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Cancer Monthly Horoscope March 2018

Variety Of Options

Crabs start March with the Sun in in mystical Pisces, your 9th house of the higher mind. This phase will open up a world of exploration, higher education, exciting travel, and overseas connections. Imports, exports, politics, justice, the sciences, religious ideals, and theology are also in the frame for consideration. There’s such a variety of options! The New Moon on the 17th will add to the array of interests to keep you busy. It is a time of growth, and you could find yourself studying areas of esoteric subjects, marketing, or publishing an article.

This month is particularly important for the Moon-ruled, as we see two Full Moons, the first of which being on the 2nd in Virgo, your 3rd house of communication. This will be followed by the 2nd Full Moon on the 31st in Libra, your 4th house of new beginnings. It’s another Blue Moon this year and will home in on affairs on the domestic side. At the same time, Warrior Mars moves into your 7th house of significant commitments and open opponents. The Sun then enters Aries on the 20th, your 10th house of vocation. Prior to this Mercury and Venus make headway into fiery Aries, your 10th house on the 6th. However, Mercury is set to turn retrograde on the 23rd, putting a damper on career moves.

From the 10th to the 12th, you will benefit from changes to your work and ambitions, and you may find yourself taking a journey of personal expansion. You’ll need to deliberate over relationship and partnership issues and come to an arrangement with legal affairs. From the 13th to the 15th, love relationships may create disappointments. However, opportunities are at your doorstep, so remain positive in your dealings.

The 2nd sees a Full Moon in critical Virgo, your 3rd house of communication. This is the first of two Full Moons in March and is known as the Full Worm Moon. It is the last Full Moon before the equinox on March 20th. The vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere marks the end of Winter and the start of Spring, while the autumnal equinox in the southern hemisphere marks the end of Summer and the start of Autumn. Other names given are the Full Crow Moon, Full Crust Moon, Sap Moon, Lenten Moon, Windy Moon, Big Famine Moon and Fish Moon.

This Full Moon will put your emotions under the spotlight, but plenty of ideas are stimulated, thanks to a parade of planets in your 9th house of the higher mind. You will feel more motivated to make travel plans, take short trips, improve your higher education, and do creative writing. A holiday could be the answer, enjoying fun with others and searching for answers to your higher ideals. Take care of your health and avoid arguing with workmates. You might want to involve yourself with children’s schooling, do a short course or take on a neighbourhood activity.

The 17th sees a New Moon in compassionate Pisces, your 9th house. During the next two weeks, you will a take new direction in personal growth. You’ll enjoy discovering new dimensions, which may test your resilience but at the same time extend your learning experience. Expand your awareness through travel, understanding different cultures, traditions and belief systems. Be open to spiritual ideals, the political and justice systems. Have you thought about taking up a new language? Now’s the time for improving your relationship with the in-laws. Whatever your endeavours, tell yourself to be open to people’s viewpoints. Also on the 17th, mighty Mars marches into your 7th house of commitments, stirring up the opposition. Be prepared for emotions to heighten at the Full Moon on the 31st.

On the 20th at the Equinox, the Sun moves out of Pisces and into Aries, your 10th house of career and ambitions. Over the next few weeks your public profile will rise, influencing high profile types, projecting your persona and receiving recognition. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus sitting on the throne, expect favourable outcomes with your career prospects. However, as Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd, be ready for delays in fulfilling your ambitions. From the 22nd to the 30th, you may experience opposition to your projects, or arguments over business deals and partnership issues. You’ll be looking for excitement in relationships, but it may not be long-lasting.

The 31st sees a second Full Moon, a Blue Moon in elegant Libra, your 4th house of home and family. This will be a difficult Full Moon mainly affecting the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It will trigger issues connected with the home, family, career and relationships. Prepare for emotional outbursts until April 5th as fiery Mars will be conjunct stern Saturn. It will create an imbalance, with tempers flaring over family commitments, vocational or other long-range plans, agreements and negotiations. Real estate contracts may be problematic, or a business partnership could go haywire. Fighting over a property and divorce is in the frame. Wait until the bombshell subsides before moving on to regenerating harmony. On the 31st Venus also dances into your 11th house of friendships, so despite unsavoury conditions, there’s a chance of enlivening your life through social channels.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury remains in Pisces, giving inspirational ideals and opening up your wisdom. Tertiary options are on the table. On the 6th, both Mercury and Venus head into Aries, your 10th house. During this long phase, your thoughts and communication will revolve around discussions for your advancement in your professional arena. This could involve performance appraisals, having interviews with people at the top, and speaking to the public in some way. From the 19th to the 21st, you’ll be in favour with most people, dispensing your charm as well as swinging business deals.

On the 23rd, Mercury turns retrograde in Aries creating setbacks in negotiations. If you are expecting answers, or meeting and discussing your plans with important people, then don’t. This is a phase of lengthy delays. It is not the time to ask for an advancement or get a pat on the back for your good work. Hold over important business discussions; gather your facts and information and do some background work. People will tend to procrastinate, make mistakes and leave things in abeyance before making any moves. Don’t get caught up with unimportant details, or slights. Protect yourself against missing information and oversights if preparing for interviews. Check and check again. Be well-organised rather than flustered or impatient as you wait for answers and decisions. The Cosmic Trickster will return to direct motion on April 15th and be out of the shadow phase on May 3rd.

In The Limelight

Charming Venus remains in Pisces, your 9th house at the start, after some weeks of pleasurable journeying and socialising. On the 6th, Venus swings into Aries, your 10th house, joining Mercury fleetingly. You will revel in being noticed, so have your 15 minutes of fame and gain success. It is the time of year to be recognised and walk in the limelight, so welcome the appreciation you get from others. You may benefit from showing off any artistic and creative skills to do with your business or career. Some may choose to get married or start a relationship with someone much older or younger. On the 31st at the time of the Full Moon, Venus dances into Taurus, your 11th house of friends.

Resolve Your Differences

Dynamic Mars remains in Sagittarius, your 6th house of work and health, giving added energy to do extra physical work. This in turn could alleviate those moments of frustration, temper tantrums and tension. However, try not to overload your body with too much exertion. Make sure you attend to regular health checks. Watch for fevers, accidents around machinery and small appliances, injuries with sharp objects, and blood infections. There is also the chance of surgical operations.

On the 17th, at the time of the New Moon, Mars rolls into steady Capricorn, your 7th house of significant commitments. Until mid-May, the doors will be open to confrontation within relationships, partnerships, marriage and with open enemies. The battle will be on, bickering over differences, egos, each other’s needs, and rights. Agreements, legal contracts, pending restrictions and responsibilities will all be in the frame. Make a concerted effort now to cooperate with your partner, avoiding conflict and disharmony. Work towards resolving differences and compromise where possible over the coming weeks.

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