USHTRASANA (camel pose)




1. Sit between the heels and toes in Vajrasana. Then raise your body upto the knees, laying the weight on the knees kept slightly apart.

2. Now raise your hands over the head and, inhaling, slowly bend backwards.

3. Hold the right heel and then the left with the respective hand.While exhaling, arch the spine and the neck fully.

4. Push the pelvis forward. Retain the posture for some time and then return to the starting position.

Benefits & Precautions:

This asana tones up the abdominal viscera, particularly the liver, pancreas, kidney and bladder. It expands the chest and strengthens the ribs. It removes sluggishness of the liver. Ulcer and Hernia patients should not do this asana.

The significance of Ushttrasana in Yoga

This kind of yoga asana will help you to keep your back and shoulders in a good working condition. With it you can stretch your body in a perfect way. For this reason this yoga exercise is also known as Camel Pose. You can make your back and legs in perfect condition by doing this asana. You can stretch your spine well with the help of this asana. You will also be able to stretch your chest with this asana. This asana will help you to open your hips and hip flexors.

The timings of doing Ushttrasana

You can practice this yoga asana during early morning hours as this could be the best time to do this yoga exercise. You can also do this exercise during evening hours if you do not have time to do it during morning hours. Never do any kinds of yoga exercise without taking bath as a healthy mind resides in a clean body. This asana should be done under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.