Yoga Posture for Healthy Heart


Shavasana or the Corpse posture is the easiest asana of Hatha Yoga, yet it carries many good results. This Asana is good for heart..

Spread a mat on the floor and lie down supine as shown in sketch A.


Keep breathing normally. Now spread legs apart with about one foot distance between both feet. Move arms slightly away from the body with palms facing upward, arms should rest on the mat as shown in sketch B.


Shake each body part in turn starting from left foot and make it tension free and limp. There should not be any tension in any body part in case it is there then again shake that part to make it limp and tension free. Keep breathing normally. [Yoga Cure for Obesity]

Now imagine that your whole body is a factory and little workers are working in each part. Close your eyes and announce to the workers in the left foot and leg to move to the left thigh as you want to close the factory. Visualize that workers are obeying your orders and moving to the left thigh.

As they do so your left feet and leg should become utterly relaxed. Repeat this with right foot and leg. Then ask the workers to assemble at the umbilicus.

In the same way bring all workers from arms, head, chest etc. to the umbilicus. In the end ask them to leave your body through an imaginary lift at your umbilicus.

At the end of it your whole body will be wonderfully relaxed.

Now relax your mind and enjoy this blissful state. [Universal Fast Recipe for Mental Peace]

Results of Shavasana …

This asana will fill your body and mind with new life force and cure many heart related troubles such as high blood pressure, palpitation etc. [A Yoga Posture for Improving Digestion]

This asana is also good for your nervous system and peace of mind.

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Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar