Appeasing the Vaastu Purush through Tuning with Him

It could be that your health problems are due to the Vaastu doshas (defects) existing in the premises where you reside. You can cure most of your vaastu generated health problems ….


As per mythology once Lord Shiva fought with a demon that had terrorized the devatas. The demon was killed after a fierce fight and as a result Shiva was perspiring. From the sweat of Lord Shiva a giant was born and he started eating everything around it.

Seeing the giant eating up everything the Devatas were scared and prayed to Lord Brahma for help. As per the instructions of Brahma the 45 Devatas present there got hold of the demon and pinned him down on earth with his face down. The giant had his head in the north east direction and feet in the southwest direction and all the 45 devatas were standing at various spots on the body of this giant.

The giant prayed to Lord Brahma to save him from impending destruction. Lord Brahma out of compassion blessed the giant and named him as Vaastu Purusha and declared that anyone desiring construction on a piece of land will have to worship the Vaastu Purusha before commencing construction and thereafter the Vaastu Purusha will not cause any problems. The devatas were permanently given governance of the areas where they were standing.

As that giant (Vaastu Purusha) had great appetite Lord Brahma gave great importance to the central part of the premises where the stomach of the giant was located and named it Brahma Sthan. The health of the Vaastu Purusha like all humans depends mainly upon its stomach. Hence it was of extreme importance and hence governed by Brahma Himself.

The general rule is to keep this area clutter free and clean.

How to Tune with the Vaastu Purusha

Here a unique truth is revealed and procedure for tuning with the Vaastu Purusha is given. Due to the Pranic energy which flows inside the body of the Vaastu Purusha certain subtle Earth currents exist under the surface of the plot of a land. These Earth currents are akin to the vital energy flow inside subtle channels of our body and are responsible for keeping the body fit and energetic.

In order to get these subtle Earth currents or in other words to tune-in with the Vaastu Purusha lie down face down on unpaved piece of land inside your premises. Keep your head towards the northeast direction and feet towards the southwest direction. You should wear light and easy dress while doing so. Keep lying for at least half an hour at Sunrise as well as at Sunset time. In addition to lying down walking bare footed on lawn or unpaved ground also helps. Avoid doing so during winter season to avoid catching cold. All those living in cold countries can lie down on a rug in your lawn. While lying down keep reciting any of the following mantras:

“Aum Vaasthu Purushaya Namaha”
“Vaasth-deva Namastute Bhushanyaaniarath Prabho
Mum Grahe Dhan Dhaanyaadi Samriddham Kuru Sarvada”

Carry on this procedure only during the periods when you suffer from health problems. You must take necessary precaution to avoid catching cold.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar