Transit of Venus in Taurus – 18th June 2022

General Introduction

Venus will transit through Taurus on June 18th, 2022, a Saturday morning at 8:06 am. After this, Venus will transit through the Gemini zodiac sign. Venus transit in its own sign of Taurus will affect the speech and personality of the natives in a positive way. Also, the analytical ability and logical intelligence of the natives will develop during this transit period. Also, this transit is going to prove particularly favourable for those who want to progress in the spiritual field or want to increase their knowledge. Let’s see the effect of the transit of Venus in Taurus on the lives of the people of each zodiac sign.

Impact on Aries – Transit of Venus in Taurus

There will be happiness in your family, and all the family members will cooperate with each other. The family atmosphere will be peaceful and joyous. There can be some auspicious ceremonies and childbirths. The transit is very good for businesspeople. You will see progress and new opportunities in your business. If you are already involved in a project and want a deal, you will get it. People who are in love and married will get cooperation from their in-laws. There can be some good news from the family of your partner or spouse. You may be successful in doing incomplete work with the corporation of your partner’s family.

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Remedy: Worship Maa Laxmi on Friday. Light a ghee diya in the temple.

Impact on Taurus- Transit of Venus in Taurus

This transit will be very important for you. Your personality may undergo some positive changes. You will make improvements in your behavior. Some of you may buy new clothes to change your physical appearance. The transit is very auspicious for married people. There will be an increase in love between you and your life partner. Your partner will support you in all the circumstances of life. However, you may face some health problems like mental stress and tension. To be stress-free, you should try to be peaceful and satisfied in life. If you are already suffering from some problem, you will get relief from it.

Remedy: Wear Moti for mental peace and happiness.

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Impact on Gemini- Transit of Venus in Taurus

There will be an increase in your expenses. You may spend a huge amount of money on making your life more attractive and better than other people’s. You may spend money on fulfilling your material desires and meeting the needs of your family. As a result, you may have a financial crisis. It is important for you to save money and be careful while spending. People who want to go abroad will get good news. Married people should take care of their life partner’s health. Your spouse may have some health problems. There may be minor health problems for you also. Be careful of your eating habits. Avoid eating processed foods.

Remedy: Worship Maa Laxmi and Lord Vishnu regularly.

Impact on Cancer- Transit of Venus in Taurus

You will get a promotion, financial prosperity, and an increase in income. You will get income from different sources. You will get back the money that has been stuck somewhere. If you want to invest in the stock market, this transit is very good for you. You will get the full support of Venus in love matters. You will have success in love. Some of your unfulfilled desires may be fulfilled during this time. You will have success in your workplace. You will get the support of seniors and bosses. However, despite all the good things, you need to be careful about financial matters.

Remedy: Offer a prasad of kheer to Maa Laxmi every Friday and eat it as a prasad.

Impact on Leo- Transit of Venus in Taurus

l have success in your professional life. There will be promotions and new opportunities in your career. You will need to do every task more honestly. Family environment will be happy and peaceful. Along with this, you will also get the support of all the family members. But if you are married, then you may have to move away from your spouse for some reason. There may be some debate in the relationship between the two of you. The natives who had a bad relationship with their father will be able to improve their relationship with their father. Your health will be good.

Remedy: Offer raisins or kishmish to Goddess Lakshmi on Friday.

Impact on Virgo – Transit of Venus in Taurus

Virgo natives may go on such a journey, which will prove to be beneficial for them in the future. Your prestige will also increase in society at this time. There will be happiness in your love relationship. You are going to be able to resolve misunderstandings with your partner or situations of debate. Your relationship with your father will be good, and you will get the full support of your father in family life. There will be an inclination and activity towards religion. Natives of the Virgo sign will see financial gains.

Remedy: Worship the Shivling and go to the temple every morning and offer water to the Shivling.

Impact on Libra – Transit of Venus in Taurus

There may be some health problems so take care of your health. Any incident can happen to you and it is possible that this event will be both positive and negative for you. Be careful while driving and consult a good doctor immediately. Avoid showing carelessness towards even the smallest problem. You will become religious and participate in religious works. The relationship between married people towards their spouses will become stronger. In family life too, it is possible to organise a Manglik ceremony in the family or you can consider going on a religious trip with your family.

Remedy: Chant the mantras of Maa Lakshmi regularly.

Impact on Scorpio – Transit of Venus in Taurus

You will enjoy marital happiness. If you are in a love relationship with someone, then your relationship will get stronger at this time. People who are worthy of marriage or want to get married will have success in settling their marriage. Your professional life will also be stronger than before. You will have success in your business. Some of you may succeed in settling in a foreign country. However, you may have financial problems. There is a high possibility that you will have to spend your money on a marriage ceremony or any program, and you will fail to save money.
Remedy: Feed green fodder to the cow regularly.

Impact on Sagittarius – Transit of Venus in Taurus

There will be challenges in your love life. Therefore, do not get into any kind of argument with the beloved, otherwise the matter may escalate. Be careful of opponents who will be active in the workplace and will be constantly conspiring to harm you and dominate you. There could be a financial crisis as you will spend money unnecessarily on buying valuable things. You will get support from your maternal family. Your married life will be good. You will succeed in the exam for a government job. Take care of your health. Avoid eating things like stale food and protect yourself from the changing weather.
Worship Lord Ganesha and offer him laddoos.

Impact on Capricorn – Transit of Venus in Taurus

Your love life will be good and you will enjoy it. Married people will get benefits from their life partner. This will be the time when you will be more attracted to your life partner and will be ready to fulfil their wishes. The time is auspicious for those who want to expand their family. Students of the Capricorn zodiac sign will succeed in education. You will be able to give a good performance in your studies, and this will increase your prestige and scope in society as well.
Remedy: Wearing a diamond ring will be auspicious for you. Apart from this, you can also wear a silver ring.

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Impact on Aquarius – Transit of Venus in Taurus

Your expenses may increase. Some of you may buy a new house and vehicle, or you will have to spend a large part of your money on the repair and decoration of the old house. You may have to move away from your home for some reason. Your father may have health problems. It is important for you to take care of your father’s health. You will be able to give a good performance at the workplace, for which you will also get a lot of praise from your colleagues and officers. Professionals will get a promotion in the office.
Remedy: Offer white flowers to Goddess Lakshmi every Friday.

Impact on Pisces- Transit of Venus in Taurus

People associated with media, art, and acting will get immense benefits in their field of work. You will also be able to make a special place for yourself in people’s hearts by impressing them very easily with your good lifestyle. You will get success in your work and your income will increase. Some of you may go on some small journey. You will get good fame in society. Siblings will support you. Your parents may have health problems. You will need to take special care of their health from the very beginning.
Remedy: Perform aarti of Goddess Lakshmi on Friday and after that offer Kheer as Prasad to Goddess Lakshmi.