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Analyse The Auspicious-Inauspicious Effect of Dreams

Effect Of Dreams – There is a deep relationship between sleep and dream. Mostly, maximum people see different kinds of dreams while sleeping. In this regard, experts have an opinion that on whichever subject a person thinks the most, he sees dreams related to that only. Contrary to that, sometimes such dreams come which have no relation with his situation or thought process. Due to such dreams many times the person gets baffled. He tries to find out the meaning of his dream. Generally, people are not so serious about their dreams and forgets it thinking it to be useless but in reality it is not so. Whatever dreams we see has some or the other meaning which informs us about future happenings. Some such dreams are being illustrated here.

Effect of Dreams

If you see one such dream then in what way it should be interpreted i.e., what can be the result of such a Effect of Dreams.

Dream Results

* If you see wavy sea in dream then Effect of Dreams indicates receiving money.

* If you see flying bird in the dream then it means money profit.

* If you see flag etc in the dream then it results in quick monetary profit or related to child.

* Dreaming about mowing the lawn with machine is symbolic of good fortune.

* Men, who drink coffee or tea in their dream, attain happiness and prosperity in life.

* Men, who see themselves sitting on a high wall, gets happiness and wealth.

* If any man sees himself to be bigger in age than his real age in his dream then he attains respect and honour.

* Dreaming about cliff or hill is an indication of new progress.

* Seeing oneself driving in the dream signifies that an important responsibility is going to fall on your shoulders.

* Dreaming of rain gets sudden monetary profit.

* If Brahmin or Gurudev is seen in the dream then the work is done properly.

* If an aged person is seen giving guidance in dream then the respect and honour increases in the society.

* Those people who see children studying in their dreams, their marital life is blessed.

* If a woman is seen wearing ear studs then some good news is received.

* Those who see ‘Swastik’ symbol, his gets honour and respect.

* In the dream, if a person either sees, touches or receives wheat, maize, mustard, gets knowledge.

* In the dream if a person see himself tied from head to toe is blessed with a son.

* The one, who sees his teeth out of his mouth, incurs debt.

* The person, who wakes up while touching a beautiful bird or animal, gets best wife.

* Eating sugarcane or beetle leaf in the dream beings monetary gain.

* A person, who eats mud in the dream or builds a bridge, gets great monetary gains.

* Seeing pearl, coral, conch or creeper in the dream gets monetary gains.

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