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Truthstar.com provides Free Career Monthly Horoscope for Pisces Prediction By our astrology expert Sanjana Mittal . Truthstar predicts what the stars hold of Aries for your career monthly horoscope in this month.

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August 2016

1st August – 7th August

There are certain events to be expected that will bring you to the foreground. The work atmosphere will be relaxed; the relationships with colleagues or with subordinates will be good. Circumstances will suit you in every way. Your position at work continues to be commanding and authoritative as you shall have positive impact on your career. Celebration at home is seen.

Efforts put for promotion and transfer will get fulfilled results. Some old payments may bother you. You will pave way for everyone’s peace and prosperity. Weekend there will be a need to change your behavior and working style, it’s possible to occur a provocation, an incident or a more difficult decision to make.

8th August – 14th August

You can climb the ladder on your way to the top, you can build a good situation to yourself or you can consolidate the already existing one. Your spiritual inclination will feel a creative spark to do something very auspicious. Full moon in your gain house can made achievements if you channel your energy properly. If you’re not on holiday or on a leave of absence, you can have great professional satisfactions. The same astrological configuration could also bring you confusion or difficulties when traveling, so that you’d better take precaution measures during journeys -drive cautiously, check bookings, take care of your luggage, etc. New business deals will please you.

15th August – 21st August

You will be more humble and moderate in your approach and in any action that you take. Sharing your own values and ideas with others is likely. You could be very enthusiastic and become overbearing. Your psychological insight is better and you can understand what motivates others and what their needs are. 16th and 17th will be beneficial on financial front.

Finances and the things in life that you find valuable will be important and on your mind. Mood swings may occur in weekend and you may do some impulsive shopping out of it. Financial obligations like debt, share and funds will make you busy.

22nd August – 31st August

The concluding week of the month has some good store for you. In this period you will be able to establish a good relationship with colleagues, and finalize a successful strategic plan. Students will do well; those who are trying education abroad will make it. You will make strong impression on others. Your spiritualism will be enhanced. Try to line up your wants with your needs. Your needs may have more to do with physical and emotional healing and spiritual development than your wants.

You may also consult an astrologer in this period. Arts, literary, teaching fields may be honored by a social institution for their contribution. There may be expenses on auspicious deeds/luxurious items & vehicle etc. Share your thoughts diplomatically to get your way on 30th & 31st.

July 2016

01 July 07 July

The period demands your attention and positive attitude as there will be good times as well as bad times in this week. Ministers might travel to foreign countries. But politicians might face challenges. Police, administrative officers and judicial might be frustrated by frequent transfers. Share, stock and commodity markets might face loss due to fall in share index. Students who have appeared for competitive exams shall not be very happy and will have to bring important changes in their plans. Your income tax or sales tax related issues shall be solved.

08 July 14 July

You need focus as there are many expenses foreseen and you may also indulge in getting new acquisitions for yourself either for the family or an office. If you dont look after yourself, there could be a serious health problem. You could look at preventive medicine or go for a regular medical check up to nip possible problems in the bud. Avoid travel in this week. You might spend some money to buy luxurious domestic items. Check your relations with the siblings.

15 July 22 July

This week, you find some relief in your situation, so concentrate in your professional activities. New business contracts shall come on the way. Difference of opinions with the seniors will come to an end, they will co-operate with you. Children’s performance will be better and they can achieve success in competitive exams. Meetings, collaborations and monetary deals shall be waiting to be finalized by you. This is a good time to cash in as the dividends will be there to see and yield fruits before the year ends.

23 July 30 July

You will have more work in this week. Health will be good and you will be filled with energy and zeal. Nothing distracts you and you are on a one track mode. But you have many responsibilities and need to put in great effort. Expenses will be high which needs to be checked. Those who are in jobs might have to change their program as leaves shall not get sanctioned. Film actors and actresses might get tensed up as the movies released this week shall not do well on the box office. At the same time genuine interest in the occult phenomenon, practices and spirituality will build in this week, which shall enhance your creativity and bring you brilliant ideas.

Auspicious dates:- 3, 4, 16, 17,26 and 27.

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