Yoga Can Transform You

*The World Celebrates Yoga Day on 21st June*

World Celebrates Yoga

Understand the true meaning and purpose of Yoga. Let this ‘Yoga Day’ tempt you to understand Yoga and initiate you on the path of abundance and freedom.

The word Yoga is very popular throughout the world, but not all understand its true meaning and purpose.

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In order to grasp the true meaning and purpose of Yoga one needs to come out of the darkness of ignorance about spiritual aspect of life.

Come out of the Darkness of Ignorance

For this we need to believe in God, Soul or over-self and continuity of life after death of the physical body. If like most western people you do not believe in God or Soul and life after death, astral worlds and other higher dimensions etc. then you will never understand the true meaning of Yoga.

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There is so much darkness of ignorance that even a world renowned scientist believes that there is no need of God, as everything was created out of nothing, on its own. The scientist is probably not aware that this contradicts the very basic principle of science that ‘every effect must have a cause behind it’.

What is Yoga?

The literal meaning is ‘Union’. Then the question is union with what?

So the union implied by the word Yoga is the union of the puppet human with his or her true self or over-self or soul. The human down here is just a puppet or an instrument or an extension of the powerful entity which we call over-self or soul. The over-self is in a higher dimension and is unable to come down to this three dimensional world so it sends its puppets (human) in order to have certain desired experiences.

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The ultimate goal for a human is to evolve through learning and then merge with the over-self. This is also called self-realization or uniting with the true self. Various systems designed by the wise ancients to achieve this end result come under the name Yoga.

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Hatha Yoga: This branch of Yoga is so popular throughout the world that for many people the name Yoga only means Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga refers to various physical postures called asana which were designed by ancient rishis in order to tone up the physical body and keep it free of disease. So the postures of Hatha Yoga if followed give a flexible and disease free physical body.

Hatha Yoga is only concerned with the physical body.

Raja Yoga: For overall spiritual development and for achieving the ultimate goal of self-realization the eightfold system known as Raja Yoga or the ‘Royal Path to God’ was propounded by the ancient Maharishi Patanjali.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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