1. Place both palms on the floor beside the thighs. While inhaling, lift up your body and balance its weight on the palms. Look straight.

2. Try to keep your spine and elbows straight. Hold this for some time.

3. Then, while exhaling, slowly return to the normal position. Repeat by changing the position of the legs.

Benefits & Precautions:
However, persons suffering from acute arthritis, hernia high blood pressure and who have undergone abdominal surgery should not practise this asana.Utthit Padmasana tones up the body by strengthening hands, legs and spine. It also helps in treating genital diseases and improves vitality.

Significance of Utthit Padmasana

This asana improves the strength of shoulders and arms. It improves the condition of your digestive system. It strengthens the condition and strength of the abdominal muscles. This asana improves the balance and stability of the human body. You can improve the working condition of bisceps, triceps and other muscles so that you can feel much relief. With this asana you can keep your spine in a good working condition. You can develop a fine body posture with the help of Utthit Padmasana. With it you can keep your joints as well as ligaments in a good and flexible condition.

When to not do Utthit Padmasana?

This asana should not be done or practiced in some certain conditions. When you have a knee injury then do not do this asana. Just avoid this asana when you have any injury in an ankle. When you see that your spines is not comfortable then just avoid doing this asana.

What are the timings for doing Utthit Padmasana?

You can do or practice this asana during early morning hours. You may also do this asana during evening hours under the care and guidance of a good yoga teacher.