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Scorpio Health Weekly 23 April – 29 April 2018

Mercury is still moving through the sector for the lower abdominal area and general health. You will have to take care of your diet. Please avoid spicy food as it can complicate your digestive system. This planet is aspecting the sector for emotional struggles and fears as well. You may be going through emotional stress as well. You have to be very wise in dealing with them. At work, you may have a lot of short projects, and you may have a lot of physical labor as well. The Sun is moving through the sector for sexual organs and pineal gland. Basically, your abdominal area is highly activated. You have to use this time to check these organs. Please keep yourself hydrated, because, kidneys are also inactivation.

Scorpio Health Weekly 16 April – 22 April 2018

The 6th house of health and abdominal area is highly triggered by a powerful new moon. The 6th house is the main house of health issues. Your lower abdominal system is highly activated. Please don’t go for self-medication. During this week, there will be an opportunity to improve it because; Mercury will start its direct mode. Have a natural diet and avoid all those fancy food items. Drink enough water and take enough rest. It will be good if you take a fully vegetarian diet.

Scorpio Health Weekly 09 April – 15 April, 2018

Your 3rd house of neck, throat, collar bones, hands, breathing, and body growth is highly activated as Mars is in this house in a slowdown mode. This house also deals with mental inclinations. You may have a lot of projects where you have to apply your mental efforts a lot. Too much of communications can make you tired. You may try to perform your duties without fail, but this can make you weary. Try to focus your mind through meditation. Please keep hydrated. Make a list of what you have to complete. Try pranayama, consume more leaf vegetables, and try to sleep for at least 8 hours.

Scorpio Health Weekly 02 April – 08 April, 2018

Mars is moving through the sector for neck, throat, collar bones, hands, and breathing. This is the sector for increased mental and physical activity. So, there can be a natural stress, so you must take enough rest. There will be a lot of communication and this is not a great time to take additional burdens. This sector is also indicating shoulder and neck. There can be minor issues with neck and shoulder. Don’t take home remedies, if you feel severe discomfort. This is a good time to do some breathing exercises too. Mercury and the Sun are also moving through the sector for the lower abdominal area. You have to take care of your diet as well.

Scorpio Health Weekly 26 March – 01 April, 2018

The Full moon will rise in the 12th house of emotions, mental burdens, feet and blood, left eye. More than physical issues, you may have some emotional struggles. Stay away from all the controversies. Go for a meditation program. Read sacred texts and feed your mind with good philosophies. You should go for a routine eye checkup. Ease your feet by walking barefoot out in the greenery. Try an oil massage on your feet. Eat more red vegetables so that it can increase the iron in the body. Spinach is very good for the blood count. You can boil it and eat or drink spinach juice. Try to sleep well.

Scorpio Health Weekly 19 March – 25 March, 2018

Mercury will start its slowdown in the sector for lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh, mental faculties, and kidneys. The Sun and Venus are also moving through this sector. Your general health is also active. You are what you eat and think. This is a good time to research a good diet. Please wait until Mercury moves straight to execute it. Now you have to follow a natural diet and drink enough water. Your kidneys are also activated.

Scorpio Health Weekly 12 March – 18 March, 2018

Mars will move into the sector for neck and shoulder area. You must take care of these areas. Whenever any planet moves through this sector, your mind will be highly alert and minute things can affect you. You can have body aches or joint pains. The new moon will trigger the sector for personal life, heart, lungs, and mind. You may have some personal issues and you should try to settle it. Please don’t take spicy food. You may get chest burns.

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Scorpio Health Weekly 05 March – 11 March, 2018

The 6th house is very much activated this week as Mercury is moving to Aries. Your belly area is totally triggered with naughty Mercury. So, you should have an idea of what you are eating. Anything which is not acceptable by your organs will reflect in bad health. Aries is a fire sign and you should not eat spicy food as it can cause acidity related issues. Try a different diet, which is soothing for your stomach. An all fruit dinner will help you from bloating and constipation related issues. This Mercury is also inspecting the 12th house of subconscious mind, so there can be minor emotional concerns too. Try to mind your own business. This is a good time for meditation or healing too.

Scorpio Health Weekly 26 February – 04 March, 2018

The full moon will rise above the sector for below hip area. It will aspect the sector for upper abdomen, mind, heart, liver, gall bladder and intestines. Your full body is activated and you should take care of your general health. Since the Moon is aspecting the house for digestion, it will be natural if you go through any digestive issues. It will be good if you start your day with a ginger tea. Breathing exercises would be ideal. This will improve the oxygen content in your body. There will be a lot to run around, but take enough rest as well. You have to be careful with your diet. Avoid fancy food items.

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