Understanding Concepts of Vedic Astrology-4

*Significance of Ascendant Sign, Moon Sign and Sun Sign*


This article aims at describing the importance of three main key signs in a birth chart viz. the Ascendant Sign, the Moon Sign and the Sun Sign.

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In a birth chart made as per the principles of Vedic astrology three zodiac signs viz. the ascendant sign, the sign in which the Moon falls and the sign in which the Sun falls carry more significance than other signs in assessing the overall personality and quality of the brain of the native.

Now-a-day’s majority of the Vedic astrologers do not place much importance on the Sun sign and only the ascendant sign and the Moon signs are mainly taken into consideration.

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Sudarshan Chakra Paditi

Traditional Vedic astrologers used to draw the birth chart in a circular form showing the houses as per each of the three above mentioned signs. This was called the Sudarshan Chakra Paditi; an excellent way of taking into glance these three signs during analysis.

Let us consider the role and importance of each of the above mentioned signs:

The Ascendant Sign

The ascendant or Lagan is the rising sign in the eastern horizon at the time of birth.
The earth rotates around its own axis from west to east so the zodiacal signs rise up at the eastern horizon one after the other and every sign take about two hours to fully arise.

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The ascendant sign is called Lagan and its lord is the laganesh.

The ascendant or the laganmainly signifies the physical health and body structure,complexion and features of the native.

The ascendant also represents the head or brain of the native and the ascendant, its lord and the aspects falling on these reveal the quality of native’s brain, physical health, features and complexion etc.

The Moon sign

The sign in which Moon is placed in a birth chart is called the Moon sign or Rashi. The Moon sign and its lord are given importance in Indian astrology. Moon represents, apart from other things, the mind of the native.

Therefore, the state of the Moon, the sign and its lord are indicative of the native’s mind and his way of thinking etc.

The mind is very important and plays a crucial role in forming the overall personality of the native since the thoughts initiate actions.Clarity and purity of thought plays a pivotal role in one’s success in life and ability to keep good relations with others.

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The Sun sign

Vedic astrology considers the Sun as indicative of the soul or core-personality of a person.Also, it represents the top most or in general any authority. Therefore, the state of the Sun its placement along with the Sun sign and its lord in a birth chart should be considered to know the basic and essential higher nature of a native.

Western astrology places lot of importance on the Sun signs. We all are familiar with the practice of Sun sign predictions which appear for each sign in newspapers and magazines. But one must not rely completely on such predictions as these are very basic and general in nature. On the other hand giving due importance to the Sun sign while analysing a birth chart reveals much more information about the native.

Article by: Jyotirvid Pawan Kumar

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