Venus Transit In Scorpio (November 11 2022)

Venus Transit in Scorpio – Venus is transiting in Scorpio on November 11, 2022, at 7.52 pm. Venus is the lord of two signs Taurus and Libra. In general, Venus represents wealth, prosperity, happiness, joy, attraction, beauty, youth, love affairs, love desires, satisfaction from love, etc. in our life. Also, creativity, art, music, poetry, designing, entertainment, shows, glamour, fashion, jewelry, precious gems, makeup, luxury travel, luxury food, and luxury vehicles are the other factors. Despite the nature of Venus and Scorpio being opposite to each other, there is a lot of similarity in their energies.

Venus Transit In Scorpio

Venus Transit In Scorpio

Know the effect of the Venus transit in Scorpio for different zodiac signs below.


People who belong to the Aries zodiac sign will get favorable results of Venus in their life during this transit. They may get beneficial results by making any investment together with their partner. If you were looking to learn something new related to occult sciences like Vedic astrology or tarot reading, then this time would be favorable for you to start it. However, during this transit of Venus in Scorpio, you will need to take care of yourself and your partner’s health. For this, eat home-cooked food as much as possible and maintain cleanliness.

Remedy- Chant “Om Shum Shukray Namah” 108 times a day.


Venus transit will be very favorable for Taurus. You will see an increase in love and warmth in your relationship. However, in some circumstances, disputes are also possible between your partner regarding some things. But this dispute is going to prove fruitful by adding temper to your relationship. You may have a chance to get married. The people eligible for marriage can get married at this time. The period will also be auspicious for those who are in partnership business. You will feel happy and pay more attention to your appearance and dress and convert yourself into a pleasant personality.

Remedy– Keep pink rhinestones in your bedroom.


The transit of Venus can give some health-related problems to the Gemini natives. Because during this period you will see some suffering from stomach, hormonal imbalance, and eye problems. Also, there is a possibility that some kind of allegation may also be leveled against you, due to which your image may be tarnished. Therefore, married people will have to avoid making any kind of secret relationship or extramarital relations. It will be better for you to keep yourself away from any kind of debate till the end of this period. There will be a possibility of spending some of your money on travel.

Remedy– Drink lemon water daily in the morning.


The transit of Venus in Scorpio is good for you. Students who are in the field of design, art, creativity, poetry, etc., their creative ideas will grow and they will be seen flourishing during this transit. Initially, the lovers may have some ego problems or conflicts in their relationship. But at the end of the transit, many of them may even decide to get married to their lover. Your search for a good life partner can be completed during this time. The transit is good for married women who want to have children.

Remedy– Worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday and offer five red flowers to her.


The transit of Venus in Scorpio will increase your comfort. Due to this, you can buy luxury items like vehicles or any other luxury item at your home. There will be prosperity in the family environment. Your relationship with your mother will have love and affection. But despite this, you will need to be careful of her health at this time. Some of you may start doing work from your home. Due to this, you will get an opportunity to spend more time with your family members. Some natives may also plan to start a new business from home with their younger siblings.

Remedy– Pray for his peace by chanting the mantras of the planet Venus every day during the hora of Venus.


Venus is the friend planet of Virgo. Apart from this, Venus is also the lord of their wealth or second house and luck or ninth house for the people of Virgo. As a result, your creativity will increase in your writing skills, and communication skills, and its positive effect will be most visible in the people involved in writing and literature. Your relationship with your younger siblings will be deeper and stronger at this time. You may suddenly or secretly go on a pilgrimage to a short-distance pilgrimage site.

Remedy– Plant a white flower plant at your home on Friday and nurture it regularly.


This transit will be very favorable for you for hidden savings. There can be a sudden increase in your sources of income. If you want to do any long-term investment then do this investment together with your business partner. Those people who are living away from their families may suddenly return to their birthplace. This will allow them to spend a good and happy time with their family members. Women may have problems related to hormones or menstruation. You need to avoid illegal activities.

Remedy– Wear a good quality opal or diamond made of gold on the little finger of your right hand.


You will be able to make good improvements in your health in this transit. However, you may also have to spend a large part of your money on your outfit and a new look. You get good results in love and married life. Your relationship will flourish and you can also plan to go on a foreign trip with your partner. Those single people who are eligible for marriage can also get a good life partner. If you do any export-import business related to luxury and amenities, then this time is also going to allow you to earn good profits in your business.

Remedy– Use good perfume every day and especially sandalwood-scented perfume.


This transit of Venus will be a bit mixed for you. You will need to keep yourself a little cautious from the very beginning. You can spend more of your money on the fulfillment of your wish or socialization. As a result of which you may face financial difficulties in the future. However, some natives will get an opportunity to go on long-distance journeys which will prove favorable for them and this will enable them to get progress in their careers. If you are interested in any creative art like singing and dancing or acting then your creative idea for that will see an increase. Avoid taking loans.

Remedy– Worship Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi, especially on Fridays.


This transit is going to be very good for you. You will be able to fulfill any of your secret and deep desires. You will get the right encouragement for your hard work and efforts from your superiors and will get a good salary increase. Your social circle and your prestige in society will see a significant increase. People will consult with you and they will also like your company. You will get happiness and prosperity in love relationships. Married people can get a child. Students who are in the creative or designing field will give good performance in education.

Remedy– Wear cream or pink colored clothes on Friday and worship Goddess Lakshmi.


The chances of getting new opportunities in the field of research and design will be more for you. Venus will make you dynamic in all your endeavors and this will give you success in your career. Also, all your hard work and research at the workplace will get the right encouragement from your superiors, and only on the strength of this encouragement, your promotion is also possible. Your luck will be in your favor. You can buy a new vehicle or any luxury item for your family at this time. You may organize religious worship or program in your house.

Remedy– Worship Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi Pooja on Friday with red flowers.


The natives of the Pisces zodiac sign will get full support of luck in every area of their life in this transit. This period will be good for the students of this zodiac. Especially the people associated with higher education are likely to get immense success. You will also get the support of your father and teachers at this time. At the same time, your inclination will also be seen more toward occult science during this period. You will have excellent communication skills and if you work as a preacher or any mentor then you will be successful.

Remedy– Donate white sweets by visiting any temple on Friday.