Yoga of Astrology Promising a Good House to Live

Yoga of Astrology Promising a Good House to Live

Yoga of Astrology – The combinations of certain signs, houses and planets give rise to well-known Yogas in Vedic astrology. Each of such Yoga if formed in a birth chart gives some definite results. Uttama Griha Yoga promises a good own house.

Yoga of Astrology

The name of this astrological combination (Yoga) is ‘Uttama Griha Yoga’ which literally means ‘Combination for Good House’. This yoga is formed if in a birth chart the lord of the 4th house is conjunct one or more benefic planets in a square or trine house.

Advantages of Yoga

In practice it has been observed that in order to fully get the results of this Yoga the 4th lord must be strong and favourably disposed as the yoga states. A strong 4th lord should join one or more benefit planet in a square or trine house. Count the square or trine house with respect to the ascendant. But if in a chart the ascendant itself is weak then count the square and trine house with respect to the natal Moon.

Result of this Yoga …

As a result of this Yoga the native is lucky to own a good house to live. It needs to be clarified that the word ‘good’ here implies not only good quality of the house but also an auspicious house. It is seen that some people face difficulties, obstacles and sufferings on occupying a house whereas on the other hand by living in a house one enjoys a happy and prosperous life. One may get such house during the periods (dashas) of the concerned planets and favourable transits (Gochar).

A Real Life Example …

The following is the birth chart of a native born in the year 1890 and he was lucky to have a favourable house of his own.


In the above birth chart we observe that the 4th lord Mercury is conjunct a natural benefic planet Venus. Here Venus in the Virgo sign is in debilitation, but its debilitation stands cancelled as it is conjunct exalted Mercury, this fact in Vedic astrology is known as ‘Neech Bhanga Yoga’ (combination or condition cancelling the debilitation of a planet). In this chart the combination of Mercury and Venus gets an auspicious aspect of Jupiter making this yoga more strong.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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