Why Practice Yoga?


Every human being is born with powers to make life more meaningful and complete.

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Physical power fulfils our physical needs through action; psychological power enables us to achieve the impossible in a civilised world and moral (inborn) power helps us master the ‘art of living’ by inculcating good values. Unfortunately, this inborn power is the least utilised, leading to physical and psychological breakdowns.

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rooted in ancient history, helps to overcome these physical and mental diseases by generating cosmic powers. Yoga is usually associated with yogis; as a method used at high altitudes to attain peace. However, it has no relevance to any particular religion.

It is a way of life to control the mind, body and soul.

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Yoga helps us to get in touch with reality by being in touch with the inner self. Yoga helps to achieve that elusive contentment which no materialistic luxury of the modern world can bring, to strike a perfect balance between the mind and body and harmony between man and the universe through yogic kriyas, yogasanas, chitta shuddhir and yoga nidra. It relaxes the physical and psychological powers and recharges them for better performance.

Yoga, as defined by Maharishi Patanjali, one of India’s greatest sages, is a technique used to control thought waves in the mind. He calls it a way of life, beyond the consciousness of body, mind and intellect.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar