worldly things and speared forward in spiritual pursuit.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar