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October 2016

1st October – 7th October

There will be challenges in the beginning of the week. After great efforts only some benefits could be possible. There will be more expenditure than earnings business loss, tension, bad health or tiffs with family members are the indications. As the week progresses you will be positive minded and constructive for future plans. Ambitious schemes and the pursuits of success take on high priority and you spend your time, energy and money making efforts.

However it’s recommended that you should be careful how you manage your money and that you avoid risks and speculations. Journeys and family function indicated as well. On 6th 7th, some lady friend will be quite helpful, your boss will remain happy with you. Prospect of those coming into the promotion zone is brighten.

8th October – 14th October

The week starts with a slightly shaky beginning due to your own uncertainties & fears. Being risk averse you will postpone some commitments on 8th & 9th. Don’t take anything granted. However you would beat the blues and shall have an element of luck smiling your way from 11thonwards. Plans brainstormed now will likely have what it takes to work and won’t be short of the follow through they need to get accomplished. Those desirous of getting new jobs may get many offers on weekend.

Your honor shall increase and you come across some amazing events. Those seeking admission in a premier institute are likely to succeed. You may get invited to an office party, or celebration that you had been hoping for and have blast. Keep a check on your ambitions and aspirations; don’t allow them to go out of your control.

15th October – 22nd October

These are times of great opportunities so do not squander away these good times. Property disputes with brothers will be amicably settled. You may get new source of income. At this time you need to give your self-esteem a better foundation to face everyday challenges.

Professional duties will be quite taxing but you will get over them. End week is the time for creative visualization and meditative techniques too. This period shall be spent with light hearted fun and to make hay while the sun shines.

23rd October – 31st October

You hone your skills and adopt a healthy alternative which help you remain in peace of mind on 23rd. On 24th 25th you will be able to pay due attention to your professional matters. Chances of getting good money are quite high on 26th 27th and 28th. A new source of income might be generated. Breaking even in a new venture is the possibility. If any interview is due, you will get favorable results. Your sharp memory will pay you well, money inflow will be good, your professions look much lighter and brighter and good progress for those who are in business and job as well.

September 2016

01 Sep – 07 Sep

You have to work hard to achieve your goals in the beginning of the month. Take care of your health, over exhaustion may cause fatigue and restlessness. Don’t make haste decision on 2nd of Sep; domestic chores will be neglected in this period due to work pressure in profession. You will have to deal a lot with the house, land, property and issues relating to it. Students will do well in this week they will be appreciated by their teachers for their intelligence and good performance, Virgo Natives who are ministers or are in politics well be acknowledged by a social organization on 07 Sep. You well enjoy the love warmth of close associates. This is your birth phase, which will be full of heightened activities.

08 Sep – 15 Sep

You will be inventive, creative & make brilliant moves in this week. The areas that will be favored will be new ventures, projects and they bring with them the inflow of good money. Credit and productivity both will be high. Your depression and tiredness of the past will melt away. As the week progresses you will gain confidence and you will get rid of all the doubts. You can look back with satisfaction. There may be holiday with the family or with friends. Some religious ceremony at home is also possible. For politician, the last day of the week well bring a good message. This is when you go out and will be a winner.

16 Sep – 22 Sep

The first two days of the week, some unexpected, unknown troubles will keep you on your toss. Professional, domestic, health, and property etc issues will call your attention abruptly. A wide spectrum of business and professional transactions, deals and negotiations have to be handled. You won’t be able to get back your money. In mid week you will be busy in attending or giving parties, entertaining and in family functions. Meeting with new people and trying out new things, new methods to earn money shall fascinate you.

23 Sep – 30 Sep

The first day of the week will bring pride for doctors or lawyers. They might be given the honor to represent as chief guest in a social organization. Your life is full of surprises and this will please you. Your intellectual and mental outlook will find a new version, right motivation and right moves. Some kind of wish fulfillment may happen and boost up your spirits. Money transaction should be dealt with wisdom. Those who are trying for job will be able to impress in interviews by their intelligence. This can be said the best period for politicians.

Auspicious dates- 1, 6,7,8,9,13,14,15,23,24

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