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For People under this horoscope this is going to bring mixed results for you. Favorable time that you experienced during the last year may not be the same this year. Saturn will move in to the seventh house from the sixth after 26th January, 2017 which is not auspicious for you.On 21st June Saturn will start reversing and will move to the scorpion horoscope and this will bring a lot of relief for you and the planetary position will remain intact in this house till October 2017 and after this period it will again move to the seventh house. Jupiter will remain in the fourth house from the birth horoscope in the beginning and after September 2017 it will move to the fifth house which is auspicious for you. Rahu will move out of the third house and will transit to the second in September, 2017. Therefore; after September this is not auspicious for you.

From health perspective this year will be the same as the previous year for you. Normally, you will not face any major health issues. Since Saturn is moving to the seventh house this may cause problems of stomach and gastro entities therefore you need to be careful and take care of your diet plan. Since Rahu is placed in the second house and is unfavorable this can cause unexpected problems and therefore you need to be careful all the time.

For Finances this year will be very similar to the last year for you. This is because the Saturn and Jupiter will balance out the equations for you. Post September, There are chances of unexpected expenses for you.

For people in jobs this should be a good year for you compared to the last year. This year you would have the chances of promotion and good pay raise as well. You shall have favorable conditions for yourself at work. You will have good relations with your superiors. You will perform well this year.

For people in business this is going to be an average year. You will feel sad because of not getting the expected results in business. But post June, things may start becoming favorable for you and you shall have the satisfaction from results at business. There are chances of getting in to a conflict with your business partner.

From social and family angle this will be an average year for you. You will have concerns about your life partner. Some controversies related to family may spring up as well. You may engage in some spiritual activity at home. For unmarried people there would be chances of getting marriage proposal. And parents having no children can expect good news as well.

For students this will be a good year as the last one. You will have good performance and will get the expected results from the examinations that you have appeared for.

Remedies for Getting Relief

1. Offer water to the sun god at Sunrise.

2. Wear Power locket of your birth horoscope.

3. Wear seven and nine faced Rudraksh.

4. You should recite ‘Om shan Shanescharey Namah’ and Om Kem Ketwey Namah as much as possible.

5. You should pray to god Shiva, goddess Durga.

6. If possible go to a near buy temple and offer water on the shivalinga.

7. Offer bread to the Dogs.

8. You should have a spiritual teacher and should get as much blessings as possible from them.

Auspicious List for Gemini

Auspicious Planets: Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

Auspicious Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Auspicious Colors: Green, white, blue and light yellow.

Auspicious Days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Auspicious Numbers: 1, 5, and 6.

Auspicious Gems: Diamond, emerald and blue Sapphire.

Auspicious Rudraksh: Four faced, six faced and Seven faced.

Auspicious Gods: Ganesha, Durga and Lord Bhairav.

Auspicious Fasts: Wednesday and Fourthtithi.

Dates to Remember – 2017

January: 1 9 10 17 18 19 27 28.

February: 5 6 14 15 23 24 25 .

March: 4 5 13 14 23 24 31.

April: 1 2 9 10 11 19 20 21 28 29.

May: 67 8161718 25 26.

June: 3 4 13 14 22 23 30.

July: 1 10 11 19 20 27 28 29.

August: 6 7 8 15 16 24 25.

September: 3 4 12 13 20 21 30.

October: 1 9 10 17 18 19 27 28 29.

November: 5 6 14 15 24 25.

December: 3 4 11 12 21 22 30 31.

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